Dynamic Air Shelters Provide Protection for Workers

Dynamic Air SheltersSafehouse Habitats, Ltd., a company based in Dundee, Scotland, that provides engineered solutions to protect people working in hazardous conditions, has reached a distribution deal with Dynamic Air Shelters, Inc. to offer inflatable shelters to protect people, equipment, and assets in extreme environments. Dynamic Air Shelters is a leading manufacturer of safety-compliant, inflatable, blast-resistant shelters that are used in the oil and gas, military, first response, and other industries. The portable shelters are specifically designed to be used in extreme environments.

Dynamic Air Shelters were designed with the goal of being the most efficiently portable shelters that could provide workers with protection in extreme environments. The blast-resistant structures meet the specific safety needs of the industries that Dynamic Air Shelters serves. The structures have been independently tested in several live field explosions. The inflatable buildings do not use the rigid and destructive components that are used in other conventional structures to keep people safer.

Dynamic Air Shelters are designed to be able to be deployed quickly without the need for cranes or heavy-lifting equipment. They comply with or exceed the standards set by API RP 756. The shelters can provide people with protection from blasts up to 11.5 psi. They can also resist damage caused by ballistics, hurricanes, extreme heat and cold, fire, and earthquakes. They can be used to shelter in place and provide protection from toxic gases.

The partnership with Dynamic Air Shelters will enable Safehouse to expand its offering of habitats to the international market. Safehouse Habitats began to market and supply Dynamic Air Shelters on April 1. The company provides shelters to serve clients working in hazardous industries, such as oil and gas, in over 30 countries. Safehouse Habitats’ goal is to protect people and assets and to improve production by providing shelters that make it safer for employees to work in hazardous environments.