How to Fix a Torn Canopy

fix torn canopyA canopy can provide much needed shade on a hot summer day and protection from rain. A canopy can protect you and your family or guests so that you can enjoy an outdoor picnic or a relaxing day at the beach or a park.

Canopies are made from heavy-duty materials that are designed to stand up to rain, wind, and the sun’s UV rays, but occasionally they can become worn out through long periods of exposure to the weather or can be torn by debris. In that case, making a repair is fairly simple and straightforward. You should fix the tear in your canopy as soon as possible in order to keep it from getting larger.

The first step is to clean the area with the hole. Clean the top and bottom surfaces of the canopy around the tear with an oil-free cleaning solution. Then let the fabric dry completely before you repair the damage. If the fabric is damp, the tape will not stick properly to the fabric.

Buy a roll of canopy repair tape from a hardware store. Read the instructions carefully before you attempt to repair the hole in your canopy. Hold the two torn edges of the fabric so they fit together and put a piece of canopy repair tape on the top side of the tear. Press the tape to remove any air bubbles and then put another piece of tape on the bottom side of the tear.

If the tape is not positioned correctly, you should not try to remove it. This could cause the fabric to tear even more. Put another piece of tape on top of the one that is placed incorrectly to secure the fabric.

Check the rest of the canopy for any other signs of damage. Place pieces of tape over any other holes you find to prevent further damage.