How to Choose the Right Size and Design for Your Greenhouse

If you enjoy gardening and would like to be able to do it all year long, but you live in an area where that is not possible outdoors, you can set up a greenhouse. A greenhouse can allow you to regulate the temperature and make sure your plants get the right amount of sunlight and shade so they can grow and thrive. That can allow you to enjoy vegetables or flowers throughout the year.

When looking for a greenhouse, you need to find one that is the right size. You also need to organize it in an efficient way that will allow you to maximize the use of the available space.

What Size Greenhouse Do You Need?

Think about the types and numbers of plants you want to grow. You also need to consider the size of the plants in the future. Pots can be put close together when they only contain seeds, but as plants grow they will need more room to spread out. Make sure there is enough space that the plants will not touch each other so air can circulate freely.

Make a list of all of the supplies you will need to raise your plants. Figure out how many pots and flats you will need to raise the number of plants you want. You will need storage space for all of your seeds, soil, hoses, watering cans, and fertilizer.

You will need space for benches inside your greenhouse. You can buy a greenhouse that comes with benches or purchase them separately. Think about the size of your flats and the number of flats that each bench can hold. You will also need to set aside some work space to plant your seeds.

How to Organize Your Greenhouse

You will need walkways inside your greenhouse. Make sure you leave yourself enough room to walk around and easily tend to all of your plants. If more than one person will work in the greenhouse at the same time, make sure there is enough space for you to work without bumping into each other.

Think of creative ways to use your available space. For example, you can put a frame over a storage area to put flats, and you can hang baskets from the ceiling overhead.

Where to Order a Greenhouse

A greenhouse can let you enjoy gardening year-round. Portable Garage Depot sells greenhouses in a variety of sizes that you can use to grow plants all year. Think about what you want to grow and how you will use the space available, and order a greenhouse from Portable Garage Depot.