How to Make Sure Your Greenhouse Gets the Right Amount of Sun

greenhouse sunlightA greenhouse can let you enjoy growing flowers, fruits, and vegetables at any time of the year. In order for plants to thrive, they need to get the right amount of sunlight. Where you set up your greenhouse and how it is organized will have a dramatic effect on the amount of sunlight your plants receive. Here are some tips to help you get the right amount of sunlight in your greenhouse.

You want to set up your greenhouse in such a way that the plants will get even sunlight and there will not be any hot spots. If light strikes one end of the greenhouse and the other end is in shadows, the temperature will be inconsistent within the greenhouse. Plants need diffused light so that all of their leaves receive the same amount of light and the plants grow well.

If you put your greenhouse on the southeast side of your property, it will get the maximum amount of sunlight, particularly early in the day. Morning sunlight is less intense, which is helpful to sensitive plants. Having the greenhouse located in the south will also ensure that your plants get enough light even when the sun is low on the horizon in the winter.

The way your greenhouse is oriented will affect the amount of sunlight it receives. A north-south orientation will result in less shading than an east-west orientation. If you put tall plants near the northern end of the greenhouse, they will not shade smaller plants in the southern end, even in the winter. You can take advantage of the angle of the sun in the various seasons to help your plants grow.

Sunlight is more intense in the afternoon during the summer. Planting deciduous trees on the western side of the greenhouse can allow sunlight to filter through the canopy. In the fall and winter, light will shine through the leafless limbs and warm the greenhouse. This can help you make sure your greenhouse gets the right amount of sunlight throughout the year.