jeep in portable garage

How Take Down and Store Your Portable Garage in Off-season

One of the most amazing benefits of a portable garage is that you don’t have to keep it up if you’re not using it. As opposed to a permanent dwelling, this makes it possible to regain space for other needs or move the shelter to a new location if needed.

Portable Storage Options

Some people set up portable garages solely for the purpose of storing a car, truck, RV, boat or motorcycle during the winter. If you don’t have a garage or there is no room for you to store these items in your current space, a portable garage is the perfect option to keep our valuables safe from the elements and so they’ll be ready to run again once the weather is better.

While there are things you can do with your portable garage when it’s not in use for its main purpose – like host outdoor events under a covered shelter and not worry over rain, or use it as a green house and storage for gardening equipment, some people would rather just reclaim their yards, and that’s fine too.

Taking Down a Portable Garage

Taking down a portable garage is as easy as putting it up. You simply just take it apart and rebuild it in a new location, or store all the necessary items together in one location for easy access when you’ll need it again.

Pulling out support posts, anchor systems, disassembling the frame, carefully rolling up covers for storage is all that’s needed.

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