How to Keep Insects out of Your Portable Garage

If you own a home, you may struggle to find room for all of your belongings. You may have vehicles or tools that you cannot fit in your garage or shed. Many homeowners set up portable garages in their yards to store vehicles, gardening equipment, and other things they do not have space for in a garage or storage building. A portable shelter offers extra storage space at a fraction of the cost of building a new garage. It can also be set up in much less time than it would take to build a garage.

A Portable Garage Can Attract Insects

One problem you may encounter if you decide to set up a portable garage in your yard is that it can become a home for insects. Bugs seek out sheltered places to lay and hatch their eggs, and a portable garage is often an ideal choice. Here are some tips on how to keep insects out of your portable garage.

How to Keep Bugs out of Your Portable Storage Building

Insects like to lay their eggs in warm, humid environments. A poorly ventilated portable garage can be an ideal breeding ground. Keeping your portable garage well ventilated is a simple but effective way to keep insects out.

Dirt attracts insects. When you put things in your portable garage, such as gardening tools, clean them off first. It only takes a minute, but it can save you a lot of headaches later on. Sweep the floor inside your portable garage from time to time to remove dirt that could attract bugs.

Insects live on plants and weeds. If you have vegetation right outside your portable garage, it won’t be hard for insects to travel from the plants to your storage building. Remove any weeds from the area immediately surrounding your portable garage to avoid attracting insects.

You should spray the area around your portable garage with a pesticide from time to time. You can find a pesticide at your local lawn and garden center or home improvement store.

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