How to Move a Carport

Owning a carport or a portable garage often means using it as storage for vehicles and other investments and maintenance. Sometimes, however, a carport may need to be moved from one location to another. This can occur when you may need a more accessible location for certain vehicles or because local zoning laws changed and you now need to move the structure to a better location. In this case, how to do you move a carport? If your carport has been properly secured, it should be anchored in the ground either by metal anchors or by concrete and these will need to be taken out of the ground to move the structure.

If you don’t know how to move a carport, here is a video of what not to do:

While this is simply one of five parts involved in moving a metal carport, how the structure is being moved makes it prone to breaking. Movement of this carport is easier, as it wasn’t anchored into the ground by concrete, but, regardless, a carport shouldn’t be attached to the back of a truck and held from the back by a few men. Instead, the best method for moving a structure, even one large enough to shelter three cars, is to take it apart, move to another location, and build the structure in the new area.

Aside from this, one side of the carport shouldn’t be placed on a wagon, also as seen in the video. If you want to keep the shelter in one piece while moving it, the best thing to do is to have men on both sides of the shelter moving it. Of course, if the legs are surrounded by concrete, this may prove difficult to do because of the weight and, instead, taking apart the shelter is the best method.