firewood rack

Consider Firewood Racks Early in the Season to Avoid Availability Problems This Coming Winter

If your home has a fireplace or a wood stove, you probably use it often during the winter to limit the amount that you rely on the furnace. A fire can also create a cozy atmosphere for family members to relax while sharing conversations or watching TV.

Reasons to Store Firewood in a Rack

If you plan to use firewood this winter, you will need a place to store it where it will be kept dry and protected from pests. It’s also important to allow firewood to breathe. A firewood rack can serve those purposes.

Firewood needs to be stored in a way that lets air circulate so the wood can season, or dry out thoroughly. Wood that contains moisture won’t burn well.

For firewood to dry completely, it has to be stored so that it’s not in contact with the ground. Stacking wood directly on the ground can expose it to moisture, as well as insects and other pests.

If you intend to use a fireplace or wood stove frequently during the winter months, you’ll need a large quantity of wood. Firewood racks come in a variety of sizes. You can find one that will allow you to conveniently store the amount of wood you’ll need as you prepare for winter.

Keep Firewood a Safe Distance from Your House

Sometimes homeowners store firewood in a garage or on a porch so it’s easily accessible. That can create serious problems. First, wood attracts insects and snakes. If you store firewood near your house, you may find pests inside your home.

Also, if a fire starts in your house or yard or at a neighbor’s home, wood that is stored in or near your house can go up in flames. The fire may quickly spread, and your entire home may be engulfed.

Firewood should be stored at a safe distance from your house to prevent these types of problems. It may make sense to keep a small quantity of firewood on a rack inside your house for convenience, but the bulk of your supply should be kept outdoors, away from your home.

Order a Firewood Rack to Prepare for Winter

Portable Garage Depot offers firewood racks with steel frames in a variety of sizes. Our firewood racks come with polyester covers that can protect wood that’s stored outside from rain and snow while allowing it to breathe.

Demand for firewood racks naturally increases as fall approaches. Products may be sold out or on backorder, which can lead to delays in delivery times. If you’re planning to use a fireplace or woodstove this winter, estimate how much firewood you’ll need for the season and order a rack that’s the right size as soon as possible so you’ll have plenty of time to prepare for the colder months.