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How to Prevent Sun Damage to Your Car’s Paint this Summer

The sun’s UV rays go beyond harming your own skin by damaging your car’s sleek paint job. Overtime, your car’s paint can fade and become dull due to the harsh solar rays. To explain further, a technician from Bill Ussery Motor Group states how the UV rays can actually break down the molecules in your car’s paint that gives its color and gloss. The sun’s heat can also reduce the radiance reflected from your car’s paint. Use these three different methods to prevent damage and to keep your paint glowing all summer long.

Take Care of Your Car

Car maintenance is an easy way to control damage to your car’s paint job. Start by washing the exterior of your car as often as you can to get rid of unwanted dirt and grime. When you dry your car, make sure you use a cloth or cotton rag. This prevents any additional scratches that may appear if you use rough drying towels. You do not want to drive your car to air dry it because mineral residue can stay on and cause further damage. Keep your car looking glossy by waxing it. Consistently waxing your car prevents car paint from ultraviolet radiation. If you constantly apply a coating of wax, it can act as a shield against the harsh rays that lead to the dulling color of your paint.

Use Carbon Flex Protective Coating Kit

This protective coating kit includes their Carbon Flex C9 mixture, durafoam coating applicator block and two micro-suede applicator towels to prevent damage against your car’s paint. The mixtures reject the UV sunlight for 36 months of protection. With the Carbon Flex, solar rays will not flake, haze or discolor the coating of paint on your car. Your car’s paint job will reflect off the harsh rays while you drive in the Summer heat. The glossy paint will be enhanced while being guarded against fading, oxidation and discoloration with the usage of the Carbon Flex Protective Coating Kit.

Portable Garages from Portable Garage Depot

a man tending to his car underneath a carportInstalling a portable garage is an effective way for your car’s paint to avoid the sun’s strong rays and heat this summer. Covers from Portable Garage Depot have features like UV-treating and added fade blockers. This means double the protection. Portable Garage Depot will install a House Portable Garage to act as an armored shelter to keep your car’s paint shiny all summer long, without constantly searching for a shady spot to park. Keeping your car in a portable garage is a convenient technique to stop the dull for a 10-15 year life expectancy. To help prevent your vehicle’s premature aging, contact Portable Garage Depot today to see how you can keep your car protected from the damaging rays of the sun this Summer.