InstantSlide House Offers Temporary Accommodations

instantslide houseAustralian design and construction firm JAYZ Building Solutions creates InstantSlide Houses – temporary, transportable, modular houses that can be assembled in less than a minute with the press of a button. The InstantSlide House is intended to be used by employees of companies who work in remote locations, such as miners. However, the modular houses can also be used in place of conventional single family homes.

The InstantSlide House is the latest in JAYZ Building Solutions’ line of SMART2 (Superfast + Modular + Affordable + Robust + Transportable) buildings.

The InstantSlide House consists of a 20- or 40-foot container that can be put up or taken down on a chosen site using a remote-controlled device. The house can be assembled as a free-standing temporary structure, or it can be added as an addition to an existing home.

The InstantSlide House can have an internal area of either 25 or 50 square meters and can accommodate up to four people. JAYZ Building Solutions also creates larger houses with additional bedrooms and bathrooms, but they cannot be assembled automatically.

InstantSlide Houses come with a pre-installed kitchen and bathroom and are hard-wired for TV, phone, and internet access. The temporary houses can also come with an optional solar-powered heat pump, hot water unit, and air conditioning unit.

The InstantSlide House is built with a steel structure capable of withstanding earthquakes and D2-rated cyclones. The temporary buildings are energy-efficient, well insulated, and water-proof. They are built with recyclable panels, and their construction does not produce any waste or pollution.