Group Raising Money for Shade Canopies

Jaycee ParkThe weather can be a major problem, no matter what the temperature might be in your area. Consider this scenario – you are having a birthday party on a hot day and there is virtually no shade available in your backyard.  You need to provide some type of cover for your guests to relax and enjoy the sunny weather without getting burned or dehydrated. This is where canopies come in. The same goes for rainy, snowy and icy days – you can use canopies to protect people and/or valuable items from the negative effects of this weather.

Canopies are being used more frequently in various areas for these purposes. Take a recent story from the Houston Chronicle about Friends of Jaycee Park, a group raising money to facilitate the cleanup and improvement of a public park in Texas. The group recently had shade canopies put in:

“The Friends group is raising $12,000 to purchase two large shade canopies for the playground area, which lost its trees last summer to drought. The canopies resemble large umbrellas made from cloth and posts. They’re designed to hold up to heavy winds. ‘There’s no more risk of being damaged in severe weather than any other playground component,’ [volunteer liaison Darlene] Wayt said.”

By installing these shade canopies, people enjoying the park will have shade in various areas. Seeing as Texas can be a literal hotbed, these types of canopies are a great option. The article says Friends of Jaycee Park have been working a number of fundraisers to raise money for the canopy installation:

“In addition to organizing the movie night, the Friends group is selling brick pavers. A small portion of the pavers’ purchase price covers the brick installation, Wayt said. The remainder of the contribution will support the shade canopies.”

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