How to Choose the Best Place to Set up a Portable Garage

A portable garage can provide you with space to store one or more vehicles, a lawn mower, gardening equipment, or anything else that you don’t have room for in your garage. A portable garage costs less than building a garage or storage shed and can provide excellent protection from the elements for your belongings.

In order to get the best use out of your portable garage, you need to choose the right place to put it. A portable garage in the right location can make your life easier, but choosing the wrong site for it can create unintended problems. Here are some tips on how to choose the best location for your portable garage.

Make Sure You Can Get to the Portable Garage

You want to put your portable garage in a place where it will be easily accessible. That means there should be a clear path to get to it. Think about what you are planning to store in your portable garage. If you are going to use it to shelter a vehicle, make sure there will be enough space to get a car in and out without anything else getting in the way. If you plan to use your portable garage to store a snow blower and shovels, put it close to your house so you won’t need to walk through deep snow to get to it.

Make Sure Your Portable Garage Is the Right Distance from the Property Line

Check your local building code to find out how far you need to put your portable garage from the property line. Different localities have different requirements related to setbacks. You don’t want to set up your portable garage and have a conflict with your neighbor or have your local government tell you that you need to move it. Also consider the size of your lawn mower and make sure there will be enough space between the portable garage and the property line for you to mow the grass.

Check the Locations of Utilities

Always find out the locations of your utilities before you set up a portable garage or any other structure in your yard. You don’t want to drive anchors into the ground and hit a utility line. Call your local information line to find out the exact locations of your utilities before you decide where to set up your portable garage.

Choose a Level Site with No Obstructions

You need to set up your portable garage on level ground. Make sure there are no trees, stumps, bushes, rocks, or anything else in the way that could interfere with the setup and use of your portable garage.

Look for Things That Might Damage Your Portable Garage

Think about other things in your yard that could potentially cause damage to your portable garage. Don’t put it under a tree with low-hanging branches that could scrape the roof and sides. Don’t set up your portable garage in an area where you know water tends to collect when it rains.

Consider Aesthetics

Think about how you want your backyard to look. Do you want your portable garage to be visible, or do you want to hide it from view? If you think your portable garage will enhance the appearance of your yard, you can put it out in the open. If you would rather not draw attention to it, you can set it up in a corner of your yard where it will be less noticeable.

Order a Portable Garage from Carport Depot

A portable garage can provide you with the additional storage space you need. When set up in the right place, it can make your life easier. Carport Depot offers portable garages in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs. Look through our selection and order a new portable garage today.