Choose a Peak Style Portable Garage for Winter Storage

peak style portable garageWinter will be here before you know it, which means now is the time to begin thinking about where you will store your vehicle, farming or gardening equipment, and other things you need to protect from snow and rain. If you do not have enough room to store these items in a traditional garage, you have another option to keep them shielded from the elements. You can store your vehicle or equipment in a portable garage.

A portable garage can be used to store or repair vehicles or to protect gardening or farming equipment when it is not being used. A portable storage shelter is designed to keep harsh weather out so your possessions will be protected.

Features of a Peak Style Portable Garage

A peak style portable garage is an excellent choice for winter storage. The roof is higher in the center, which allows snow to easily roll off the building and prevent it from becoming weighed down and caving in.

Shelters of America has peak style storage buildings in a variety of sizes and colors. Our portable garages are durable and built to last. They are manufactured with OD Allied Gatorshield structural steel tubing with the rafters spaced 6 feet apart for strength. They have heavy-duty mounting feet and pre-drilled factory holes for a durable structure. Our peak style portable garages also have 16-gauge square pipe end framing for additional support.

Peak style portable garages from Shelters of America have commercial grade covers made from 24 mil Rip-Stop polyethylene. This weather-resistant material is attached to the frame with a heavy-duty ratchet system to keep it secure. Covers are available in a choice of green, tan, white, and gray.

Order a Peak Style Portable Garage from Shelters of America

A peak style portable garage can protect your car, truck, or farming or gardening equipment from severe winter weather and keep it in good condition. Peak style portable garages from Shelters of America are designed to be durable and long-lasting. Order a peak style portable garage today so you will be prepared for winter weather.