spring portable shelter

Get Your Portable Shelter Ready for Spring with these Tips

Warm crisp air, cool breezes, birds chirping and flowers growing. This paints the perfect picture of the spring season for many areas of the nation. If you’ve been waiting to break free from the cold and start enjoying the outdoors again where you live, perhaps you’ve been thinking about getting a portable shelter.

Portable garages and canopies are great for seasonal storage and for keeping valuables safe from adverse weather conditions. Or maybe you already have a portable shelter in your yard and will be pulling out the winter items you had stored for the season – like a boat, motorcycle, RV or even lawn equipment.

Before you do, here are some tips for getting your portable shelter ready for spring.

Clean Up

Before you can enjoy the outdoors or your portable garage for the season you need to do some spring cleaning. That means mowing the lawn, picking up leaves, branches and debris, cutting back trees and bushes.

Once you’ve cleaned your space you can select the right location for your portable garage based on what will be stored, any zoning laws in your area and the condition of the ground (think flat, level surface.)

Likewise, if you already have a shelter, you want to clean up the contents. Pull out the stored items. Clear clutter and contents that have accumulated and clean the interior by sweeping, mowing and blowing away debris to have a newly cleaned space you can use.


If you’re just putting up the portable garage for the first time, be sure to follow all manufacturer instructions for set-up, tie down and added stability. You need to inspect the dwelling when completed as well to ensure it’s been installed properly.

If you have a portable garage you’ve been using for years, it’s a good practice to examine it each season to look for any rips and tears in the cover or rust and other damages that can weaken the integrity of the structure. The great thing about portable garages too is that it’s easy and cost efficient to replace covers and other parts when needed.

Fill with Contents

Before you start filling the portable garage back up with the things you removed to clean the space, take a purpose filled and intentional approach to its use. Why did you get a portable shelter to begin with? Is it to keep your car safe from the elements? Then put only your car back in. Don’t store all those boxes of extra stuff you haven’t had use for years again. Did you need extra storage space and purchased a portable garage to fill it with contents? Then do so wisely. It’s pretty easy to quickly fill-up even your extra space. Spring is the perfect time to go through your clutter organize and toss what you don’t need.

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