It’s Time for Ice Fishing!

Ice FishingIn the world of portable buildings, there are a number of options for a person to choose. If you are looking for a way to cover your car during the nastiest storms of the winter, you would probably want a metal carport. If you needed a place to store your lawnmower and other yard equipment, you would want to choose an economy shed. While these may be the most traditional types of portable shelters, the winter season also brings another shelter into play – the ice fishing shed!

Temperatures have been dropping, so more and more ice fishermen have been getting out onto the lakes and ponds in various areas. Keeping this is mind, here are some tips if you are looking to start your ice fishing season:

Local Restrictions – Before you begin a trek out to your favorite ice fishing locale, make sure you check with the local town office to see if the season has begun. Also find out if you need a special permit or need to report your take after a session. You don’t want to get fined just because you didn’t check the rules and restrictions.

Find Other Fishermen – When choosing a spot to fish, look for other fishermen grouped in clusters. Not only will this give you a good idea of where fish are located, you will also have some great conversation!

Bring Extra – Make sure you have more than enough supplies, especially when it comes to live bait and hot food. Keep your body temperature up with several layers of protective clothing and a steady supply of warm soup, coffee and/or other hot foods.  If you are a live bait fisherman, bring more live bait than you think you might need. Different types of bait react differently in cold water, so having extra types can increase your success during ice fishing.