Ice Fishing Needs Shelter

The winter is fast approaching and the lakes and ponds around our homes will soon be solid, thick sheets of ice. Intrepid fishermen will venture onto this ice beginning in December to take their chances on ice fishing. They will carve a hole into the water and sit around waiting for a couple of lucky bites. But what will our fishermen sit inside? Do they have anything to sit in?

Now in all the movies and TV shows that have shown ice fishing, there are a few options. There is a shack of sorts dragged out onto the lake, placed over the hole to provide some kind of shelter from the cold winter winds. In other scenarios there is a fisher bundled up with many layers of winter clothing sitting on a bucket in the middle of the lake. These may be stereotypes of what ice fishing is, but they do represent some elements of truth. Ice fishermen definitely need a portable shelter to sit in. That’s where this new shelter comes in.

Reported by Outdoors First, the Frabill Pro-Staff PRO Ice Fishing Shelter is a dynamic type of ice fishing shelter for making the portable ice fisher truly portable:

“An exclusive 4-way sliding seat makes you feel like a Navy admiral. Effortlessly shift left and right, front to back, to get the perfect perspective of your ice holes. Clearance, or headroom, is another hallmark of the PRO. Set-up and fishing, the center of the shelter is a full 75-inches tall. Go ahead, stand-up and stretch those legs. Speaking of space, the PRO offers more fishable legroom, as well as shoulder space and elbow room than any other one-person shelter on the ice.”


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