2 Car Portable Garage

How to Keep Your Portable Garage in Top Condition

portable garageA portable garage can shield your vehicle or equipment from the elements in all seasons. If properly assembled and maintained, a portable garage can provide protection for many years.

The first step is to be sure that your portable garage is assembled properly. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when assembling your portable storage building. Set it up in a level area free of rocks, trees, or other things that could get in the way or cause damage. Never set up a portable garage under a tree because a branch could fall on it and cause the cover to rip or possibly cause more severe structural damage.

Make sure that your portable storage building is securely anchored to the ground. A building that is not anchored correctly can shift or even collapse, which could cause serious damage to your vehicle or equipment. Use the anchors provided by the manufacturer and check periodically to make sure that they are secure.

Be sure that the cover on your portable garage is securely fastened and tight. A loose cover can weaken your portable garage, shorten its life, and allow damage to your vehicle or equipment in storage. Ratchet straps can ensure that your cover remains securely attached to the frame of your portable garage.

During the winter, snow and ice can accumulate on your portable storage building. While a cover can withstand some weight, it is best to clear it off as soon as possible to prevent damage, especially in the event of a heavy snow or ice storm.

A portable garage is designed to be sturdy and provide years of protection for your vehicle or equipment. Properly assembling and maintaining your portable storage building can ensure that it will last for many years.