Funding Being Allotted for Shelters After Hurricane Isaac

Natural disasters require swift and precise response, especially when it comes to previously decimated areas. When Hurricane Isaac was moving up towards Louisiana and other southern states a few weeks ago, the Federal Emergency Management Agency moved into action, using funding to prepare for the initial landfall and potential aftermath of the storm. However, the potential severity of these storms calls for more funding, which must be doled out by the President. Luckily, more funding was given to help aid those in the path of the storm.

According to, President Obama made federal aid supplements available to FEMA at the end of August to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac. A number of efforts were put into place, the article said:

“The USACE remains actively engaged in flood fighting efforts.  USACE teams also have been closely working with the states of Louisiana and Mississippi.  Teams are on the ground providing technical assistance…to reduce flooding along the Tangipahoa River and in Plaquemines Parish in Louisiana.  USACE also deployed emergency power teams to Mississippi and Louisiana, and commodities, debris, and temporary roofing teams have deployed to Louisiana.”

One crucial element of this funding has been portable shelters and other temporary shelter installations, which have been a major part of the recovery effort made by FEMA. The article says that FEMA brought in two portable medical stations to help residents with health problems and injuries. These types of portable buildings are important after natural disasters, especially if hospitals and other medical facilities have been damaged or are in unsafe areas. This type of mobile unit was an important part of the Isaac response:

“An Incident Management Assistance Team and a Mobile Emergency Response Support Team, from a previous disaster, are on the ground in Ohio and can support response efforts for the approaching storm, if needed.”