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How to Store Your Snowmobile Over The Summer

For most parts of the country, cold weather and snow are now far behind us. That means, time to put away the winter toys and store them until next season. If you’re an adventure seeker who likes to spend your leisure time riding a snowmobile, you’ll want to store it properly so you can get back out and ride come next season.

Perhaps you have a summer toy – a motorcycle, or ATV that you’ve kept stored over the winter. If so, you can swap them out. Or this may be your first season with a toy and you may be considering your options.


A portable shelter is the perfect choice. It’s not only more affordable than renting storage space or having to build an additional garage on your property, but it can also be temporary and taken down and stored away when not in use.

Here are the necessary steps to take to store your snowmobile over the summer.

Clean Up

Before you put your winter toy away for the season, you should take care to clean and remove any dirt and debris that’s built up over the winter months. Even if it appears clean, it’s important to give it one last wash down with warm soap and water to ensure that all eroding salt is off.

You don’t just want to clean the snowmobile itself, but also the area its’ going to be stored. Make sure there is no damage to the cover on the portable shelter like rips and tears and that all particles and dust are cleaned out before you put your vehicle in for storage.

Prevent Damage

Depending what part of the country you live in, your vehicle may be tucked away for quite a few months. Over that time period there are chances that critters can get in and that ground conditions can change – both leading to damage.

Use moth balls in areas where critters may go – like under the hood. Also hoist the vehicle up off the floor. It’s advised that the springs be removed and a jack stand be put under the rear bumper with a wooden box on the front to keep tension off the suspension while it’s stored and to keep it from being damaged by changing conditions at ground level.

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