Hermit House

Hermit Houses Are Designed for Nature Lovers

Hermit HouseArchitects Daniel Venneman and Mark van der Net of architecture firm The Cloud Collective in the Netherlands have designed a line of Hermit Houses, portable buildings that can be customized to house an entire family who want to live closer to nature.

The do-it-yourself building kits can be assembled in just two days. The unique buildings offer a modern geometric design with a rustic style. 3D software allows customers to create a customized design to their specifications.

The Hermit Houses are available in a variety of designs. The Abé is one of the company’s original models. It is designed to accommodate a couple or small family and includes a two-person bed, eating area, kitchenette, and porch. The Abé measures 14 square meters and is named after Abelard and Heloise.

The other designs vary in terms of shape and features included. The 11.5-square-meter Emy has an open design that allows the owners to sleep outside. A curtain can keep wind out and provide privacy.

The Elly is larger and more luxurious. It can serve as a vacation home, playhouse, lounge area, or garden pavilion to enjoy the outdoors. The Elly measures 19 square meters and includes a wood heater, library and work desk with direct access to the porch, solar panels, and water purifier and is fully insulated.

The 17-square-meter Jean is the most complete model. It includes a kitchenette and bathroom with a shower and compost toilet, as well as a water heater, solar system, lighting, and water tank. A folding wall bed and desk combination is designed to maximize the amount of usable space. The Jean also includes storage space under the roof.