Choosing Your Shelters for Winter

Now that winter is on its way and we are seeing bouts of flurries popping up around the country here and there you may be scrambling to find protection for your vehicle through the winter if you don’t have a garage readily available. Adding a garage to your home may be your first thought but these permanent structures can take quite a while to build and they can also be a bit pricey. A great solution for homeowners who don’t believe an actual garage is right for them is a portable shelter. Portable shelters can be easily assembled at the beginning of winter when you need shelter for your vehicle and just as easily be disassembled once spring arrives; or you can leave it up year round to ensure that your vehicle is thoroughly protected. Here are a few shelters you may want to consider investing in to keep your vehicles protected through the winter.

10′ Wide x 8′ High Round Style Shelter – As gas prices are on the rise many people are converting to compact cars as opposed to large trucks and SUVs. With a smaller car you may not necessarily need an excess of garage space so why not go with a portable shelter that you will be able to take down at the end of winter. If you add a permanent garage to your home and you know you won’t be using all of the space you could be taking up square footage that could be used in other ways. This small round style shelter won’t take up much space but it will provide all of the room that you need for your compact car and you can avoid cleaning all of the dreaded snow off in the morning with this addition to your home.

20′ W x 20′ L Metal Carport – If you are a two car home and you are looking for a solution to your covered parking conundrum then you may want to consider this larger metal carport. This shelter is made from galvanized steel poles and metal roofing that will keep your car protected from winters to come. This metal carport offers a bit more permanence than some of the counterparts and can be secured in the ground, gravel, or concrete; so whether you just need parking for the winter or you desire the accommodation year round you can have it with a metal carport.

30 W x 30′ L x 15′ H Round Style Shelter – So far you have learned about shelters for compact cars and for families that have two cars but what if you need to store your belongings along with parking your vehicles? One of our larger shelters with a rounded top offers protection on all sides making it a prime location for storing vehicles and belongings that you may not be able to store in your home. These shelters are also great for agricultural professionals who need storage for their farming equipment such as tractors.