How to Choose the Right Site for Successful Greenhouse Growing

greenhouse locationChoosing the right location to set up your greenhouse is essential to its success. Selecting a location with good soil and the right amount of sunlight can allow you to grow plants and vegetables throughout the year. If you have a choice between multiple locations, here are some things you should consider to help you decide which is the best spot to set up your greenhouse.

Pick a Location with the Right Amount of Sunlight

Think about the types of plants you want to grow in your greenhouse. If you want to grow plants all year, overwinter tender plants, or raise seedlings, you will need to choose a location with a lot of sunlight that is protected from frost and cold winds.

You want to choose a location where the greenhouse will get plenty of sun. It should not be put directly under trees. They will create shade that can encourage the growth of green algae, and branches and leaves can fall and block gutters. Honeydew from insects can make the outside of the greenhouse dirty or sticky so it allows in less light. Roots from nearby trees can also affect the foundation and make it difficult to plant directly in beds.

If you want to grow plants throughout the year, you should orient your greenhouse so the ridge runs east-west to allow as much sunlight as possible in during the winter. If you only want to grow in the summer, align the ridge north-south to allow equal amounts of sun on each side and prevent overheating.

Choose a Location That Is Level and Has Good Soil

Select a location that is level for your greenhouse. Setting up a greenhouse on a slope can make growing difficult. You should not put your greenhouse at the bottom of a hill because those areas tend to get colder at night.

If you want to grow plants in beds inside your greenhouse, make sure the location you choose has good soil. You can improve the quality of soil by adding organic matter. You can also use raised beds. Avoid setting up your greenhouse in a place with rocky soil.

Make Sure the Site Is Convenient

You want to choose a location that is convenient. It should be relatively close to your house to make watering, ventilating, pruning, and picking flowers or vegetables easy.

Make sure there is at least a few feet of space all around your greenhouse. This will make it easier to set up the greenhouse and to clean it or make any necessary repairs. This will also prevent shade from other structures from blocking sunlight.

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