Should You Store Your Motorcycle Under a Canopy in the Summer?

While we like to think of our motorcycles when we’re out in the summer having fun riding them, we probably give less consideration to them when we’re not using them. Many people leave their motorcycles out in the summer. After all, it’s not winter…right? After all, the weather is mild.

Leaving motorcycles out in the open, however, leaves them exposed to dirt, dust, rain and UV radiation. If you care for your bike, you’ll want to protect it, even in the summer. If you don’t have space in the garage (or don’t have a garage at all), you can find portable solutions that will protect the investment you have made in your motorcycle and the enjoyment you get from it. It will also save you time having to clean your bike.

Portable canopies are a great solution for protecting motorcycles as well as ATVs from summer’s hazards. These canopies are affordable, sturdy, protective and come in a variety of colors and sizes. They blend easily into your yard and look attractive, and their bright interiors help with visibility inside. The fabric canopies are easy to assemble (so you can put them up and take them down easily or move them to another part of the yard).

During the winter when your motorcycle is in deep storage, you can use the canopy for seasonal equipment, snowblowers, furniture, household items, workshop materials or anything else you need quick access to. Alternatively, if you have no deep storage, a portable shelter can also protect your bike from damage from winter weather conditions.

In Connecticut, Portable Garage Depot is a leading provider of all manner of portable shelters for motorcycles as well as other vehicles. The shelters and their covers are easy to assemble and use thanks to an easy bolt design that allows you to assemble your shelter with minimum tools in minimal time, without compromising the strength of your new temporary motorcycle cover or shed. View our wide variety of motorcycle shelters on our web site, or call us at 800-984-7657 to discuss your motorcycle storage needs.

Using a Portable Shelter for Summer Storage

The summer months present a perfect opportunity to enjoy the yard again. To get outside and spend time with your children, pets, and friends in the fresh air. As any homeowner knows, this can also be a lot of work. There’s lawn to mow, weeds to pull and patio furniture to clean if you want your backyard to be an inviting oasis.

Then there’s the fact that you have to store all of these extra tools and items you have out in the yard somewhere else so you have access and can actually use the space. In these situation, the perfect solution is a portable shelter.

While portable shelters are terrific to have year-round they’re especially beneficial in the summer months for storage because it means less clutter in the year, somewhere safe to keep tools and equipment and more importantly, a lower cost to do so.

Portable shelters are the affordable and mobile alternative to having to construct a dedicated garage or barn on your property. Those require permits and construction crews to assemble, but a portable shed can be put up with a few people and taken down and stored away when not in use.

If you live in an area that only gets a few months of nice summer weather a year, then it’s especially important that you can enjoy that time to the fullest. Don’t spend another summer avoiding going outdoors because you can’t stand the site of your lawn.

Shelters Of America offers both temporary and permanent portable garage and carport buildings. Made of the highest quality galvanized steel frames and long lasting polyethylene covers – it will last for years.

Get a portable shelter, clean and organize and get out there to enjoy!

Tips for Storing Your RV During Usage Season

Summer is almost here, and many families will be setting out on vacation in an RV. Those trips may only last a week or two, and during the rest of the season, the RV will need to be kept in storage. Here are some tips to protect your camper when you aren’t using it.

Keep Moisture out to Prevent Mold

If moisture accumulates inside an RV in storage, it can lead to mold. The presence of mold could create a health hazard for your family and could make the RV unusable for the remainder of the summer. The best way to ventilate the interior of an RV and keep it dry is to leave the vents in the roof open while the vehicle is not being used. Don’t completely seal off the windows because if water leaks into the RV, the lack of ventilation and air circulation can lead to mold.

Keep Pests out of Your RV

Insects and rodents can enter an RV in storage through tiny holes. Once inside, they can chew through the interior, including electrical wires, which can cause major damage and may render the RV inoperable. They can also leave urine and feces, which can affect human health.

Walk around the RV and cover or screen any openings on the outside. Pay particular attention to the plumbing vents, refrigerator vents, furnace exhaust, and air intake piping. Remove any potential food sources from the RV after you return home from your trip and before you put the vehicle in storage to avoid attracting pests.

Where to Store Your RV This Summer

An RV should be stored in a secure location. A garage is ideal, but most people don’t have a space large enough for a vehicle of that size. If you don’t want to pay to keep your RV at a storage yard, you can store it on your property.

A portable shelter is a good alternative to a traditional garage. It can be set up on a level surface and can protect your RV from rain, wind, rodents, and insects so it will be in excellent condition the next time you decide to take a family trip this summer.

Shelters of America offers portable garages in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit virtually every need. We even have shelters that are large enough to accommodate an RV. Our portable storage buildings have steel support frames and polyethylene covers to protect vehicles from the elements. Order a portable garage from Shelters of America today to keep your RV safe.

10 Tips to Clear Clutter in Your Outdoor Space

A yard is a place where family and friends gather, so you naturally want it to be relaxing and inviting. Things that were bought years ago to decorate the yard have likely become damaged, and items that you bought to entertain others may no longer be used. That can lead to clutter that can make it hard to enjoy spending time outdoors.

Take a look around your yard and see what you can do to clean it up.

How to Get Rid of Clutter

  1. The yard furniture you purchased years ago may have become rusty or damaged from exposure to rain, snow, and the sun. Inspect it and see if it can be repaired. If so, fix it yourself, pay someone to repair it, or donate it so someone can fix it and sell it.
  2. Statues and other decorative fixtures that you placed in your yard have likely become damaged by the elements. Sometimes wear can make statues look more appealing, but in other cases, they just look like junk. Discard or recycle any broken or unsightly statues.
  3. If you bought pots to grow flowers but gave up on that hobby, get rid of them. If they are in good condition, you might be able to sell them or donate them to a local agriculture program. If not, recycle them.
  4. Garden tools that aren’t used don’t serve any purpose, and tools that are left outdoors are likely rusted. Sell them, have them repaired, or recycle them.
  5. A leaky hose might be able to be fixed. If you have tried to patch it and it still leaks, recycle it.
  6. If you have paint, primer, or stain left over from projects and no plans to use it, find a local place to recycle it. Don’t dispose of those items in the trash.
  7. Many homeowners collect trimmed tree limbs and scraps of wood left over from projects. If you have a pile that you don’t plan to use as firewood, recycle it. You might be able to light a bonfire but check your local laws.
  8. If you have piles of garden weeds and grass clippings, turn them into compost to use in your garden. You can add household waste for additional nutrients.
  9. Your kids probably loved to play on a swing set when they were young, but if they have grown up, you shouldn’t keep it thinking that you might have grandchildren in five or ten years. It will be too rusty to use long before then. Sell or donate the swing set.
  10. Old toys, such as bikes and trampolines, that are no longer used are just taking up space. Sell them or give them away.

Organize Important Belongings in a Portable Shelter

Once you have cleared out all the clutter in your backyard, you will have space to store things you actually use, such as vehicles and tools. Shelters of America offers portable garages in many sizes and styles to keep your backyard organized. Order one today.

Order a Boat Shelter in Time for the Spring Season

The winter months have covered much of the nation in cold blankets of snow. However, in less than 30 days, the first day of spring will be here and for many outdoor enthusiasts, it means getting the spring and summer toys ready to use.

For boat lovers, taking them out of storage, cleaning and prepping them for the first outing on the water is an important early step in the season. With just 4 short weeks until the season rolls around for many, now’s the time to order a portable shelter for your boat.

Easily set up the portable shelter in your yard and get to work. Protect your boat and get it in clean and working condition and keep it somewhere that you don’t have to worry about passing eyes, weather ruining the interiors and to keep you warm while you sneak outdoors to give it some updates even with the cold temps still hitting much of the nation.

Shelters of America offers portable boat shelters made of high-grade steel frames and covers that attach to the frame. The triple-layer polyethylene and rip-stop fabric have fade blockers and anti-fungal agents so your shelter always looks great while protecting your boat.

Keep it up for the season to place your boat when you return home after a day on the water and take it down when you no longer need it. That’s the beauty of portable shelters.

The shelters can also be used for other storage needs, a covered area to have a party and more – the uses are versatile and endless.

Shop our different sizes, shapes, and types on the site today!  

4 Things You Should Know about Portable Shelters

Storing our belongings for safekeeping is something we do naturally. You want to protect it from damage or theft. What happens though, when those values are very large, or cannot be brought indoors? It’s far too costly or impossible in many cases to construct a building from scratch that will permanently reside on the residence for storage. That’s when portable shelters come in to save the day.

Here are 4 things you should know about portable shelters and why they make the ultimate choice.

1.      Protection from the Elements

First, you’ve likely spent a lot of money to acquire the valuables in your life. Whether it’s a classic car you like to show off on the weekends, an RV or even pricing farming equipment, the last thing you want to do is put it at risk out in the open where the elements can cause it to tarnish, break and even become useless.

Portable shelters offer amazing protection from the elements and quality frames and covers can withstand even the strongest of wind and weather situations.

2.      Requires Only a Small Investment

Since you’re not having to break ground, pull permits and start a whole new construction, you’re also going to be saving a ton of money by going the portable shelter route. It’s important to not find the cheapest one out there but to choose a quality, named brand shelter to protect your investment and have a solution that withstands time and delivers the protection it’s advertised to.

3.      Great for On-the-Go Convenience

We talk a lot about using portable shelters in the yard as extra garage space, but they also make for great on-the-go storage and shelter. Take a smaller size portable shelter with you camping, to large sporting events or other times when outdoor weather is going to be a giant factor in your day. They provide instant, easy access to cover and can shield you from rain, sun, and other conditions.

4.      Versatile Uses

Speaking of using your portable shelter for more than just storage, many people are using these dwellings for other reasons too. Start a greenhouse in winter, host your next outdoor party under one and set-up a picnic where guests aren’t afraid to come out because a shelter is provided.  The opportunities are endless.

In the market for a portable garage? Shop Shelters of America for an array of options to meet your needs. From large dwellings to fit an RV to smaller options for lawn equipment and canopies for your outdoor parties.  SHOP NOW

4 Benefits To Owning A Portable Garage

If you need reliable, cost-effective storage space for your car, truck, boat, or supplies, then portable garages can be a life-saver. Why choose a portable garage over a stationary garage?

The beauty of portable garages is that you don’t necessarily have to choose between one or the other. In fact, many people benefit from having both. Why? Sometimes stationary garages and sheds are just not spacious enough.

Whether you are trying to decide between the two, or are considering a portable garage for any overflow that your stationary garage cannot house on its own, then you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s break down the 4 benefits offered exclusively by portable garages.

1. They’re Easy To Move & Install

They wouldn’t put the word “portable” in the name if it wasn’t true. When you plot out and build a stationary garage, it will stay in the same spot. If you decide to move a stationary garage, you would have to invest in some labor-intensive services. Even if you’re a hardened DIY advocate, moving your garage will take a lot of your own time and energy.

Conversely, portable garages are extremely easy to move and install. Don’t like where your extra furniture, car, or lawnmower is stored? No problem: just break it down and move it.

2. Versatility

What if you wanted to host a party? Making room for your guests to park while also protecting your valuables can be difficult in a pinch. With a portable garage, all you have to do is decide where it would fit best. Once you’ve settled on the right spot, then you can move it quite easily.

In addition, with this level of portability, you can offer to bring shelter with you to a friend’s house. Forget bringing a bottle of wine. Instead, bring something that everyone will appreciate, whether they realize or not.

3. No Permits Required

Since portable garages don’t need to stand on a foundation, no permits are required. This simple fact saves a lot of time and effort. With portable garages, you don’t have to worry about completing paperwork or following up with town hall; all you need is an even surface to deploy your anchor. Check with your town for any other requirements on placement and property distances.

4. Sturdy Protection

When most people see how easy it is to install and move portable garages, they often wonder if it really provides reliable protection for vehicles and valuable possessions. The answer? Yes, it does. Typically comprised of a steel frame and durable fabric, portable garages are well-equipped to withstand harsh weather conditions.  

Now that you understand the benefits of owning a portable garage, what are you waiting for? Shelters of America offers a variety of different portable garages and shelters to fit your unique needs. Experience supreme protection first-hand: shop today!

Minimize Clutter in Your Home Just in Time for the Holidays

In case you haven’t realized, we’re only 3 short months away from the holiday season (two if Thanksgiving is the commencement of holiday season in your home.)  If you’re hosting guests and events over the course of these weeks, you may be getting into a panic thinking about how you’ll ever clear room out of the guest beds or where you’ll put all the clutter you’ve accumulated over the summer so it’s not an eyesore during festivities.

Portable Garages are the Answer

Add storage to your property that’s out of sight from guests and that gives you the extra space you need during these months to store the gifts, decorations and that unforgiving mother-in-law who will be surveying your cleaning abilities.

The dwellings can be set-up and easily taken down when not in use and best of all, they can be set back in your yard away from your nicely decorated exterior. After the guests are long gone and warm weather rolls around you can even decide to leave the portable garage up and use it to store lawn equipment or as a shaded area for any outdoor parties or picnics, you host.

Shop Portable Garage Depot

Portable Garage Depot offers instant, temporary carports, portable garages, building kits and more. All frames are made of powder coated or galvanized steel tubing and have covers made of durable layered Polyethylene in a variety of color options. This material helps stop ripping and tears and can withstand the elements. We also provide the anchors you’ll need to keep the portable garage in place wherever you decide to install it.

Enjoy the holiday season for once. Leave the mess out of sight and enjoy the party with your guests.


Portable Shelters & Camping

The spring and summer months are the most common times of year to go camping. This fun activity offers a great opportunity to disconnect from our mobile devices and hectic lifestyle and reconnect with nature and family and friends. Whether you prefer to rough it out in the wilderness with bare necessities or park your RV at a more accommodating campground, there are ways having a portable shelter along for the ride (other than your tent) can be beneficial.

Here are some of the ways a portable shelter can make your camping experience more enjoyable.

Easy to Transport

“Pack lightly!”

That’s the advice you’ll typically get when you tell someone you’re going camping. After all, you’re there to enjoy nature and what it has to offer, not lug around half of your possessions. The great thing about portable shelters is that they are easy to transport. Depending on the type and size you can take them down and put them up without much effort and they can pack up nicely.  Carports and other smaller covered canopies are great for a covered picnic area and can remain pitched until your camping trip is over.

Protection from the Elements

Nothing’s worse than a day of fun outside spoiled by adverse weather conditions. Heavy rainfalls, beaming hot sun and windy conditions can all make being outside borderline unbearable. With a portable shelter, you’ll have adequate protection from the elements. Not only are they designed to retain heat if needed but with suitable ventilation standing under them makes sense when the weather isn’t cooperating. Give yourself a chance to dry off, eat with fewer flies around and get out of the harmful sun’s rays for a bit.

Shelters of America has everything you need to store and shelter your belongings. Our instant storage buildings are made with galvanized steel frames to ensure true All-Weather protection from sun, wind, rain, ice, and snow. Our inventory includes truck covers to instant shelters, boat covers, car garages, garage kits, portable shelters, portable garages, carports, car covers, portable buildings, motorcycle covers, metal carports and metal buildings.

When to Use Peak-style Storage Buildings

If you’ve been thinking about adding a portable shelter on your property, then you may already have some usage reasons in mind. Whether it’s to store a classic car over the winter, keep lawn equipment neat and protected or to start a greenhouse, there are endless possibilities when it comes to using portable shelters.

After you decide the use, you’ll need to find a building type best suited for those needs. Metal carports, enclosed shelters or peak style buildings are just some of the options to choose from.

For this post, we’ll be looking exclusively at peak-style storage buildings and the reasons to select this style.


One of the top reasons people choose peak-style storage is to accommodate a very tall item being stored. An RV that’s put away during the colder months will work great under a peak-style storage building because it can be driven right in and out due to the higher ceiling and sizing.

Roof Style

Another common reason to choose a peak-style building is the shape of the roof and its ability to keep the elements away. Not only does the cover keep rain and snow from getting inside and damaging the contents of the portable shed, but it’s pointy top also flushes water off and away from the top of the dwelling so if you live in an area that gets large snow accumulations you don’t have to be so concerned about the weight causing the building to collapse onto your valuables.

Cover Quality

At Shelters of America, our peak-style storage shelters are made for superior durability. From frames made of 14 gauge 2.315 OD Allied Gatorshield structural steel tubing to 12.5-ounce, 24-millimeter thick rip-stop polyethylene material that has been treated to provide protection from the sun’s UV rays and a skylight and steel roll-up door with lock.

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