Fire Shelter: 01 Provides a Refuge in the Wilderness

Fire ShelterDanish design firm SHJ Works has designed and constructed Fire Shelter: 01, a temporary structure located in the wilderness a 20-minute bicycle ride from Copenhagen, Denmark.

The structure is inspired by the architecture of ethnic and nomadic peoples. The temporary project is intended to celebrate the beauty of the location without leaving a trace on the landscape after it is removed. The area is filled with wildlife, including plants, bushes, trees, and animals.

The rounded structure is constructed of plywood and polycarbonate fabricated using CNC technology. The structure measures 4.7 meters tall and 3.8 meters in diameter. The walls are 2 to 9 mm thick and consist of thin, bendable shells that are tightened with bolts and a piece of 2 mm-thick polycarbonate.

The bottom of the structure is made of plywood, and the fire place inside is surrounded by a bench that is filled with building materials found on the site. The ballast secures the shelter to the ground, eliminating the need to dig a foundation. The upper part of the shelter is covered with white transparent polycarbonate. The transparent material allows daylight in during the day, and at night it shows the light from the fire burning inside.

The shelter was constructed without the use of ladders and is intended as a gift to the public. The designers hope that it will remain on the site for a year before it is removed and the site is returned to its original state.