Determining the Ideal Size for Your Portable Garage

Before you invest in a portable garage, think carefully about what size it should be. Your first inclination might be wrong. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision.

Think about What You’ll Store in the Portable Garage (Both Now and in the Future)

Make a list of the items you want to keep in a storage building. If possible, gather them all on your lawn or driveway. You might realize that you need more storage space than you initially thought you would.

Your list of possessions will probably grow in the coming years. If you buy a storage building with more space than you currently need, you won’t have to struggle to fit future purchases into your portable garage, get rid of things, or buy another shelter. 

Lawncare tools and outdoor furniture are common purchases, but you, your spouse, or a child might buy a new vehicle. If you won’t have room to park it in a permanent garage, plan ahead and get a portable garage with extra space.

Consider How You’ll Organize Your Belongings

You don’t just have to think about how many square feet your possessions will take up. You also have to figure out the best way to arrange them. 

Putting small items in containers can keep things organized and help you utilize the available space effectively. Shelves can allow you to take advantage of vertical space.

When it comes to vehicles, think about clearance. You’ll need enough room to open the doors without bumping into boxes or shelves or damaging your lawnmower. 

Figure out Where to Put Your Portable Garage

Homeowners sometimes purchase a storage building without thinking enough about where it will go and how they’ll access it. You might be able to cram a large shelter into a corner of your yard, but it might take up so much space that your kids won’t have enough room to play. 

If you want to keep a vehicle in your storage building, think about how you’ll drive it in and out. A particular section of your yard might have enough square footage for a storage building, but it won’t be a good location if trees, a pool, or a shed would make it hard to get your car in and out of the garage.

It can be difficult to accurately envision how much space a portable building will take up. Marking an area with stakes and string can help you figure out if the size you’re considering would actually work.

Find the Storage Shelter That’s Right for You

A portable building can be a sound investment, but to get the most benefit out of it, you have to select an appropriate size. Think about your current and future needs and the size and layout of your property. After you’ve figured out which size will work best, place an order with Portable Garage Depot.