Party Tent Canopy

How to Use Party Tents at a Wedding

Party Tent CanopyOne fixture of many outdoor weddings is party tents. These structures, usually called wedding tents, are made of the same powder-coated steel and polyester canopy combination associated with temporary structures but, instead, these structures can be significantly larger. While a wedding tent essentially refers to any such tent used at an outdoor wedding, these tents can be put up and taken down easily and, to create a network of shelters, they can be attached to each other, as well. If you’re planning a wedding or a similar outdoor event, here is a video done in Auto CAD that shows how wedding tents of varying sizes can be used for a large reception:

The voice over in the video indicates that several tents of varying sizes are connected together. On the larger size, two wedding tents are provided for a dining area for 500 guests, with 250 people sheltered by one tent. Dining at the reception is important and connected to these tents are three narrow structures referred to as “buffet tents” that shelter a table of food each. Additionally, the bride and groom need shelter and a tent is also provided for them.

What about getting around the area? As outdoor weddings are popular in warmer months, with even spring, summer, and beach weddings as popular themes, the guests may need some shade. In this case, smaller tents, such as those seen on Portable Garage Depot can be connected together to form walkways around the area. These tents, when attached to each other, provide shelter for the walkway which, as described, is made from black Astroturf. If you want to know how a large wedding tent is set up, here is a similar video: