Now’s the Time to Get Ready for Winter Storage

rv storage winterBut first-year seasonal vehicle owners might not know what to do, especially when a garage has scant interior space. A portable building, or a portable garage, carport, or portable shelter by any other name, offers an economical strategy, but for the experienced and the new, take these tips into account:

For first-time owners:

1. Follow the weather. Is your region rainy, snowy, or dry in winter? This essentially determines the style of building right for your needs. If you expect heavy precipitation, select something with a rounded design. If you’re simply looking for coverage and don’t expect several feet of snow, consider the traditional peaked building.

2. Determine length of usage. Is the shelter something you’ll set up for a few months at a time, or will it turn into a versatile building kept up throughout the year? As a general rule, always opt for a stronger frame for year-long use: That may be a galvanized steel structure, or one with square tubing.

3. How much space? How many vehicles will be kept underneath? Before you browse, calculate the length, width, and height for every vehicle and investment in storage and add a few feet around each side. Once you have this figure, you’re ready to find the right fit.

boat storage winter4. Select a set of anchors. If you haven’t figured it out already, portable garages need to be anchored into the ground to live up to their full potential. Select a set of anchors that will effectively keep the structure in place on the ground below.

For the experienced owner:

1. Enclose it. If your shelter is a valance carport used throughout the year, find sidewalls and panels to give your boat or RV full coverage.

2. Check connections. If any metal parts or connectors are experiencing rust or the powder-coating is chipping off, find a suitable replacement part to repair the shelter.

3. How’s the canopy? The polyethylene cover tends to go sooner than the metal frame, so if spots now appear worn or display holes, order a replacement canopy before the vehicle needs to go in storage.

The Portable Garage: A Jack of All Trades

Portable GaragePortable garages are a like a Jack of all trades. No matter what your storage needs are, there is a portable garage that you can use. Portable garages come in so many different styles and sizes to provide for a wide range of applications. There are portable garages that can store a car, truck, RV, equipment, animals, and much more.

There are portable garages that are designed specifically for storing cars and trucks. They come in many different sizes to fit anything from a Mini Cooper to an Escalade. You can also choose from rounded, barn, or house style portable garages. If you need to store more than one vehicle, you can get portable garages that are up to 30 feet wide. Whether you need daily storage for a vehicle you use every day or want to store all winter long, a portable garage is a great way to protect your vehicle from the outdoor elements.

If you have an RV, camper, or boat, a portable garage is a great place to store either when you are not using them. The sun’s harmful Ultraviolet rays will damage and fade the paint on any of these investments. Portable Garage RVProtect them from the sun by parking them under a portable garage. In the winter, a portable garage is a great way to keep your RV, camper, or boat from being exposed to the elements.

If you own a farm or have a lot of equipment, you can store them daily inside a portable garage. Easily store and remove any of your equipment and protect them when you are not using them. Rain and snow can cause rust or mildew build up. Protect your investment by storing them inside a portable garage every day.

ATVs and dirt bikes can deteriorate over time if you do not upkeep them. Storing them outside can be detrimental to an all-terrain vehicle, dirt bike, or even motorcycle. Give them protection from the elements with special smaller portable garages that are designed to house such items.Animal Shelter Portable Garage

Do you have animals at your home or farm? Use a portable garage designed as an animal shelter to give your horse, livestock, or pets a place to be protected from the elements. The animal shelter portable garages will provide shade and a place to stay dry. Treat your animals right and have an animal shelter set up on your property.

As you can see, portable garages can prove beneficial in a number of applications. Feel assured that your investments are stored safely with a portable garage. Affordable, reliable, and multi-functional, a portable garage is a great addition to any property.

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The Many Uses for a Carport

Metal carportCarports are certainly used to house cars and other vehicles such as trucks, bikes, boats, and trailers. However, a carport can also be used for flexible storage and recreational purposes. These dynamic structures are easy to install, easy on the budget, and provide awesome shelter from UV rays and precipitation.

In addition to protecting vehicles, a carport can be used to provide extra storage space from time to time. Whether you are moving furniture, conducting a thorough spring cleaning, or making room for company, many items can be temporarily housed under the canopy. A carport is also a great place to give pets a place to relax shielded from cold rain and hot sunshine. You can even hang your wash out to dry under a carport.

Carports can be used as a place for children to play and adults to entertain guests. In case of inclement weather, the canopy prevents rainfall from spoiling a good time. When the sun is shining, people will appreciate the shady refuge. Arts and crafts projects, picnic tables, music, dancing, and more can be conveniently enjoyed under the protection of a carport canopy. A canopy can be placed over a patio, in a yard, or over a driveway to create a comfortable space to hang out and enjoy fresh air and good company.

For handy people, carport kits are easy to assemble and install. With the assistance of a few similarly inclined cohorts, a carport can be installed in very little time. These crafty characters may also appreciate the shelter provided by a carport to work on repair, DIY, and hobby projects.

Carports may be attached to the side of a building or installed completely free standing. You may choose a metal or heavy-duty poly canopy carport. These structures may be constructed with enclosed sides or left open-sided. These are great as garage alternatives or in addition to a garage for added shelter and minimal expense that is adaptive to many purposes.

Affordable Portable Garage Carports Protect Recreational Vehicles

Portable RV StorageSummertime is a great time to get out on your motorcycles and enjoy a quick ride in great weather or plan a more extended road trip to see some countryside, visit great destinations, and attend seasonal events. Whether you rely on motorcycle transportation for your daily commute or as a recreational vehicle, a sheltered storage space is a good investment to protect the appearance and value of your bike when not in use.

In addition to motorcycle vacations, summertime is popular for people to take their campers and motor homes out for adventurous travel. Many families take time in the summer to enjoy camping trips or extended vacations with motor homes. Popular destinations are state and national parks, beaches, and regional landmarks as well as music concerts, cultural festivals, and sporting events. Just like motorcycles, campers and motor homes are a great way to get out sightseeing, and they benefit from garage storage between excursions.

Many recreational vehicles also see seasonal use when the summer is in full swing or year round use in warmer regions of the country. For seasonal storage and safe shelter between uses, motorcycles, campers, motor homes, boats, and other various RVs can be kept safely and economically in affordable portable garage carports. Various sizes are available to fit one or several recreational vehicles for shelter between outings.

Recreational vehicles left outside are exposed to sun, moisture, and debris. Rust, rot, and faded paint can become problematic and degrade value due to damaged performance and appearance over time. These harmful factors can be minimized with protective shelter for storage between excursions and during any off season. These vehicles are expensive investments and should be protected to keep them looking and performing at peak levels. Affordable portable garage carports deliver smart solutions to provide the protection these vehicles require to remain in tip top shape.

Metal Carports: Variety of Size and Purpose

Metal CarportMetal carports come in a large selection of sizes to suit an array of applications. Universally, metal carports provide shelter for items such as vehicles and equipment. Metal carports protect items from the damaging effects of sun and foul weather. Carport accessories help customize metal carports to fit many installation requirements.

Metal carports are available in varying widths. From twelve to thirty feet wide, find width options to meet your metal carport needs. If, for example, you have a single vehicle and some lawn equipment or perhaps you have a large motor home and a boat, take measurements of your available space and the items you seek to shelter with a metal carport. Consult these measurements to make sure you select a metal carport to fit your application.

In addition to varying widths, metal carports can be purchased in different heights. As with choosing an appropriate width, consult your measurements when selecting height. If you have a taller vehicle such as an RV or boat, you will appreciate the fact that metal carports are available from seven to twelve feet high. If you are looking to protect a car or motorcycle, you may not require the tallest available metal carport, but you may appreciate the extra height for future storage needs or aesthetic reasons. Whatever vehicles and belongings you choose to shelter with a metal carport, keep in mind how the carport will fit physically as well as in terms of appearance on your property.

Once you have determined which size metal carport you would like, think about about carport accessories. Carport accessories can improve the functionality of metal carports and can also alter the appearance of metal carports. Both are factors you may wish to take into account when considering your metal carport purchase.

Whichever size metal carport you choose and however you choose to accessorize, if you take the time consult proper measurements before installing your metal carport you will be pleased with the storage space you gain. Your yard space will be kept tidier, and your valuable equipment and vehicles will be sheltered from the abuse of harsh elements and excessive sun exposure. Metal carports are durable and you should expect your metal carport to provide excellent storage and shelter for years to come.

Portable Garages: Storage Solutions as Spring Approaches

Motorcycle GarageSpring is on its way, and as winter bids farewell, it’s time to think about spring cleaning. This is a time not only to clean indoors, because your yard requires some seasonal attention as well. Plenty of yard work and landscaping preparations are in order. Portable garages make transitioning from winter to spring a more organized and hassle-free time.

The accoutrements of winter include some fun items such as snowmobiles, sleds, skis, snowboards, snowshoes, and snow tubes. Along with these are the standard snow shovels, snow blowers, and ice choppers/scrapers. A great way to put winter behind you is to store winter items in a portable garage.

Winter toys and equipment are expensive and keeping them covered with a portable garage protects them. Portable garages come in sizes to suit various needs. From a smaller shed to a multi-port garage to a very large truss building, portable buildings are available to suit your storage requirements.

Ah springtime! Along with the warming temperatures, spring is a time to look forward to getting outdoors. Lawn equipment, pool supplies, motorcycles, RVs, ATVs, antique cars, and more will get some time in the sunshine. To properly store and protect these items, portable garages are a wonderful solution.

You may use a portable garage to seasonally rotate the items you store. For example, looking ahead to spring you may take out your spring and summer items such as your lawnmower, boat, RV or camper, jet skis and lawn equipment, and you can store your winter toys and equipment in their place.

Instead of one portable building, you may find it practical to have a couple of storage buildings dedicated to each season’s supplies. A pool shed, for example, could house all of the necessary equipment and items to keep your pool running in the warmer months and neatly secured in the colder seasons. Winter storage could be used exclusively for snow blowers, snowmobiles, and the like, in order to keep these items protected from the elements and organized. Likewise, spring supplies and lawn equipment can be housed in a purpose-minded storage building.

A portable garage for vehicles is always a good storage solution. Keeping antique cars, motorcycles, RV’s, and campers under cover protect these investments. Depending where you live, seasonal vehicles such as motorcycles, boats, four-wheelers, snowmobiles, and dirt bikes find safe accommodation under a portable garage.

Carports Protect Vehicles

Masked BurglarCarports are designed to protect vehicles. If you have invested in a car, truck, or valuable piece of machinery, storing your vehicle under a carport or portable garage can be an effective way to protect your investment. Reduce the wrath of Mother Nature by securing your valuables under a carport and minimize your chance of theft.

If you currently store your primary means of transportation in the open, installing a carport may be a way to conceal your vehicle. If you drive a car that ranks among the most stolen vehicles, don’t be kept awake at night worrying about your risk. Keep your investments out of sight and rest a little easier by installing a carport or portable garage. If a thief can’t see your valuables, it stands to reason that a thief won’t know to steal them.

A potentially greater threat to your unsheltered vehicle that a carport or portable garage easily averts is the onslaught of bad weather. Acid rain, hail, snow, sleet, and bird droppings will not reach your investment tucked safely within a carport. This will diminish paint damage and risk of rust. If your boat or other vehicle is susceptible to rust or has a custom paint job or finish you want to protect, a carport or portable garage may be the best investment you can make to keep your valuables in pristine condition.

Mother Nature is not quite finished with your exposed vehicle. Ultraviolet radiation causes serious damage to rubber, upholstery, paint finishes and more. Keeping your vehicle under a carport or portable garage is a sure way to thwart this environmental aggression.

Carports and garages come in a variety of sizes, materials, and designs. Take some time to evaluate your available space and storage requirements. Consult with your town hall’s zoning office to find out if you will need a permit to install a portable garage or carport, and find an economical solution to keep your assets protected.

Portable Garage Depot Returns to the Big E

In two days, the Eastern States Exposition will begin once again, as it has since its first inception in 1917. More popularly known as the Big E, this agricultural trade fair is an extremely large tribute to the things that make New England great. With various fair areas representing Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, the Big E shows a broad cross-section of the many things that make New England great!

Another major draw of the Big E is the entertainment, which ranges from parades to horse shows and major concerts. This year, there are a number of wildly popular musicians coming to perform at the fair, including country songstress Reba, classic rock band Cheap Trick and country star Blake Shelton. Don’t miss out on the The Big E Super Circus either – it’s a blast for the whole family!

However, the Avenues of States and various concerts are not the only part of the Big E that people come out for – let’s not forget all of the vendors who come to the exposition to show off their wares! One such vendor is Portable Garage Depot, a world leader in the sale of portable garages, shelters and other temporary structures for storage. A wide variety of products from Portable Garage Depot will be on display, including a number of DIY garages for your vehicles, lawnmowers, boats, RVs and other equipment you simply don’t have room for in your house. You are definitely going to want to check them out this year at the Big E.

Throughout the Big E, stay tuned to Portable Garage Depot’s Facebook and Twitter pages for information about the fair – and a secret fans-only contest that will be announced shortly! Make sure to stop by their booth for the best in portable garages, canopies and all of your outdoor storage needs!

The Big E takes place at the Eastern States Exposition from September 16th to October 2nd.


RV Season is On

I’m not sure that the title of this post is entirely truthful, at least from my point of view. While it might be most popular for people to take RVs and campers out in the warmer months, I think that fall and winter RVing is just as fun as spring and summer camping. Nonetheless, many people are taking the normal route this year and getting their RVs out of the portable garage right now, so that they may enjoy the nice weather and the open road.

There are some tips that you should follow for RV safety and here are a few of the most important:

Tire Check – RVs are much bigger than normal vehicles on the road, so obviously, tire pressure is of major concern to the safety and efficiency of a drive. Tire problems can be easily avoided as long as you keep the load light and drive within the speed limit. This will extend your fuel usage and overall safety on the highway.

Blinded – If you think that the blind spots in your sedan are difficult to deal with, get ready for more in your RV. The size of RVs makes for a lot more blind spots with bigger areas. Use your mirrors to navigate any tough spots and be especially careful when sharing the road with other large vehicles.

Belt It Up – Even though it may be more comfortable for your passengers to move freely throughout the RV during a ride, make sure everyone is wearing their seatbelts whenever possible. Sudden movements and stops can make for serious falls and accidents if someone is standing up and walking around.

Store It – The best way to ensure that your RV is in perfect condition when you take it out for the summer is to store it correctly in a portable garage. By sheltering your vehicle from the weather in an RV garage, you can guarantee that it will be as pristine as it was the year before.

Portable Garage Depot at The Big E In Springfield, MA

Every year there is a fair in West Springfield, Massachusetts, representing Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. Can you guess which fair it is? It’s the Eastern States Exposition, held every autumn to represent the culture and agriculture of the New England area. Also known as The Big E, this renowned agricultural fair with carnival flair and deep-fried food vendors opens its doors for two weeks and three weekends the second Friday after Labor Day for one of the biggest celebrations and exhibitions of what New England has to offer.

Besides just simply New England, The Big E is known for its amazing selection of vendors and exhibitionists, showing off their various wares and goods ranging from state memorabilia to house wares and appliances. On any given year, The Big E could have Vermonters making apple pie with cheddar cheese to Mainers stuffing baked potatoes with anything you can find. Next to them will be booths selling RVs and portable furnaces for winter.

One such exhibitor is Portable Garage Depot, a leader in the portable shelters and carports industry. Featuring one of the most extensive selections of DIY portable garages for your RV, car, jetski, lawnmower, camper, boats and whatever other vehicles you can think of. These garages can also be used as self storage for any items you have lying around your home in the way of everything. Portable Garage Depot is also a wonderful place to get outdoor canopies and tents for special occasions or just a leisurely backyard barbecue.

Every day of the Big E, Portable Garage Depot is offering a different special deal, including free kitswith purchases and discounts based on your state of origin. Be sure to check the company’s Twitter page (@PGDEPOT) or its Facebook for more information. Better yet, just stop by the Portable Garage Depot booth at The Big E!