Follow Up on Mesquite, TX, Carport Ordinance

We posted a few months back in regards to a carport ordinance change in Mesquite, TX, that essentially stated that older structures with carports can keep them, but those planning to add carports or portable garages need to be wary of certain restrictions, such as colors, roof type, and placement. This original ordinance had yet to go into effect at the time, and, recently, another hearing was held regarding these changes. According to the linked article, some changes to the original ordinance were brought up after the original January and February meetings. At the moment, we don’t know what the future will hold for erecting carports or portable garages in Mesquite.

Nevertheless, one issue regarding carport laws and ordinances was brought up recently in The Daily Observer, the newspaper that serves part of the Ottawa valley area in Canada. Residents of a town in the area have not been heeding to a carport ordinance passed back in 2007. Although the details of the ordinance aren’t mentioned in the article, residents, as mentioned, continue to put up these structures without consequences – so far. Home owners were allowed to keep their carports and portable garage is added prior to 2007 owners, but others were banned from adding these structures, as the town considers them fire obstacles and not strong enough for snow.

The Ottawa Valley, for those not familiar with Canada, is on the border between Ontario and Quebec provinces and starts from Ottawa and goes northwest of the city. Although in Canada, the snowfall in Ottawa is considerably less than in places like Winnipeg and 2009 saw the area have a record 54 centimeters (about 22 inches) of snow. Considering snow weighs about 15 pounds per cubic foot, this would mean that the average amount of snow accumulating on a carport would roughly be 30 pounds per foot. Most carports, however, are designed to withstand 50 pounds of snow per square foot – assuming it accumulates on a rounded or peaked roof.