Exo from Reaction Housing

Exo Provides Temporary Shelter for Disaster Victims

ExoReaction Housing has created the Exo, a stackable, portable, and durable shelter to house victims of disasters. The portable structure provides living and sleeping space for a family of four.

The Exo is durable enough to be used on a long-term basis, if necessary. The Exo is 80 square feet inside. The structures flat-pack, making them easy to store and transport.  Since they are stackable, 20 can be transported on a flatbed truck and set up quickly.

The Exo requires very little assembly. It is transported in two pieces – a floor and an upper shell, which consists of the portable building’s walls and roof. When the Exo is being deployed, the base is placed in the proper location. Then the shell is lowered onto the base and locked in place. Beds that had been secured in the walls are then lowered. A group of four people can move and construct an Exo portable shelter in under two minutes. No tools or machinery are needed.

A connector line provides electricity to a lighting system and four wall outlets. The Exo’s design allows it to be configured in several ways to meet the needs of its residents or the needs of deployment. It offers families the comfort of a climate-controlled environment.

The Exo was designed by Michael McDaniel, the founder of Reaction Housing. He was troubled by images of people crowded into the New Orleans Superdome and the Houston Astrodome after Hurricane Katrina and wanted to create a better solution to provide temporary shelter for victims of disasters. He designed the Exo and built the prototype in his backyard.

The Exo is almost ready to be used in disaster relief. The company is using crowdfunding to raise capital needed to build the Exos and modify them to best suit the needs of disaster victims who will need them.

Reaction Housing also envisions the Exo being used for commercial purposes, such as providing temporary shelter for people attending public events or festivals.