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Government Says Get Rid of Portable Garages

portable garageThe portable garage business can be very exciting, particularly during this time of year. As winter lurks around the corner, people are getting ready to store all kinds of things wherever they can find space. Fall always begins the scramble to make more room when there isn’t any left on your property. After all, we all need to be able to store our lawn mowers, motorcycles and spare cars. This also goes for snowmobiles, ATVs and other four wheel vehicles – they need a place to stay when not in use too!

I guess the town council in Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada, knows all about portable garages being used as storage year round, but unlike many towns we’ve discussed in this blog, they want nothing to do with the issue. According to the CBC News, is seeking to ban portable garages during certain months of the year, due to esthetic and safety concerns:

“An amended zoning bylaw that’s approaching third reading would only permit temporary storage shelters in the rear yard of homes and only between November and April. Ones found in the front or sides of buildings would have to come down. The portable garages, sometimes called ‘instant shelters’ are easy to erect, but some Rothesay residents have said they’re unattractive.”

The town manager of Rothesay says in the article that the primary reason the bylaw made it on the agenda was due to complaints from citizens in the town. I find this relatively hard to believe because there are very good reasons for having portable shelters all year round.

Where will the snowblowers and other winter-specific equipment be stored off-season? Not everyone has enough space in their garages to fit everything that they own. What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments!