How to Protect Your Vehicle from Pollen

protect car pollenDuring the spring and summer, pollen falls off trees, blankets vehicles and driveways, and is carried in the air. This can aggravate seasonal allergies for many people, but it can be harmful in other ways. Pollen can cause damage to your car if it is not removed.

How Pollen Can Damage a Vehicle

Pollen looks like yellow dust, but at a microscopic level it resembles hooks and needles. This is how it sticks to your car and your clothes. The hooks are not what makes pollen hazardous to your car, however.

Pollen is acidic when it comes into contact with water. This acid can stain your car’s paint and make it rust faster. Waiting for it to rain and wash away the pollen will not protect your vehicle from its effects.

How to Remove Pollen

If there is pollen on your car, wash it with soap and water. You need soap to encapsulate the pollen and wash it away. Using a hose alone is not effective. Wiping away pollen with a cloth can scratch the paint because pollen is abrasive. After you have washed your car, you can apply a coat of wax to make it harder for pollen to stick to it in the future.

How to Keep Pollen off Your Car

Washing your car can remove pollen that is already on it, but it is better to protect your car and prevent pollen from getting on it in the first place. The best way to do that is to park your car in a place where it is shielded from trees and pollen.

Park your car in a garage if you have one. This is the most effective way to protect it. If you do not have a garage, a portable garage or carport is the next best solution. It is made of a heavy-duty frame and a durable cover to keep pollen and other contaminants out. It will also shield your car from rain that could cause rust and from the sun’s rays that could fade your paint and make the interior unbearably hot.

Shelters of America sells carports and portable garages in a variety of sizes that can protect vehicles from pollen and other natural elements that could cause damage. A portable garage or carport can provide protection for one or more vehicles in the spring and summer and throughout the rest of the year. If you need to protect your vehicle from pollen and harsh weather, order a portable garage or carport today.