Kansas City Residents Wrestling with Carport Issues

Most people know how useful a carport can be; if you are a regular reader of this blog you probably know as well. You may even have a carport sitting on your property right now that you use every day to keep your vehicle protected from the elements. Residents in Kansas City, Kansas are questioning the strict regulations for their carports and feel passionate about them being changed. These Kansas residents want to be able to use their carports at their discretion and don’t believe they are bothering anyone by doing so, reported the Kansas City Star.

“At its meeting Thursday, the Unified Government Board of Commissioners heard from about a dozen people who question the fairness of the city’s carport regulations. Between 100 and 150 people attended the meeting, more than the number attending many budget hearings last summer.”

Currently Kansas City, Kansas requires that its residents keep their carports 60 feet from the street; this means that carports sometimes end up back yards where it is impractical or difficult to use. There is also a permit process that residents must adhere to if they want to utilize their carports at their home. And not only do these people have to pay for their permits they also have to pay to modify their canopy to ensure that it meets city code requirements. As you can see the cost of using a carport in Kansas City, Kansas can add up quickly.

“Vicki Hackett asked that the city evaluate each property individually rather than imposing a blanket policy.

“Why is it so important that we have these behind the house?” she said. “It’s like we have to hide them.”

At the meeting several of residents came forward to explain why they need their carports and how important they are in their every day life. However, no one spoke out against the carports but several commissioners and staffers claimed they had been approached about the issue in private. Upon the completion of the meeting Mayor Joe Reardon expressed that he understood the frustrations of many of the Kansas City residents who utilize carports and agreed that the permit process needed to be simplified.