Winter Tips For Your Portable Garage or Carport

Winter is one of the most wildly unpredictable times of the year – especially in some parts of the nation. One day it could be snowing an inch an hour and the next day it may be bright and sunny outside.

Here in the Northeast, we have not yet faced a major storm, for the season – but rest assured at least one Nor’easter and some pretty massive windy days are still on the way in.

Here are things you can do to prepare for a big storm and- don’t forget, your cars and stored items are only as secure as your carport is. When the threat of winter is upon your area of the country, make sure that your portable garages and shelters are as safely secured as possible.

The first thing to do when bracing for a big storm is to begin double-checking how you have secured the legs of your portable garage to the ground. The anchors that you use should be properly screwed into the ground and if you are using the portable garage in a windy area, place cinder blocks, sandbags, or other support around the legs for further bracing. Check for any kind of erosion or rust on the support for your portable garage and/or carport – the last thing you want is for your portable shelter to collapse under the weight of a small amount of snow.

If a snowstorm is anticipated, be prepared to clear any snow, ice, or sleet away from the portable garage covering. Placing inordinate amounts of weight on the top of your portable shelter can compromise the integrity of the structure and can cause accidents. If you use your portable shelter to cover yourself while you work on projects, make sure someone is always around or at least in earshot – in case of an emergency, they can help you out.

This is especially important when tools are involved. Your safety is of the utmost concern, so protect yourself when working in the harsh seasons.

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4 Reasons to Get a Portable Garage

If you’re a homeowner, you know how valuable your garage can be. It’s where you park your car and keep all of your tools and other items, such as lawnmowers, bicycles, or gardening equipment. However, if your garage isn’t big enough to fit everything you need it for then it can be hard to organize.

That’s where portable garages come in. These structures are easy to erect and add lots of value and options to your property. Here are just 4 reasons to get a portable garage.

Protect Your Car

Protect your car from the elements. A portable garage allows you to protect your car from harsh weather, sun damage, and more. It’s also a terrific way to keep the car clean. So no more worrying about cleaning off mud, leaves, or snow. In addition to protecting how your car looks, a portable garage can also be used to protect against theft. If your vehicle while it’s parked outside your home or business overnight it can be more easily accessed by thieves.

Enhance Your Property Value

Did you know that when you install a portable garage, you are adding value to your property? It will increase the resale value of your property when you have the additional storage option already available for potential home buyers. They’ll love the convenience of a portable garage to store items such as tools, equipment, or even recreational vehicles that would otherwise be kept on a driveway or in the backyard.

Store Your Stuff

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment, then you know that storage space is limited. Unlike traditional garages with lots of extra room for vehicles or other large items—which require permanent installation—portable garages can be placed anywhere on your property because they’re made from lightweight materials.

As the name implies, a garage is a space for storing cars. But it’s also an incredibly versatile piece of real estate that can be used for anything from keeping bicycles and lawn equipment to housing your workshop tools.

You could use your new garage as:

  • A workshop where you work on projects or get creative;
  • A playroom for children who love arts & crafts or sports (or both);
  • A gym where you exercise regularly

Can You Heat a Portable Garage?

If you have a vehicle that you can’t fit in your garage and you don’t have the funds, space, or time available to build a permanent storage building, a portable garage can suit your needs. If you want to store a vehicle and perform repairs or maintenance during the winter, you might be wondering if it’s possible and safe to heat a portable building.

How to Heat a Portable Garage Safely

You can use a small heater in a portable shelter, but it’s critical to focus on safety. Choose a heater that’s approved for use in a small space and make sure that it’s in good condition. If you don’t have an outlet nearby, you might have to run an extension cord to the storage building.

When heating a portable garage, the space must be well ventilated. If it isn’t, poisonous carbon monoxide can build up inside the structure.

Keep the space heater away from the portable garage’s cover and any other flammable materials. Never leave the heater unattended, even for a moment. An object inside the portable garage or the garage itself can quickly go up in flames.

If that happens, the fire can quickly spread. Your house, your vehicles, and your neighbor’s property can also be damaged or destroyed.

Invest in a Portable Storage Shelter

If you have one or more vehicles that you won’t drive during the winter and that you want to protect from the elements, animals, and insects, you need to keep it covered. Setting up a portable storage shelter is an excellent alternative to building a new garage, parking a vehicle outside, or paying to store it in a garage.

Portable Garage Depot sells storage buildings in a variety of widths, lengths, and heights to serve a wide range of purposes. You can store one or more vehicles inside a portable building or use the space to keep your tools, gardening equipment, and other possessions safe. Our storage shelters have heavy-duty steel frames and durable polyethylene covers that can protect your vehicle and other belongings from hazards such as rain, snow, and sunlight.

When selecting a portable garage, think about what you want to store in there so you choose a shelter that will be large enough. If you plan to store a vehicle inside the portable garage, make sure that there will be enough space for you to walk around and work on the car, if necessary.

Winter will be here soon. Now is the time to prepare. Order a storage building from Portable Garage Depot today.

Carport or Full Garage?

If you’re concerned that sunlight, rain, and snow might damage your vehicle, but you don’t have space to store it inside a garage, you have a number of options. Building a full garage is one possibility, but setting up a carport can be a better alternative for several reasons.

A Carport Is a Simple but Effective Structure

A carport can either be attached to an existing wall or built as a free-standing structure. Wood or steel posts support the roof, and the carport is open on the sides, other than where it is attached to a wall. This structure is much simpler than a full garage, but it can provide essential protection for a vehicle.

A Carport Can Be Constructed Virtually Anywhere

If you decide to get a carport, you will have plenty of options in terms of where to put it. You can attach it to the side of your house if there is space, or you can put it up in another part of your yard.

If your needs change or you realize that the location you chose isn’t working out for some reason, you can put the carport in an area that’s more suitable. If you move in the future, you can disassemble the carport and take it with you to your next home.

Buying a Carport Is Much More Affordable Than Building a Garage

Constructing a garage, even a small one, can be a costly project. You will have to get help from a professional builder and make sure that the garage meets local codes. You will have to pay to obtain the necessary permits and will most likely have to pay higher property taxes since a new garage will increase your home’s value.

A carport costs much less than a new garage. Also, since it’s not a permanent structure, you shouldn’t need a permit to put one on your property, and it most likely won’t affect your tax bills.

Enjoy the Protection, Flexibility, and Value of a Carport

Portable Garage Depot offers metal carports in a range of sizes to accommodate various types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, boats, and RVs. Our carports have steel frames that can resist damage from rain, snow, wind, sunlight, rust, fire, rot, and termites. It’s easy to set up a carport in just a matter of minutes. Look through our selection of carports, find the one that will best suit your needs, and place an order today.

Design Options to Consider for Portable Garages

Portable garages are popular because they can protect belongings from a wide range of weather conditions, as well as damage that could be caused by animals and airborne debris. Storage shelters can be customized to suit each buyer’s specific needs. Portable Garage Depot offers several options that you can use to design a custom storage building.

Roll-up or Zipper Door Kits

Our EZ Roll-Up Door Kit will let you stop your portable garage door in any position. The door can roll inside or outside. An EZ Roll-Up Door Kit can work on a shelter of any size and can be installed easily in as little as 10 minutes. The parts are weather-resistant to prevent the door from jamming due to rust or freezing. The kit includes complete hardware, a bottom pipe, and a rope and pulley system, but not a zippered panel.

Our EZ Zip-Up Kit can make it easy to unzip the zipper on a tall storage shelter. That way, you won’t have to deal with the hassle and risk of climbing a ladder every time you need to unzip a door panel.

Ventilation Kit

You can install a 12” x 12” ventilation kit in your portable garage’s front and back panels to improve airflow and keep humidity under control. Our ventilation kits have screen mesh to keep insects and debris from getting into your storage shelter. A heat-sensitive spring causes the vents to automatically open or close in response to temperature fluctuations.

Joiner Kit

If you have two shelters that you would like to combine to create one larger storage building, or if you currently own one shelter and you’d like to buy another to add on to it, a joiner kit can help. It will allow you to easily link two storage buildings that have the same height and width to produce one larger shelter.

Choose the Right Add-Ons for Your Storage Building

Even though our portable garages have a number of desirable features, we understand that our customers have a wide range of needs and appreciate the ability to customize their storage shelters. If you currently own a portable storage building and you would like to make it easier to open and close the door, improve ventilation, or link two shelters together, you can find the accessories you need at Portable Garage Depot. If you haven’t yet bought a shelter, think about how you will use it and figure out if one or more of these accessories would be helpful. Once you’ve chosen the right add-ons, place your order.

The Best Way to Organize Inside Your Portable Garage

When you don’t have enough storage space in your garage, attic, or basement, a portable garage is a good alternative. It can give you the space you need to keep lawn and garden tools, seasonal decorations, and other items safe and easily accessible.

Many people find that their portable garage becomes a place where they put things that don’t have a home and that the area quickly becomes disorganized. That’s why it’s a good idea to figure out what you do and don’t want to store in your portable garage and to put an organizational system in place from the start. If you didn’t do that and you’re currently confronted with a mess, here are some tips to get organized.

Take Everything Out

The first step is to see what’s inside the portable garage. If you’ve had the storage building for years, you may discover some things that you forgot you had put in there. You may also find items that other family members put in the garage without your knowledge.

Pull everything out and take stock. Figure out what belongs in the portable garage, what should be stored somewhere else, and what can be sold, donated, or thrown away. You may eliminate a significant amount of clutter in this initial step. That will make the process of organizing easier.

Sort Belongings into Categories and Figure out How to Organize

Designate areas in your yard for the different types of items that will go back into the portable garage. For example, you may have a pile for lawn and garden equipment, another pile for car-related items, etc.

After you have separated things into categories, you’ll be able to figure out the best way to approach the process of organizing. In some cases, shelves may be the best option. For other types of belongings, it may make more sense to put them in containers.

It’s important to buy shelves and storage containers after you’ve emptied out your portable garage and divided the belongings you want to keep into categories. If you buy storage units before then, you won’t have a good sense of what you need, and you’ll probably buy the wrong sizes and/or the wrong number of storage containers. When you can see everything in front of you, it will be much easier to figure out what you need.

Simplify Storage with a Portable Garage

If your garage, attic, or basement is filled with clutter and you need additional storage space, a portable garage may be the ideal solution. A storage shelter can be set up quickly on a variety of surfaces, and you can move it if you decide that another location would work better.

Portable Garage Depot sells storage shelters in numerous sizes. They have sturdy frames and covers that can resist damage from moisture and the sun’s UV rays. Order a portable garage today.

Protecting Your Vehicle’s Paint from Weather Elements and Sap with a Portable Garage

Whether you own a classic car or a vehicle that you use to commute to work and run errands, it’s a valuable possession that you want to last. Rain, extreme temperatures, sunlight, wind, and tree sap can all damage a vehicle’s paint. 

Parking your car in a garage is a simple solution, but perhaps you don’t have a garage, or you have more vehicles than available spaces. Building a new garage or expanding your existing one can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. A simpler, more affordable solution is to set up a portable garage in your yard.

How Weather and Sap Can Affect Your Vehicle’s Paint

Rain and high levels of humidity can damage the exterior of your car and make it susceptible to rust. Damage caused by rust can be expensive to repair.

Cold weather can cause a vehicle’s paint to peel, chip, bubble, or crack. Also, hail from a winter storm can cause dents. 

If your car is parked in an area that receives direct sunlight, the paint can fade. Sunlight can also cause oxidation, which can make the paint peel. Without adequate protection from paint, your car can become vulnerable to damage from moisture.

Wind can send all sorts of debris flying. If your vehicle isn’t protected, sticks, small stones, and other odds and ends can get blown against the car and cause dents, dings, and scratches. Blowing soil can damage the paint and can also get into the area under the hood, where it can cause mechanical damage. 

Sap can make the paint on a vehicle gradually become discolored. The amount of damage and the timeframe may depend in part on the weather conditions. If a vehicle sits under a tree and has damage from sap in multiple areas, it may eventually be necessary to repaint the entire car, which can be expensive. 

A Portable Garage Can Protect Your Vehicle

The best way to prevent damage to your car’s paint is to shield it from weather conditions and sap that could cause harm. If you don’t have space in a garage, a portable storage building can provide the protection that you need. 

Portable Garage Depot sells shelters in a wide range of designs to suit a variety of needs. Whether you need a place to store one or two cars or trucks, a motorcycle, or an RV, we have a shelter that’s the right size and height. 

Our portable garages have frames made from either galvanized or powder-coated steel that are durable enough to stand up to harsh weather. The covers are crafted with polyethylene designed to resist damage from tearing, moisture, and sunlight. Look through our selection of portable garages and order one today.

Spring Buying Guide: Best Portable Garages to Help Keep Your Yard Tidy

Homeowners tend to accumulate a lot of things over the years without giving much thought to where and how to store them. That can cause a yard to become crowded with furniture, children’s and pets’ toys, gardening tools, and various other objects.

In addition to creating a cluttered and untidy appearance, leaving objects outside can expose them to weather conditions and animals that can cause damage. Storing belongings in a portable garage can help you keep your yard neat and organized, protect those items from damage, and make them last longer.

Why Choose a Portable Garage?

When homeowners realize that they need additional storage space, they typically think about building or buying a shed. That can be expensive, and a permit may be required.

Setting up a portable garage is a much simpler and more affordable option. A portable storage shelter costs a fraction of what it would cost to buy or build a shed, and it can be set up quickly with simple tools. If you later realize that the location that you chose is less than ideal, you can simply move the shelter to another part of your yard.

Which Type of Storage Shelter Should You Choose?

Many companies offer portable garages, but they vary in terms of materials and quality. Look for a shelter made of durable materials that will last. A portable garage with a metal frame will be able to stand up to strong winds and won’t fall down if a few inches of snow pile up on top of it. The cover on a portable garage should be strong enough to resist tearing if an animal tries to get in or a branch scrapes against the building.

If you have a lot of things to put in a portable garage, choose a shelter with doors at both ends. That will make it easy to access your belongings when you need them, without having to pull things out to find what you want.

Where Can You Find a Well-Built Portable Garage?

Choosing a storage shelter that is well designed and crafted with quality materials can help you have confidence that you’re making a wise investment. Portable Garage Depot sells storage buildings made with powder-coated steel frames and polyethylene covers that can block the sun’s UV rays to protect the items inside from damage. The covers also block moisture to prevent mold and mildew.

We realize that customers have a wide variety of storage needs, which is why we offer shelters with numerous designs. You can choose from various heights, lengths, and widths, as well as round and peak roofs. Look through our selection of portable garages and place your order today.

How to Quickly Set up More Outdoor Storage

For many people, storage space is at a premium. If you have one or more vehicles, lawn and garden equipment, or other belongings that you can’t fit in your garage, you may be struggling to figure out how to protect them from weather and animals. 

Building a shed is one option, but that can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Depending on where you live, you may also have to get a permit from your local government before you can begin work, which can add to the total cost and timeframe. 

Setting up a portable garage is a much simpler and more cost-effective solution. A portable garage can be set up in a matter of hours using simple tools. That beats the long and complex process of finding a contractor, getting approval for a shed, and having it built.

What Can Be Stored in a Portable Garage?

Temporary storage buildings are popular because of their versatility. They come in a variety of sizes and designs so they can be used to meet a wide range of needs. 

You can select a portable garage that is large enough to store one or more cars, or even a taller vehicle, such as an RV or a boat. If you enjoy gardening and landscaping and can’t fit all your tools and equipment in your garage, a portable storage building can be an ideal place to keep them protected from harm and to keep them organized. A portable garage can also be used to store seasonal items, such as holiday decorations, as well as odds and ends that you don’t want to get rid of but don’t want taking up space in your garage, basement, or attic.

What Makes Portable Buildings So Durable?

Portable Garage Depot sells storage shelters that have frames made with powder-coated or galvanized steel tubing and an anchoring system to hold them in place, even in strong winds. Our polyethylene covers are made with rip-stop material to help them stand up to harsh weather. The covers are also waterproof and UV resistant. 

Order an Outdoor Storage Shelter

If you need a place to store your valuable possessions and protect them from harm, a portable garage may be the ideal solution. It can shield your belongings from rain, snow, and the sun’s UV rays. It can also be constructed in a fraction of the time it would take to build a shed. Setting up a portable garage can help you avoid a hassle and save money. Order a shelter from Portable Garage Depot today.


Portable Garages Provide Better Livestock Protection for All Weather

As any farmer across the U.S. can tell you, the way you care for your livestock throughout the year has a significant impact on the return on investment you can yield throughout the year. During the winter months especially, where extreme cold conditions and heavy snow occur, protecting your animals is critical.

A portable garage is a terrific way to quickly offer storage and shelter in these conditions. If you don’t have enough room in your barn or don’t have a physical dwelling, portable garages are a great option. 

Portable garages and run-in sheds keep animals and food stock safe from heavy wind, rain, snow, heat and other potentially damaging elements.

Here are some more of the ways they can help with livestock and protection throughout the various seasons.

Dry, Cool Storage

In both extreme cold and hot temperatures, there are dangers for farm animals so protecting them is key. A portable garage provides a dry place and somewhere to keep cool from the beaming sun rays. It’s also cover when it’s rainy and when enclosed, and can provide protection during snow storms.  Consider also feed and other supplies and equipment that you must protect. Portable garages can do the job of keeping them safe from the elements too.

Portability and Versatility 

One of the biggest benefits when it comes to portable garages is their portability. The fact that they can be set in any desired location and then taken down and moved if needed or not in use, is an incredible way to maximize land use and ensure you’re also moving and flexible to meet your livestock’s needs. 

Durable, Dependable Construction 

Perhaps the best thing however, when it comes to portable garages is choosing a quality construction that will outlast extreme weather conditions. Those made with heavy-duty materials such as powder coated or double galvanized steel framing, are built to last. Also UV resistant, fire retardant, polyethylene covers with rip stop material protect against rain, sleet, snow, and wind.

Portable Garage Depot offers easy to assemble portable garage/shelter building kits. Pre-drilled and cut to specs with an easy bolt together design! Order one today!