Site Preparation Tips for Portable Garages

A portable garage can stand up to harsh weather conditions and keep vehicles and other valuables safe, but it must be set up correctly to do its job. Properly preparing the site is a critical part of the process.

Clearing Debris and Leveling the Ground

The first step is to clear the area where you want to set up your storage building. Get rid of any trash, tree branches, rocks, pinecones, and other debris that might get in the way.

After you’ve cleared the site, you’ll have to make sure that the ground is level. If it’s not, you might have to use a rake or add soil to create an even surface for your portable garage.

Addressing Soil Compaction and Drainage

The area where you plan to put up your shelter will need to have good drainage. If it doesn’t, the site might flood when it rains or when snow melts. That can damage or destroy the building’s contents and possibly damage other structures, including your home’s foundation.

When soil is compacted, it’s hard for water to seep into the ground. An area with compacted soil is likely to have standing water after a rainstorm and can experience erosion over time.

Aerating is one way to deal with compacted soil. The process involves removing small plugs of soil. You can do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

Creating a Stable Base for the Portable Garage

Your storage building will need a secure base to keep the structure stable. One option is to hire a contractor to pour concrete for a slab foundation. If you’re a skilled DIYer, you can create your own foundation with wood or paving stones. 

Crushed stone is also a popular material for a foundation, in part because it promotes drainage. You can build a retaining wall around the spot where you plan to set up the portable garage, spread a layer of crushed stone, then set up the storage shelter. 

Find the Portable Garage That Suits Your Needs

A portable shelter can give you the extra storage space you need without the hassles and price tag associated with building a shed or expanding your garage. Before you order a portable shelter, think carefully about which size will work best for you. 

Figure out what you want to store in the garage, how you will arrange those items, and how much space they will take up. Remember to give yourself some additional square footage to move around. Once you know what size shelter you need, you can compare different colors and optional features and place an order with Portable Garage Depot.

Determining the Ideal Size for Your Portable Garage

Before you invest in a portable garage, think carefully about what size it should be. Your first inclination might be wrong. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision.

Think about What You’ll Store in the Portable Garage (Both Now and in the Future)

Make a list of the items you want to keep in a storage building. If possible, gather them all on your lawn or driveway. You might realize that you need more storage space than you initially thought you would.

Your list of possessions will probably grow in the coming years. If you buy a storage building with more space than you currently need, you won’t have to struggle to fit future purchases into your portable garage, get rid of things, or buy another shelter. 

Lawncare tools and outdoor furniture are common purchases, but you, your spouse, or a child might buy a new vehicle. If you won’t have room to park it in a permanent garage, plan ahead and get a portable garage with extra space.

Consider How You’ll Organize Your Belongings

You don’t just have to think about how many square feet your possessions will take up. You also have to figure out the best way to arrange them. 

Putting small items in containers can keep things organized and help you utilize the available space effectively. Shelves can allow you to take advantage of vertical space.

When it comes to vehicles, think about clearance. You’ll need enough room to open the doors without bumping into boxes or shelves or damaging your lawnmower. 

Figure out Where to Put Your Portable Garage

Homeowners sometimes purchase a storage building without thinking enough about where it will go and how they’ll access it. You might be able to cram a large shelter into a corner of your yard, but it might take up so much space that your kids won’t have enough room to play. 

If you want to keep a vehicle in your storage building, think about how you’ll drive it in and out. A particular section of your yard might have enough square footage for a storage building, but it won’t be a good location if trees, a pool, or a shed would make it hard to get your car in and out of the garage.

It can be difficult to accurately envision how much space a portable building will take up. Marking an area with stakes and string can help you figure out if the size you’re considering would actually work.

Find the Storage Shelter That’s Right for You

A portable building can be a sound investment, but to get the most benefit out of it, you have to select an appropriate size. Think about your current and future needs and the size and layout of your property. After you’ve figured out which size will work best, place an order with Portable Garage Depot.

The Importance of Quality Materials in Portable Garage Construction

A portable garage can protect your car, boat, tools, or lawncare equipment from the elements if you don’t have storage space available in a permanent garage or shed. Before you buy a portable shelter, be sure that the product you choose is made with durable, long-lasting materials.

Why Quality Materials Are So Important

Depending on where you live, extreme temperatures, rain, snow, ice, strong winds, or intense sunlight might be common. Your storage building will have to be able to withstand those sorts of conditions.

If you buy a cheap shelter that’s not made with durable materials, it can get damaged soon after you set it up. That will lead to frustration since you’ll have to repair or replace the portable garage, but you might have much more serious problems to deal with.

If water gets inside your storage building, it can damage your vehicle, tools, outdoor furniture, or other items that you keep inside. Repairs can be expensive. 

In some cases, the damage might be so serious that it can’t be repaired. For example, if a strong wind gust knocks down your portable garage, it might destroy a valuable object that you have stored inside.

Why You Should Buy a Shelter from Portable Garage Depot

We sell storage buildings made with quality materials that can stand up to a wide range of extreme conditions. The covers are made of polyethylene, a tough material that’s manufactured to resist tearing and moisture damage. If you buy one of our shelters, you won’t have to worry about finding animals or insects inside or having rain damage your vehicle’s electrical components or cause your tools to rust.

Our garages have frames made with powder-coated or stainless steel that’s strong enough to handle fierce winds and the weight of snow. Steel foot plates keep our shelters firmly planted on the ground. We also offer auger anchor kits that can be used on a variety of surfaces, including dirt, grass, loose soil, sand, and gravel.

Order a Portable Garage Today

A portable storage building can be an excellent alternative to a permanent garage or shed. It can also be a smart investment, as long as you buy a shelter that’s made with durable materials that will protect your belongings from damage.Portable Garage Depot sells storage buildings crafted with tough materials that are made to last. We offer shelters in a variety of sizes to suit our customers’ many needs. Look through our selection, find the portable garage that will work best for you, and place an order today.

Using a Portable Shelter as More Than a Garage

Many people don’t realize how versatile a portable shelter is. Homeowners generally buy one because they need extra space to store a vehicle, but a portable shelter can be used as much more than a garage.

Backyard Party Tent

If you enjoy hosting outdoor get-togethers, you don’t want the weather to interfere with your plans. At any time of the year, you’ll have to deal with the possibility of rain. In the summer, harsh sunlight can make your yard unbearably hot.

With a portable shelter, you won’t have to worry about bad weather ruining your party. You can use a shelter as a tent to protect your guests from the elements. It has a large door that you can roll up to provide ventilation.

Gardening Workspace

A greenhouse can give you the opportunity to grow your own produce and save money on groceries. You’ll also need space to put seeds in pots, clean your tools, and store supplies.

A portable garage is the solution. You can set it up near your greenhouse so that all your tools and supplies will be easily accessible, and you’ll have plenty of room to prepare plants before you transfer them to the greenhouse.

Covered Play Area for Kids

It’s important for young children to spend time outside and exercise. Rain and intense sunlight don’t have to keep your kids indoors.

A portable shelter can serve as a covered area for your kids to play. They’ll be able to enjoy time outside regardless of the weather, and their toys will be protected from the elements.

Space to Work on a Hobby

If you enjoy carpentry or other types of projects, but you don’t have enough room in your garage, you can buy a portable shelter and use it as a dedicated area to focus on your hobby. You won’t have to worry about making a mess in your house or creating noise that will bother other members of your family.

Order a Shelter from Portable Garage Depot

If you need extra space to work on projects or a place for people to relax and be shielded from bad weather, a portable shelter is the solution. Portable Garage Depot sells buildings in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors. Think about how you want to use a shelter and where you want to set it up, figure out which size will best suit your needs, then place an order.

How to Properly Maintain and Clean Your Portable Garage

A portable garage can be an excellent place to store a vehicle or to keep your lawn mower and other equipment safe from changing weather conditions, animals, and insects. Even though portable shelters are durable, they require routine maintenance and cleaning, just like your house and tools. Here are some tips on how to care for your storage building.

Empty out the Portable Garage

To give your storage shelter a thorough cleaning and spot any signs of a problem that might be hidden from view, start by taking everything out of the building. That will make it easy to remove leaves and other debris from the floor, identify signs that rodents or insects have taken up residence, and find any damage to the shelter itself.

Removing all your belongings from the portable garage will also give you an opportunity to take stock and figure out if you really need everything that’s in there. If not, getting rid of items you no longer need can free up valuable space. That will make it easier to move around and keep the shelter clean in the future.

Check the Frame and Cover for Damage

Carefully inspect the shelter’s metal frame, looking for areas where it’s bent or rusted. You might be able to repair minor damage, but if the frame has been compromised by the weight of snow or by an impact from a blowing object, you might have to replace the shelter.

Check your portable garage’s cover for holes and tears caused by falling or blowing objects or animals. You’ll probably be able to fix minor damage by patching the area with another piece of fabric. If your storage building’s cover has a large hole or tear, however, you’ll be better off ordering a replacement cover.

Give Your Portable Garage a Good Cleaning

Use a broom to remove cobwebs, dirt, dust, leaves, and other debris from the roof, floor, and walls inside and outside your storage building. Clean the frame with soap and water to get rid of any dirt, dust, bird droppings, pollen, and other grime that has accumulated. Let the cover dry completely before you put your belongings back inside the shelter.

Order a Portable Garage or a Replacement Cover

If you discover that your storage building has been seriously damaged by a storm or animals, or if it has worn out from years of exposure to the elements, it might be time to replace the cover or order a brand-new shelter. Portable Garage Depot offers storage buildings in an array of sizes and colors, as well as replacement covers. Figure out what you need and place an order today.

The Environmental Benefits of a Portable Garage

If you don’t have room for a new vehicle in a garage, a portable storage building can be an ideal solution. It’s an effective alternative to a permanent garage that’s also more affordable and easier to set up. In addition, choosing a portable garage can help protect the environment.

A Portable Garage Requires Fewer Materials Than a Permanent Structure

Building a garage, whether it’s attached to your house or a separate structure, will require a significant amount of construction materials. Contractors will have to pour a foundation and then use wood and other materials to build the garage. A portable storage building, on the other hand, simply consists of a metal frame and a cover. 

Since a portable garage isn’t made of wood, trees don’t have to be cut down to produce construction materials. The components that are needed to set up a portable garage weigh much less than those required to build a permanent garage. That means less fuel is used to transport the materials, and the environmental impact is minimized. 

Setting up a Portable Garage Won’t Disturb the Environment

If you decide to build a permanent garage, workers might have to dig before they can pour a foundation or use heavy equipment to level out the construction site. Those activities can impact plants and animals in the area and cause irreversible changes to the environment in and around your house.

To set up a portable garage, all you’ll have to do is choose a level site that’s free of large rocks, tree roots, and other things that might get in the way. Once you’ve found a suitable location, you can set up the frame and anchor it to the ground. That will have much less of an impact on the environment. 

A Portable Garage Is Made with Long-Lasting and Recyclable Materials

Portable storage buildings are constructed with durable materials that can stand up to wide-ranging weather conditions. The covers are treated to resist damage from the sun’s UV rays and moisture, and the steel frames can withstand strong winds. 

If you invest in a portable shelter, you can be confident that it will protect your vehicle for years to come. If the cover gets damaged, you’ll be able to order a replacement and continue to use the same steel frame. If the frame gets damaged and needs to be replaced, you’ll be able to recycle it.

Order an Environmentally Friendly Storage Shelter

Portable Garage Depot offers storage buildings that can accommodate vehicles of all sizes, from motorcycles to boats and RVs. Measure your vehicle to figure out what size shelter you need, then place an order.

How a Portable Garage Works

Portable garages are a popular choice for homeowners looking for a sturdy and efficient solution for storage that won’t break the bank. Not only are they easy to use but they can be set up in minutes, making them ideal for anyone who’s on the go and needs temporary storage space.

Portable garages are also a great option because they are versatile enough to be used as workshops or even personal residences!

In this post, we’ll go over everything you need to know about portable garages so that you can decide if they’re right for your needs.

What are the most common uses for portable garages?

Portable garages are designed to be used for multiple purposes, and it’s important that you choose one that fits your needs. You can use a portable garage to:

  • Store vehicles or equipment (e.g., power tools) that you use often in your daily life
  • Create an outdoor work area where you can perform maintenance on cars or other items
  • Provide shelter from the elements while working on a project outdoors

If you want an all-in-one solution to house both your car and tools, consider building a carport instead of purchasing a portable garage.

Are large portable garages available?

Yes! Large portable garages are available. In fact, you can purchase a portable garage in any size you want.

If you have a large vehicle such as an RV or construction equipment that needs to be stored outside but protected from weather conditions, consider buying a large portable garage that uses steel panels as its frame and metal doors instead of plastic ones like most smaller models use. These are less portable but provide a great option for storing these items.

Are portable garages easy to set up?

Yes! In fact, it can be set up in a matter of minutes to hours by one person depending on their skill level. And when you’re done with the smaller portable shelters, there’s no need to store an entire garage— you just fold it up and put it away. You can even move the portable garage around your property if needed.

The other good news is that these garages work on a variety of surfaces, such as grass or gravel, so they won’t leave behind any permanent damage wherever they’re parked!

Is a portable garage a good storage solution?

Portable garages are a good storage solution. They’re an excellent option to consider over a traditional garage since they can be used for the same things. Portable garages are ideal for storing all sorts of items—from lawnmowers to boats, from tools to motorbikes, and beyond. They also make great workshops or offices that you can move around as needed.

How long do portable garages last?

The durability of a portable garage depends on the quality of its materials. A premium-quality portable garage will last for years if it’s well cared for, while a lower-end model made with less durable materials may only last a few seasons. However, in general, most people find that they can get good use out of their portable garages for at least 10 years before needing to replace them or upgrade to an upgraded model.

A portable garage can be a great solution for anyone looking to store their stuff or add more space to their home. They’re easy to set up, affordable, and have many other benefits. If you’re interested in getting one for yourself or someone you know, we recommend checking out our website for more information about what options are available and how much they cost!

Shop Portable Garage Depot for our wide selection of portable garage options.

Winter Tips For Your Portable Garage or Carport

Winter is one of the most wildly unpredictable times of the year – especially in some parts of the nation. One day it could be snowing an inch an hour and the next day it may be bright and sunny outside.

Here in the Northeast, we have not yet faced a major storm, for the season – but rest assured at least one Nor’easter and some pretty massive windy days are still on the way in.

Here are things you can do to prepare for a big storm and- don’t forget, your cars and stored items are only as secure as your carport is. When the threat of winter is upon your area of the country, make sure that your portable garages and shelters are as safely secured as possible.

The first thing to do when bracing for a big storm is to begin double-checking how you have secured the legs of your portable garage to the ground. The anchors that you use should be properly screwed into the ground and if you are using the portable garage in a windy area, place cinder blocks, sandbags, or other support around the legs for further bracing. Check for any kind of erosion or rust on the support for your portable garage and/or carport – the last thing you want is for your portable shelter to collapse under the weight of a small amount of snow.

If a snowstorm is anticipated, be prepared to clear any snow, ice, or sleet away from the portable garage covering. Placing inordinate amounts of weight on the top of your portable shelter can compromise the integrity of the structure and can cause accidents. If you use your portable shelter to cover yourself while you work on projects, make sure someone is always around or at least in earshot – in case of an emergency, they can help you out.

This is especially important when tools are involved. Your safety is of the utmost concern, so protect yourself when working in the harsh seasons.

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4 Reasons to Get a Portable Garage

If you’re a homeowner, you know how valuable your garage can be. It’s where you park your car and keep all of your tools and other items, such as lawnmowers, bicycles, or gardening equipment. However, if your garage isn’t big enough to fit everything you need it for then it can be hard to organize.

That’s where portable garages come in. These structures are easy to erect and add lots of value and options to your property. Here are just 4 reasons to get a portable garage.

Protect Your Car

Protect your car from the elements. A portable garage allows you to protect your car from harsh weather, sun damage, and more. It’s also a terrific way to keep the car clean. So no more worrying about cleaning off mud, leaves, or snow. In addition to protecting how your car looks, a portable garage can also be used to protect against theft. If your vehicle while it’s parked outside your home or business overnight it can be more easily accessed by thieves.

Enhance Your Property Value

Did you know that when you install a portable garage, you are adding value to your property? It will increase the resale value of your property when you have the additional storage option already available for potential home buyers. They’ll love the convenience of a portable garage to store items such as tools, equipment, or even recreational vehicles that would otherwise be kept on a driveway or in the backyard.

Store Your Stuff

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment, then you know that storage space is limited. Unlike traditional garages with lots of extra room for vehicles or other large items—which require permanent installation—portable garages can be placed anywhere on your property because they’re made from lightweight materials.

As the name implies, a garage is a space for storing cars. But it’s also an incredibly versatile piece of real estate that can be used for anything from keeping bicycles and lawn equipment to housing your workshop tools.

You could use your new garage as:

  • A workshop where you work on projects or get creative;
  • A playroom for children who love arts & crafts or sports (or both);
  • A gym where you exercise regularly

Can You Heat a Portable Garage?

If you have a vehicle that you can’t fit in your garage and you don’t have the funds, space, or time available to build a permanent storage building, a portable garage can suit your needs. If you want to store a vehicle and perform repairs or maintenance during the winter, you might be wondering if it’s possible and safe to heat a portable building.

How to Heat a Portable Garage Safely

You can use a small heater in a portable shelter, but it’s critical to focus on safety. Choose a heater that’s approved for use in a small space and make sure that it’s in good condition. If you don’t have an outlet nearby, you might have to run an extension cord to the storage building.

When heating a portable garage, the space must be well ventilated. If it isn’t, poisonous carbon monoxide can build up inside the structure.

Keep the space heater away from the portable garage’s cover and any other flammable materials. Never leave the heater unattended, even for a moment. An object inside the portable garage or the garage itself can quickly go up in flames.

If that happens, the fire can quickly spread. Your house, your vehicles, and your neighbor’s property can also be damaged or destroyed.

Invest in a Portable Storage Shelter

If you have one or more vehicles that you won’t drive during the winter and that you want to protect from the elements, animals, and insects, you need to keep it covered. Setting up a portable storage shelter is an excellent alternative to building a new garage, parking a vehicle outside, or paying to store it in a garage.

Portable Garage Depot sells storage buildings in a variety of widths, lengths, and heights to serve a wide range of purposes. You can store one or more vehicles inside a portable building or use the space to keep your tools, gardening equipment, and other possessions safe. Our storage shelters have heavy-duty steel frames and durable polyethylene covers that can protect your vehicle and other belongings from hazards such as rain, snow, and sunlight.

When selecting a portable garage, think about what you want to store in there so you choose a shelter that will be large enough. If you plan to store a vehicle inside the portable garage, make sure that there will be enough space for you to walk around and work on the car, if necessary.

Winter will be here soon. Now is the time to prepare. Order a storage building from Portable Garage Depot today.