Ice Fishing Tools

If you live in any cold area of the United States, you probably know how cold it is already getting outside. Of course, it is supposed to be cold in the winter time and since winter has started, this should be no surprise to anyone. If you’re anything like me, when the frigid air rolls in, you begin to think about ice fishing, one of the great pastimes that comes along with the harsh weather of December to April. There are a number of tools you should have to help aid in your quest to catch the biggest fish during the coldest months. Here are a few of them:

–          Choose an appropriate amount of clothing to keep yourself warm and dry during your ice fishing excursion. The options you need to choose from include waterproof suits, insulated suits to keep heat in and a host of other temperature-based accoutrements.

–          Along with your ice fishing suit, you may want to consider getting some pads for your elbows and your knees. Depending on how your fishing goes, you may be kneeling and using your arms as a brace on the ice to help pull catches out of the water. You don’t want your arms and legs to hurt too badly the next day.

–          You’ll need to get yourself a portable shelter to put on the frozen lake or pond. Although portable buildings are not essential to ice fishing, they can truly make your experience much more enjoyable in the long run. Make sure you get in touch with the local town hall to find out what types of shelters and buildings can be put on the ice.

–          Ice fishing is most successful when the participants are willing to be patient and drill a lot of holes. You cannot just drill a hole and hope that it works out for your whole day of fishing. You need to try out a number of spots – only then will you bring home a lot of big fish.