Is a Permit Required for a Portable Garage or Carport?

portable garage carport permitOne question that many people have when they are thinking about buying a portable garage or carport is whether they need to get a permit first. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. Laws and policies vary from state to state and town to town. Your best bet is to check with your local authorities and find out exactly what is required for the specific building you are thinking of purchasing.

In some cases, a permit is required for buildings of a certain size. The size can be determined by the length and width of the building or by the total number of square feet in area. In some cases, a building permit is not needed, but a zoning permit is.

You might be able to find out what type of permit, if any, your local government requires by visiting your town’s or county’s government website. The information you need may be listed on there so you can answer your questions yourself. If the information is not available online, you can stop by the office or call and speak to someone.

It is essential to get your questions answered and to obtain the necessary permits before setting up a portable garage or carport. If your government requires a permit and you fail to obtain one, you may be forced to remove or relocate your storage building. You will likely need to pay a fine, in addition to the cost of the permit itself. The process of relocating a portable garage or carport can also be costly. It is worthwhile to do your research in advance and to be careful to comply with your local government’s regulations.