Seasonal Maintenance Checklist for an Organized Backyard

Your backyard is a place to eat dinner with your family and host summer parties, as well as a space for your kids and pets to play. In addition, you probably spend a significant amount of time mowing the lawn and tending to a garden.

With so many things going on in the backyard, it’s easy for the area to become cluttered with furniture, toys, a grill, lawn and garden tools, and other odds and ends. Every season, set aside some time to get things organized. 

Take Stock of What’s in the Backyard

When you look around, you’ll probably see dozens of items in your yard. Most of them probably belong there, but it’s likely that some don’t. Identify things that shouldn’t be in the backyard and return them to the places where they belong.

Create Storage Systems That Will Work for You

After you’ve gotten rid of unnecessary clutter, you can focus on organizing what’s left. Start by separating items by their function or by the area where they’re used. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to store things in ways that fit your family’s needs and lifestyle. 

Look at the remaining items and designate separate storage areas for each category. For instance, your lawnmower and gardening tools should be stored in one place, and your kids’ toys should be kept in a different spot that’s near the area where they play.

Consider different storage options and select one or more methods that will help you keep things organized while taking up a minimal amount of space. For example, if you don’t have enough room for lawn care equipment in the garage, you can build a shed or set up a portable garage. You might want to put your kids’ toys in bins so they don’t wind up strewn all over the yard and invest in some shelves or cabinets to store dishes and cooking tools that you use when preparing meals on the patio.

Organize Your Belongings in a Portable Garage

A portable storage building is a simple and convenient way to organize items that you use in your backyard. Portable Garage Depot offers shelters in a variety of sizes. 

You can purchase a small garage for your kids’ toys or a storage building that’s large enough for all your lawncare tools, plus everything you use to maintain your pool. You can even keep a vehicle in a portable shelter and use the rest of the space for smaller items. 

Think about the approach that best fits your needs and order a storage building today.

The Versatility and Benefits of Portable Garages from Portable Garage Depot

When it comes to protecting your valuable assets from the unpredictable forces of nature, a portable garage from Portable Garage Depot is your reliable solution. These versatile and easy-to-install structures offer numerous benefits that make them a popular choice for homeowners, outdoor enthusiasts, and businesses alike. In this blog, we’ll explore the versatility and advantages of portable garages, highlighting why they are a smart investment for anyone in need of additional storage or shelter space.

  1. Easy Assembly:

One of the standout features of portable garages is their straightforward assembly process. You don’t need to be a DIY expert to set one up. Most portable garages come with user-friendly instructions, and all the necessary hardware is included. With minimal tools and a few helping hands, you can have your portable garage up and running in no time.

  1. Versatile Storage:

Portable garages are incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes. Whether you need to shelter your car, boat, RV, garden equipment, or simply create extra storage space for your belongings, these structures are up to the task. They come in various sizes and styles to accommodate your specific needs.

  1. Protection from the Elements:

The primary purpose of a garage is to shield your assets from the elements, and portable garages excel in this regard. They are designed to withstand rain, snow, wind, and UV rays. The durable materials used in their construction ensure that your vehicles and belongings remain safe and dry, no matter the weather.

  1. Cost-Effective Solution:

Compared to traditional permanent garages, portable garages are a cost-effective alternative. You’ll save on construction costs, permits, and property taxes. Additionally, they are portable, so you can take them with you if you ever move, offering long-term value for your investment.

  1. Temporary or Permanent Use:

Portable garages are not just for temporary needs. While they are easy to disassemble and relocate, they can also serve as a permanent storage solution. Their sturdy construction and longevity make them a reliable choice for both short-term and long-term usage.

  1. Customization Options:

Portable Garage Depot offers customization options to meet your specific requirements. You can choose the size, style, and color that best complements your property. This level of customization ensures that your portable garage seamlessly integrates into your outdoor space.

  1. Environmentally Friendly:

By opting for a portable garage, you’re making an eco-conscious choice. These structures have a smaller environmental footprint compared to traditional garages, as they require fewer resources to manufacture and install.

  1. Increased Property Value:

Adding a portable garage to your property can enhance its value. Potential buyers and appraisers often view the extra storage and protection as a valuable asset, making your property more appealing in the real estate market.

Portable garages from Portable Garage Depot offer a versatile, cost-effective, and reliable solution for protecting your valuable assets and creating additional storage space. Their easy assembly, durability, and customization options make them an ideal choice for homeowners and businesses alike. Whether you need temporary shelter or a long-term storage solution, these portable garages provide the protection you need while offering a significant return on your investment. Consider investing in a portable garage today and experience the peace of mind that comes with superior asset protection.

Winter Tips For Your Portable Garage or Carport

Winter is one of the most wildly unpredictable times of the year – especially in some parts of the nation. One day it could be snowing an inch an hour and the next day it may be bright and sunny outside.

Here in the Northeast, we have not yet faced a major storm, for the season – but rest assured at least one Nor’easter and some pretty massive windy days are still on the way in.

Here are things you can do to prepare for a big storm and- don’t forget, your cars and stored items are only as secure as your carport is. When the threat of winter is upon your area of the country, make sure that your portable garages and shelters are as safely secured as possible.

The first thing to do when bracing for a big storm is to begin double-checking how you have secured the legs of your portable garage to the ground. The anchors that you use should be properly screwed into the ground and if you are using the portable garage in a windy area, place cinder blocks, sandbags, or other support around the legs for further bracing. Check for any kind of erosion or rust on the support for your portable garage and/or carport – the last thing you want is for your portable shelter to collapse under the weight of a small amount of snow.

If a snowstorm is anticipated, be prepared to clear any snow, ice, or sleet away from the portable garage covering. Placing inordinate amounts of weight on the top of your portable shelter can compromise the integrity of the structure and can cause accidents. If you use your portable shelter to cover yourself while you work on projects, make sure someone is always around or at least in earshot – in case of an emergency, they can help you out.

This is especially important when tools are involved. Your safety is of the utmost concern, so protect yourself when working in the harsh seasons.

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Protect Your Dirt Bike or ATV from the Elements

Dirt bikes and ATVs are designed to handle stressful conditions but are not invincible. Exposure to the elements can take a toll. Since you only use a dirt bike or ATV during the year, you need to think carefully about how to protect it the rest of the time so it will be in good shape and ready to go when you decide to set out on a new adventure.

How the Elements Can Damage Your Dirt Bike or ATV

Extreme temperatures can cause a battery to wear out faster than it should. Cold weather can affect the fluids in your dirt bike or ATV, as well as its tire pressure, engine, and electrical system. Moisture from snow and rain can damage the paint and electrical components. If branches and other debris get blown around in a storm, they can scratch or dent your dirt bike or ATV.

Protect Your Vehicle from Harsh Weather

Shielding your vehicle from the elements when it isn’t being used can prevent these and other forms of damage. You might not have enough space in your garage or shed, and you might not want to build a new permanent structure. That can be expensive and time-consuming, and you might also face restrictions due to local zoning regulations.

There is a simple and affordable way to provide shelter for your dirt bike or ATV and protect it from the elements. You can store it in a building from Portable Garage Depot.

We offer portable storage buildings in a wide range of widths, lengths, and heights to accommodate all sorts of vehicles. Our shelters have durable steel frames that can stand up to strong winds. They can even take a hit from a blowing branch without getting knocked down.

The covers are made with triple-laminated polyethylene that provides protection from rain, snow, and the sun’s UV rays. You can set up a shelter quickly, anchor it firmly to the ground, and have confidence that your vehicle will be safe.

Order a Portable Storage Building

You can choose a small shelter that’s the ideal size for a dirt bike or ATV, or you can select a larger building to store a car or lawncare equipment. No matter what size you choose for your shelter, you won’t have to worry about your dirt bike or ATV getting damaged. Order a storage building from Portable Garage Depot today so you’ll be prepared when the summer is over and you need to put your bike away for the winter.

Getting Ready to Store Your RV for the Winter

As the end of summer approaches, you may be planning to take one last camping trip with your RV. Then you’ll have to get it ready to go into storage for the winter. An RV can experience several types of damage during the colder months, but a handful of simple steps can help you avoid problems.

Clean the RV Inside and Out

Before you put your RV into storage, go through it and remove any perishable food. Clean out the refrigerator and freezer and leave them, as well as cabinets and drawers, open. You should also clean the A/C filter as you prepare your RV for winter.

The sun’s UV rays can cause your RV’s paint to fade and can make exterior materials dry out and crack. Wash and wax the RV’s exterior to prevent damage.

Protect Your RV’s Interior

Vents and spaces around windows are potential access points for insects and small animals, such as rodents. If they get into your RV, they can cause significant damage. Cover vents and seal any gaps to keep critters out.

You should also lubricate any hinges and locks on doors and windows. That way, they will be easy to open and close in the spring.

Your RV’s interior can be damaged by exposure to sunlight. Closing the blinds is a simple way to avoid that.

Protect Your Vehicle’s Vital Components

Turn off any gas appliances, the supply of gas, and the main breaker that supplies electricity to the RV. Remove dry cell batteries from appliances.

Before you put the RV into winter storage, remove the batteries. Keep them charged in a safe, temperature-controlled location so they don’t freeze.

Fill up the RV’s gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer. Let the engine and generator run long enough for the fuel stabilizer to work its way through the fuel system. Change the oil and oil filter for both the engine and generator.

Check the tires and make sure that they’re inflated to the recommended pressure. Put wood underneath the tires so they’re not in direct contact with the ground. That can prevent damage to the tires if the ground freezes.

Look for Issues and Make Repairs

As you go through the process of preparing your RV for winter, check for signs of problems. Cracks and gaps around windows damaged electrical components, and other issues can get worse if they’re not addressed before winter and the RV is exposed to harsh weather and animals. Get any problems taken care of before you put your RV into winter storage.

Order a Portable Shelter to Protect Your RV This Winter

Many problems, such as sun and animal damage, can be avoided by keeping your vehicle covered. Portable Garage Depot sells storage shelters in a wide range of sizes, including ones that are tall enough to cover an RV. Order a shelter today to keep your RV safe this winter.

Why a Durable Metal Carport Can Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint from the Blistering Sun in the Southern States

Anyone who lives in the southern part of the United States knows that the sun can be scorching. That brutal sunlight can cause sunburn on people, as well as damage to vehicles. If you live in the South and you don’t have a garage where you can park your car or truck, a durable metal carport is a good alternative.

How the Sun Can Damage a Vehicle’s Paint

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can gradually break down the pigment in vehicle paint. An oxidation process can cause the paint to gradually dull in color. In some cases, the paint may even peel and flake off.

When a vehicle’s paint is seriously damaged, it may be necessary to repaint the entire vehicle. A new paint job can be expensive, and if you don’t take action to protect your car or truck from sun exposure after getting it repainted, you will wind up facing the same problem again sooner or later. Repeated exposure to harsh sunlight can also damage other parts of your vehicle.

How a Metal Carport Can Protect Your Car’s Paint Job

Many homeowners don’t own a house with a garage, or they own several vehicles and don’t have enough space for all of them in a garage. If you don’t currently have a place to store your car or truck out of direct sunlight, you don’t have to move or spend thousands of dollars to build a garage.

There is an effective alternative that’s much simpler and more affordable. You can purchase a metal carport and set it up on your property. Parking your vehicle in a carport will allow you to quickly take care of the problem of exposure to harsh sunlight, at a fraction of the cost to build a traditional garage.

Where to Order a Metal Carport

Portable Garage Depot sells a variety of outdoor storage shelters to suit a wide range of needs. Our metal carports have all-steel frames that can withstand rain, accumulated snow, and strong winds. They are also resistant to rust, fire, rot, and termites.

We offer metal carports in a range of sizes to accommodate all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and SUVs. You can simply choose an appropriate location with a flat surface and set up a carport in minutes, using ground anchors to secure it in place. Look through our selection and order a metal carport that best suits your needs so you won’t have to worry about the sun damaging your vehicle’s paint.

How to Have a Memorable Picnic

Now that the month of September has rolled in and Labor Day is behind us, some have had their last picnic for the season. In some parts of the nation, things are just cooling down enough to spend time outdoors. 

Regardless where on the map you’re located, there are a few key ingredients that will make your picnic a memorable one. 

Here are our top 3. 


1. Keep it Simple


Picnics are such a fun idea because they’re light-hearted and easy going. You can dress comfortably and come and go as you please. Keep it simple when it comes to food and decor too. Make easy to grab finger foods and stick to the basic staples everyone expects at a picnic. 


2. Don’t Forget the Utensils


One thing most everyone forgets when they’re headed out for a picnic are the utensils. When you’re hoping the macaroni salad will stay cold and that you have enough bread for the burgers and hot dogs, you may forget to grab some extra napkins, or even the large knife needed to slice the watermelon. Do yourself a favor and pack them in advance so they’re not missed in the last minute rush to get out the door. 


3. Choose the Right Location 


Location is such a critical factor in a good picnic. You wan’t an area that’s dry and cool  – but not too windy. Somewhere you can have privacy to enjoy the meal together – but not where mosquitoes might congregate. If you will be hosting the picnic in your own yard, it makes sense to set up or make use of a portable garage or canopy for the event. You can set-up tables, decorate and even host a number of people without having to worry if the weather will cooperate. 

Portable Garage Depot is your number one source for instant all weather portable garages and portable carport building kits. Our products are available in a myriad of sizes to accommodate anything you may require.


Gift Ideas for the Man Who Has Everything

During the holiday season, many people struggle to figure out what to give their loved ones as gifts. Some men are particularly hard to shop for since they seem to have everything they want and need. One thing many people wish they had more of is storage space. If there is a man in your life who seems to have it all, consider getting him a portable garage.

Give Him a Place to Keep His Vehicles Safe

For guys who enjoy collecting or restoring cars, storage space can be hard to come by. A garage may not have enough room for all his vehicles, especially if his spouse or partner also has a car.

A portable garage is a simple and convenient solution. A shelter can be set up quickly and easily in the backyard or in another location to provide instant storage and to protect his prized vehicles from rain, snow, and cold temperatures.

Portable Garage Depot offers shelters in a wide range of sizes and styles to keep one or more vehicles safe from the elements. If your man has a boat or RV, no problem. We have shelters that are high enough to accommodate large vehicles. The best part is that a portable garage costs a fraction of what your loved one might have to spend to build or extend a garage or to put a vehicle in storage.

Important Portable Garage Features

Our portable garages have frames crafted with heavy-duty structural steel to stand up to strong wind and other harsh weather conditions. The covers are made with waterproof triple-laminated polyethylene to protect the shelter’s contents from rain and snow that could cause rust. The covers are also UV-resistant to prevent the sun from causing the paint to fade or peel.

Keeping a portable garage secure is essential to prevent it from blowing away. Portable Garage Depot sells anchors that can keep a shelter firmly attached to the ground, whether it’s covered with grass, dirt, asphalt, or gravel.

Our portable shelters have rollup or zipper doors to make it easy to move vehicles in and out. We also sell vents that can let airflow in and out of a portable garage to prevent a buildup of humidity that could damage a vehicle or attract insects.

The Perfect Gift for a Man Who Is Hard to Shop for

If you have a special man in your life and you’re struggling to find the right gift because he seems to have everything, ask yourself if he could use more space to store his most valuable possessions. If so, get him a storage shelter from Portable Garage Depot. Place your order today.

Equine Hay Storage Tips for Winter

Horses benefit from spending time outdoors and getting plenty of exercises and fresh air, but weather conditions can change significantly throughout the day. Like other animals, horses can suffer heatstroke and frostbite if they are outside in extreme weather without protection.

Horses consume large quantities of hay each day. If you have several horses, you may have hundreds of bails of hay delivered at one time. You need a place to store hay to keep it dry and to protect it from mold, rot, and insects.

Protect Your Horses and Hay

You don’t want to keep your horses cooped up in a barn all day if it will be hot or rainy for a few hours, and it can be difficult and time-consuming to round them up and bring them from a pasture into the barn when the weather becomes unpleasant. Setting up a portable shelter in the field to provide your horses with protection from harsh weather whenever they need it is a simple solution.

With a portable garage in a pasture, horses can decide on their own when to go inside to seek out shelter and when to return to the fresh air outside. If the temperature drops, horses can gather inside the shelter and keep each other warm by sharing body heat.

A portable shelter can also be used elsewhere on your farm to store hay. If your barn doesn’t have a hayloft, you don’t have to spend money to add one or build a large storage shed. A portable garage can provide plenty of space and protection for hay bails at a fraction of the cost of building a loft or shed.

Choose the Right Shelter for Your Farm

Portable Garage Depot offers durable shelters in a range of sizes that are ideal for use on a horse farm. We offer run-in sheds with sturdy steel tubing frames and fitted covers. A run-in shed can be placed in a field to protect your horses from rain, snow, and heat. A white interior provides plenty of ambient lighting. These shelters can also be used to store hay.

Portable Garage Depot’s corral shelters can be used to shield horses from the weather or to store hay or farm equipment. A shelter can attach to your existing corral gate or fence to create a space to protect your horses. Our corral shelters have a universal cover that fits most round, square, and oval panel tube profiles and is fade- and moisture-resistant. The frame has a powder-coated finish to resist rust.

Protecting your horses from extreme weather and shielding the hay they eat from moisture and insects is essential to keep your animals healthy. Order one or more portable shelters for your horse farm from Portable Garage Depot today.

Consider Doing a Pre-Winter Check on Your Portable Garage

While it may not feel much like fall yet, wintry weather isn’t far off. If you use a portable garage for your vehicle, your motorcycle or simply household items, it’s a good time to check that the unit is in good condition so it continues to protect your valuable property through the winter months.

Portable garages are great solutions for storage needs. They’re quick and easy to put up, durable, affordable, and can be located nearly anywhere on your property you require storage. With proper care, they can last for many years. If you have one already, take a moment to examine its operating condition.

What to Look for In a Portable Garage Inspection

The first thing you want to look for is how well the cover is holding up and whether it’s properly fitted. It should be tight to reduce the risk of tears. The roof should be free of debris. During the fall and winter, ensure that you remove autumn leaves and snow from your portable garage. To avoid damaging it, be sure to use soft instruments such as a dull edged broom or mop, and avoid shovels, rakes or other implements that could accidentally puncture the cover.

Engage in a Little Gentle Elbow Grease

It’s worth taking a moment to clean your portable garage before bad weather begins. To do so, use mild soap and water, and avoid anything harsh (like bleach) or abrasive cleaners, which could damage cover. During the fall and winter, remove leaves and snow from the base of your portable garage to discourage a build-up of moisture that could lead to mold and mildew, or water leaking in and damaging the items you store there.

If your portable garage is in less-than-optimal condition, you can consider replacing the cover (rather than the whole set-up).

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