How to Keep Rodents out of Your Portable Garage

rodents portable garagePests such as mice and rats can chew through the cover on a portable garage and damage the building as well as its contents. You should inspect your portable garage regularly for signs of rodents and other animals and take steps to keep them out.

Check your portable garage’s cover for any tears or holes that pests could use to get into the building. If you find any, seal them with patches to prevent mice and rats from getting inside and damaging your vehicle or whatever else you have stored in the portable shelter.

Keep the inside of your portable garage clean and organized. Pests live in cluttered areas where they have shelter and can hide. Keep your portable storage building free of piles of garbage or things you don’t need so rodents will have fewer attractive places to live.

Remove sources of food and water. Do not put trash cans near your portable garage, and remove any sources of standing water nearby.

If you want to plant a garden, place it far enough away from your portable garage that animals will not be tempted to eat your plants and then seek shelter inside the portable storage building. Remove any piles of wood, compost, bricks, or lawn furniture from the area near your portable garage.

You can introduce natural predators to keep rodents away from your portable garage. A cat or dog can be an effective deterrent. You can also make part of your property attractive to wild animals that hunt rodents, such as owls.

Inspect your portable garage for evidence of pests. Look in the corners, crevices, ceiling, and around stored items for urine and droppings. You might be able to identify what kind of pests are living there by the size and shape of the excrement.

If you discover that pests are living in your portable garage, do some research to identify the best methods of dealing with that particular species. This can include traps and pesticides.