Installation of Canopy Slows in Stamford

Winter is making its way into our lives once again, even sneaking into various areas of the country last week, dropping a foot of snow in some northern states. Although the brunt of this wasn’t seen in the New England, many homeowners are prepping for the blast of nasty weather that’s sure to come, installing portable carports and garages to help protect their valuables from snow and ice. This is an important issue for commuters as well, especially those who take public transportation to New York and other areas for work.

Glenbrook railroad station in Stamford, CT, has been planning installing a canopy for some time, according to the Stamford Advocate. A canopy in this type of location would protect passengers awaiting a train from harsh weather conditions, making travel as comfortable as possible. The Stamford Advocate says that the project cost is slowing down the process of construction:

“The State Bond Commission is to approve an additional $1.6 million for the work at its Wednesday meeting in Hartford, on top of $1.64 million approved last February to build the canopies. Annual inflation of 5 percent has also raised the cost from the initial $1.64 million estimated in 2006, before the project was designed…construction was set to begin in 2008, but is now set to start in 2013.”

Aside from costs, the project has stalled due to some changes made to the overall design of the canopy. The article says that birds had taken refuge in similar station installations, so the overall designs were augmented to prevent this from happening again:New Haven Train Station

“DOT designers have also added features to Glenbrook canopy meant to exclude nesting birds and the ravages they cause. The flat, corrugated metal canopy roof in Springdale is vulnerable to damage from birds.”

Let’s hope that this canopy installation gets the budget it needs to be completed. No one likes standing outside in winter storms!