FORTS Portable Shelter

FORTS Portable Shelters Can Be Used for Disaster Response Operations

FORTS Portable ShelterFORTS, or Fold Out Rigid Temporary Structures, are portable buildings designed to be used following natural disasters to provide shelter and space for emergency operations. Humanitarian groups and emergency response units can use the structures to serve as space for temporary medical clinics, offices, and operations centers.

The FORTS shelters measure 259 square feet and are constructed with insulated, heavy-duty aluminum panels. The portable buildings are fire-resistant and easy to transport. Six of them can be carried on a single flat-bed tractor. The FORTS buildings can be unfolded and assembled by three people in less than 10 minutes without a need for heavy equipment or special skills. They can be quickly folded up when no longer needed.

The temporary buildings have doors and windows and can be customized with open floor plans or sleeping quarters. They provide enough working or living space for six adults. The buildings can be plugged into a generator to provide electricity. All standard FORTS shelters come equipped with air conditioning and have storage cabinets pre-installed.

FORTS structures can also be customized with additional features. Military and government entities use FORTS’ add-on trailer options to rapidly transport and deploy the temporary shelters where needed. A bathroom enables the FORTS buildings to serve as offices, commercial facilities, or living quarters. The bathrooms include plumbing for fresh water intake and waste water output, a plug-in power source, shower stall, toilet, and sink. An optional kitchen includes a stainless steel sink with a chrome faucet, full range, refrigerator, and storage area.