Essential Tips for How to Use a Greenhouse In Winter

20'Wx48'Lx12'H Round Style High Tunnel
20’Wx48’Lx12’H Round Style High Tunnel

Gardening is a favorite pastime for many. In warmer months, it means beautiful, lush flower beds and hearty, homegrown crops. For those of us who live in areas with cold winters, unfortunately that bliss is only lived for a few months each year. There are ways to continue to grow plants though, even in the winter. Like using a greenhouse.

Greenhouses are perfect for those who have a passion garden as well as those looking to get plants started sooner for spring, or would just like to continue growing over the winter months.

Here are some tips on how to use a greenhouse in the winter.

Proper Setup

There’s no use having a greenhouse throughout the winter if it only lets in cold weather that kills plants or doesn’t allow in enough sunlight to help them thrive. When you decide to get a greenhouse, be sure you are choosing one that is quality and that can be used for your needs. It should have several glass or plastic windows to let in light as this is a very important element in keeping the greenhouse warm and the plants growing.

Of course, picking the right placement for the greenhouse to have proper drainage and also get the most sun is a first step to having the proper setup. If not getting enough sun is a fear, there are also grow lights that can assist with your greenhouses success.

Think Inside

Aside from the plants that will be growing inside your greenhouse, you might also want to think about what you should keep inside of it for your winter needs. If your greenhouse is on the bigger side, you may be able to add shelves for additional storage, a bench to sit and enjoy the plants, or other details.


Just like plants need sunlight to grow, they must also receive adequate water supply. Overwatering can cause plants to rot but forgetting to water will dry them out and kill them as well. Today there are numerous misting systems that can be installed and even used on timer settings to take the guess work out of when and how much water your plants will need.

Depending how serious you are about having a greenhouse this winter, there are numerous things you can add to your dwelling to make it successful.

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