How to Get Your Lawn and Gardening Equipment Ready for Winter Storage

Winter weather is gripping most of the country, which means that most people are not doing much work in their yards and gardens. If you have tools like a lawn mower, shovels, rakes, and other equipment that you will not be using for the rest of the winter, you want to protect them from the weather. Exposure to snow, rain, and ice can cause tools to rust, which can make them difficult or impossible to use when spring returns. Here are some tips to help you get your lawn and gardening equipment ready for winter storage.

Lawn Mower

Small, gas-powered lawn mowers generally last longer if the fuel is drained before they are put in storage. This prevents the alcohol in the fuel from degrading plastic and rubber parts and attracting moisture. Check your owner’s manual for specific instructions for your model.

You can run your lawn mower until it runs out of fuel or add a fuel stabilizer to a full tank. If you use a stabilizer, run the engine for a few minutes so the stabilizer can circulate. Turn off the engine and add more fuel to top off the tank.

Disconnect the battery and spark plugs. Remove and sharpen or replace the blade. Drain and change the oil according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Clean the frame and rinse the underside of the mower with a hose. Use a tool or putty knife to scrape off any dirt or grass clippings that are stuck on. Then replace the spark plugs.

Gardening Tools

You should rinse and dry your hand tools, such as rakes and shovels, after each use. If your tools are dirty, you should clean them before you put them in storage. Put on a pair of goggles and use a stiff-bristled brush to remove any mud or rust. You can also use fine sandpaper or steel wool on small rusty areas.

If any of the tools that you use for digging or cutting are dull, sharpen them. Wear gloves while doing this to avoid cutting your hands.

Check the wooden handles for splinters or cracks. You can smooth wood with sandpaper or medium-grit emery cloth. If a handle is broken, replace it.

Apply light oil to the metal parts of tools or spray them with a lubricant before you put them in winter storage. Protect wooden handles with linseed oil.

Garden Sprayer

If you have a garden sprayer, rinse the inside and outside with soapy water and a sponge or scrub brush. Spray soapy water through the lines to clear them and then rinse with clean water. Let the sprayer dry thoroughly before you put it away for the winter.

Garden Hose

Remove the nozzle from your garden hose and drain the hose. If there are any leaks, repair them with electrical tape or garden hose repair tape. Replace the ends and washers if necessary and then coil the hose.

Store Your Lawn Mower and Tools in a Portable Garage This Winter

You should keep your lawn and gardening equipment stored in a place where it will be protected from winter weather. If you don’t have a shed and don’t have room in your garage, a portable garage is a good alternative. It can keep your equipment dry to prevent damage.

Portable Garage Depot sells portable storage buildings in a variety of sizes and designs that are perfect for storing lawn and gardening equipment. You can store your lawnmower, hose, and tools in a portable storage building in the winter so they will be protected and ready to use again in the spring. Order a shelter from Portable Garage Depot today.