Mastering Disassembly: Essential Guidelines for Portable Garage Owners

Portable garages offer convenience and versatility, making them invaluable for protecting vehicles, and equipment, or even serving as temporary workspaces. However, proper maintenance, including disassembly, is crucial to ensure their longevity and functionality. Whether it’s for seasonal changes or relocation, disassembling your portable garage requires careful attention to detail. Here are essential guidelines to streamline the disassembly process and prepare for seamless reassembly.

  1. Plan Ahead: Before diving into disassembly, create a plan outlining each step. Familiarize yourself with the structure’s assembly manual if available. Take note of any specific tools required and allocate sufficient time for the task.
  2. Clear the Area: Ensure the surrounding area is free from obstacles that may impede disassembly. Clear away debris and ensure sufficient space to lay out components during the process.
  3. Gather Necessary Tools: Assemble all required tools beforehand, including wrenches, screwdrivers, and rubber mallets. Having everything within reach will streamline the disassembly process.
  4. Document Each Step: Take photos or make notes during disassembly. This documentation will serve as a valuable reference when reassembling the portable garage, helping to avoid confusion or mistakes.
  5. Detach Covering and Anchors: Begin by removing the covering material carefully. Detach any anchors securing the structure to the ground. Keep track of small components like screws and bolts to prevent loss.
  6. Disassemble Frame Components: Gradually disassemble the frame components, starting from the top and working your way down. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damaging any parts.
  7. Proper Storage of Components During Off-Seasons: Store disassembled components in a clean, dry area away from moisture and direct sunlight. Organize them systematically to facilitate easy retrieval when needed. Consider using labeled containers or shelves to keep components organized and prevent loss.
  8. Inspect for Damage: While disassembling, inspect each component for signs of wear or damage. Address any issues promptly, such as rust or bent frames, to ensure optimal performance during reassembly.
  9. Preparing for Reassembly: Before reassembly, thoroughly clean all components to remove dirt, debris, and any residues. Check for any missing or damaged parts and replace them as necessary. Refer to your documentation to ensure proper alignment and assembly sequence.
  10. Follow Reassembly Instructions: When reassembling the portable garage, follow the manufacturer’s instructions meticulously. Pay close attention to alignment and tightening of fasteners to ensure structural integrity.

By adhering to these guidelines, disassembling your portable garage becomes a straightforward task, ensuring efficient storage and readiness for future use. Remember, proper maintenance prolongs the lifespan of your shelter, safeguarding your investments for years to come.

 Setting up Your Portable Garage: Tips and Tricks

With a portable garage, you can have the additional storage space you need at a fraction of what it would cost you to build a permanent garage or shed. A portable storage building is easy to set up, as long as you know these tips and tricks.

Find the Right Location

The first and most important tip is to select an appropriate site. It doesn’t just have to be large enough to fit the shelter. The area must be easily accessible, especially if you’re planning to keep one or more vehicles in the garage. 

The site should be level and free of debris. Go over the area carefully and get rid of any stones, branches, or other objects you find lying around. If necessary, spread some soil to level out the surface.

Think about drainage. You don’t want to put your storage building in an area where water collects when it rains. 

Lock the Frame Together

A portable storage building has a durable steel frame that’s designed to withstand strong winds. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure that each piece of the frame is securely attached to the ones around it so the structure will be strong and stable.

Anchor the Building 

Your portable garage must be securely anchored to the ground. Different types of anchors are used for different surfaces, such as dirt, grass, and gravel. Make sure that you’re using the right anchors for your location.

Tightly Attach the Cover

The cover on your portable garage can keep out moisture, animals, and insects and protect your belongings from the sun’s UV rays. Attach the cover tightly to the frame so the cover can perform as it should. 

Find the Right Storage Building for Your Needs

If you invest in a well-crafted portable garage and you set it up correctly, it can last for years, or even decades. Portable Garage Depot offers durable storage buildings in a variety of sizes to suit our customers’ needs. 

You can buy a small shelter for your lawn mower and other outdoor tools, or you can purchase a larger building for a car, or even an RV. You might decide to invest in a larger garage than you currently need so you’ll have additional storage space available in the future. 

Look through our selection of shelters, decide which size will work best for you, and select your favorite color. Once you’ve figured out what you need and want, place your order.

Portable Garage Truss Buildings: The Innovative Solution for Versatile and Effective Shelter

If you’re thinking about buying a portable garage to protect a vehicle, lawn and garden tools, or equipment that you use to run a business, you need to choose a shelter that’s up to the task. A portable storage building must be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. A truss building can be your best choice.

What Is a Portable Garage Truss Building?

The roof on a truss building consists of several triangles. That design distributes weight, gives the building stability, and allows the roof to support more weight than a straight roof can. 

If you’re concerned about storms with strong winds, driving rain, or heavy snow loads, a storage building with a truss roof can be the ideal solution. It’s the sturdiest type of portable garage available.

A building with a truss roof is affordable because its design requires fewer materials than a traditional roof. A storage building with a truss roof is also easy to set up. 

What Other Features Are Important?

Portable Garage Depot sells storage shelters with galvanized steel frames. Stabilizer blocks hold each piece of the frame securely in place and give the structure enough stability to stand up to severe weather events. Steel components undergo a treatment process that helps them resist damage from rust and corrosion. 

Our durable polyethylene covers are treated to resist damage from moisture and the sun’s UV rays. A ratchet-tight tensioning system secures a cover to a frame to protect a building’s contents.

How Can You Find the Right Storage Shelter?

Portable Garage Depot sells storage buildings that are designed to suit a wide range of needs. All our shelters are durable, but a truss design might be the right choice for you if you live in an area where severe weather is a concern. 

When selecting a storage building, think carefully about what size will work best. Figure out what you want to keep in the shelter and how you’ll arrange your belongings. If you’re planning to use a shelter to house one or more vehicles, measure them to make sure you’ll have enough space to drive in and out and to open the doors. 

Look around your property and find an appropriate site for a storage shelter. Make sure that it’s large enough, the ground is level, and the area is easily accessible. 

Once you’ve figured out what you need and selected the right size for your storage building, place an order with Portable Garage Depot.

Maximizing Storage Space with Temporary Garages: Organize Your Belongings in Style

People often accumulate new belongings over the years and find that their basement, attic, or garage becomes cluttered and disorganized. If you’re in that predicament, you don’t necessarily have to get rid of things, rent a storage unit, or build a new garage or shed. A portable shelter is a simple and cost-effective way to get your home or business organized.

Reasons to Buy a Portable Garage

Clutter can make it difficult or impossible to find things when you need them. It can also lead to unnecessary purchases. You might buy something because you forgot that you already owned a similar item or because you can’t find what you need in your home or in your company’s storage area.

A portable storage building can give you additional space so you can get your belongings organized and keep them that way. You’ll be able to set up a shelter in your yard or next to your business and find things whenever you need them. 

Storage unit rental fees can be steep, and they can really add up over time. If you put your belongings in a storage unit, you’ll have to drive there when you need something, pay for gas, put wear and tear on your car, and use time that could be better spent on other things. Building a permanent garage or shed can also be expensive. When you compare costs, you’ll realize that buying a portable shelter makes more sense.

How to Organize a Storage Building

When you get a portable shelter, it’s important to design an organizational system that will work for you and stick to it so your new storage building doesn’t turn into another cluttered mess. Before you order a portable garage, decide what you want to keep in it and select a shelter that’s an appropriate size. 

Figure out how to organize items to make the best use of the available space. Shelves, plastic storage containers, and hanging systems can make it easy to prevent clutter. Set up the garage so things that you use on a regular basis are near the front and things that you use less often are toward the back or in the corners.

Organize Your Belongings with a Portable Shelter 

A cluttered storage area can create unnecessary stress. Getting things organized can make it easier to find what you need and save you time and money. 

Portable Garage Depot sells storage buildings in a variety of sizes to suit a wide range of needs. Customers often use our garages to protect vehicles from harsh weather, but our shelters can also be used to store tools, holiday decorations, seasonal furniture, and other odds and ends that you don’t use often but don’t want to get rid of. Find a storage building that will work for you and place an order today.

The Environmental Benefits of a Portable Garage

If you don’t have room for a new vehicle in a garage, a portable storage building can be an ideal solution. It’s an effective alternative to a permanent garage that’s also more affordable and easier to set up. In addition, choosing a portable garage can help protect the environment.

A Portable Garage Requires Fewer Materials Than a Permanent Structure

Building a garage, whether it’s attached to your house or a separate structure, will require a significant amount of construction materials. Contractors will have to pour a foundation and then use wood and other materials to build the garage. A portable storage building, on the other hand, simply consists of a metal frame and a cover. 

Since a portable garage isn’t made of wood, trees don’t have to be cut down to produce construction materials. The components that are needed to set up a portable garage weigh much less than those required to build a permanent garage. That means less fuel is used to transport the materials, and the environmental impact is minimized. 

Setting up a Portable Garage Won’t Disturb the Environment

If you decide to build a permanent garage, workers might have to dig before they can pour a foundation or use heavy equipment to level out the construction site. Those activities can impact plants and animals in the area and cause irreversible changes to the environment in and around your house.

To set up a portable garage, all you’ll have to do is choose a level site that’s free of large rocks, tree roots, and other things that might get in the way. Once you’ve found a suitable location, you can set up the frame and anchor it to the ground. That will have much less of an impact on the environment. 

A Portable Garage Is Made with Long-Lasting and Recyclable Materials

Portable storage buildings are constructed with durable materials that can stand up to wide-ranging weather conditions. The covers are treated to resist damage from the sun’s UV rays and moisture, and the steel frames can withstand strong winds. 

If you invest in a portable shelter, you can be confident that it will protect your vehicle for years to come. If the cover gets damaged, you’ll be able to order a replacement and continue to use the same steel frame. If the frame gets damaged and needs to be replaced, you’ll be able to recycle it.

Order an Environmentally Friendly Storage Shelter

Portable Garage Depot offers storage buildings that can accommodate vehicles of all sizes, from motorcycles to boats and RVs. Measure your vehicle to figure out what size shelter you need, then place an order.

Winter Tips For Your Portable Garage or Carport

Winter is one of the most wildly unpredictable times of the year – especially in some parts of the nation. One day it could be snowing an inch an hour and the next day it may be bright and sunny outside.

Here in the Northeast, we have not yet faced a major storm, for the season – but rest assured at least one Nor’easter and some pretty massive windy days are still on the way in.

Here are things you can do to prepare for a big storm and- don’t forget, your cars and stored items are only as secure as your carport is. When the threat of winter is upon your area of the country, make sure that your portable garages and shelters are as safely secured as possible.

The first thing to do when bracing for a big storm is to begin double-checking how you have secured the legs of your portable garage to the ground. The anchors that you use should be properly screwed into the ground and if you are using the portable garage in a windy area, place cinder blocks, sandbags, or other support around the legs for further bracing. Check for any kind of erosion or rust on the support for your portable garage and/or carport – the last thing you want is for your portable shelter to collapse under the weight of a small amount of snow.

If a snowstorm is anticipated, be prepared to clear any snow, ice, or sleet away from the portable garage covering. Placing inordinate amounts of weight on the top of your portable shelter can compromise the integrity of the structure and can cause accidents. If you use your portable shelter to cover yourself while you work on projects, make sure someone is always around or at least in earshot – in case of an emergency, they can help you out.

This is especially important when tools are involved. Your safety is of the utmost concern, so protect yourself when working in the harsh seasons.

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What Makes a Portable Garage Snow-Rated?

When parking a vehicle inside a permanent garage isn’t an option, a portable storage building is an excellent alternative. Portable garages are built to be durable, but in some circumstances, a standard shelter doesn’t offer enough protection. 

If you live in a region that gets heavy snowfall and strong winds during the winter, you might need an especially tough storage building to keep your vehicle and other valuable possessions safe from the weather. A snow-rated portable garage is up to the task.

Our Shelters Have Strong Frames That Can Handle Winter Weather

Portable Garage Depot sells snow-rated storage buildings that are designed and constructed to handle the demands of rough winter weather. Their frames are made with galvanized steel that has undergone a triple-coating process. Our shelters’ steel frames can resist rust and corrosion. 

The frames have patented stabilizer blocks at each rib connection. They give a frame extra strength and stability to help it stand up to extreme weather conditions. Anchors keep a shelter firmly planted on the ground, even in fierce winds.

Our industrial-strength storage buildings can withstand winds topping 100 miles per hour. They can handle both balanced and unbalanced snow loads of 40 to 60 pounds per square inch, as well as driving rain. 

Our Covers Can Stand up to the Elements

Portable Garage Depot offers snow-rated shelters with polyethylene (PE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) covers in various thicknesses. You can select the one that best suits your needs and budget.

The covers on our snow-rated portable shelters are UV treated on both the inside and outside. Our storage buildings have a Ratchet Tite tensioning system that holds the cover securely in place. 

You can choose from several colors. You can find one that will complement the color of your home or, if you would rather not have your portable garage be noticeable to people on the street, you can select a color that will blend in with the trees and bushes in your yard.

Get a Quote for a Snow-Rated Storage Building

We understand that our customers have a wide range of storage needs, and we offer shelters that can be used to protect one or more vehicles, ranging from cars and trucks to boats and RVs. No matter what type of vehicle you need to shield from winter weather, you can find the right storage building at Portable Garage Depot. Contact us today to learn more about our snow-rated shelters, discuss your needs, and get a quote.

Season Your Firewood Twice as Fast with a Seasoning Shed

Firewood has to be seasoned, or allowed to thoroughly dry out before it’s burned. Keeping firewood outside under a tarp is one way to season it, but a seasoning shed can help the wood dry out faster.

Why It’s Important to Season Firewood

Wood contains moisture. Burning wood that hasn’t had an opportunity to dry out can be problematic. 

First of all, you might have a hard time getting it to light. Also, burning wood that’s damp releases more creosote than burning dry wood. Creosote is a flammable substance that can build up inside a chimney. 

Wood that has been properly seasoned burns longer than damp wood. If you burn dry wood, you won’t have to get up as often to put another log on the fire, and your supply will last longer.

How to Season Firewood

For wood to dry out, it needs to be stored in a way that allows it to get plenty of air circulation. Logs should be stacked and covered to protect them from rain and snow, but the cover should be loose. If it’s too tight, that can restrict airflow and keep moisture trapped in the wood.

Seasoning firewood takes time. Depending on the moisture content in the wood, when it was cut, and how it’s stored, it might take several months to a year, and possibly longer, for wood to dry out enough to be used in a fireplace or wood stove.

How a Seasoning Shed Can Help Wood Dry out Faster

A seasoning shed from Portable Garage Depot has a translucent polyethylene cover that lets sunlight in and traps heat. A seasoning shed has a vapor barrier to protect firewood from moisture in the ground, as well as two zippered polyethylene door panels with screen vents that allow air to circulate freely. 

Where to Put a Seasoning Shed

When selecting a location for a seasoning shed, look for a spot that gets plenty of sunlight and airflow. Avoid a site near a wall or another structure that blocks wind. 

Make sure that your seasoning shed is a minimum of five feet away from your home. If it’s too close, termites and other pests that are drawn to the wood pile will be able to easily travel to your house. If they get inside, you can have a serious problem on your hands.

Store Your Firewood in a Seasoning Shed

A seasoning shed traps heat, protects firewood from moisture, and maximizes air circulation. Wood that’s stored inside a seasoning shed can dry out in a fraction of the time that it would take if the wood were simply stacked outside and covered with a tarp. 

Portable Garage Depot sells seasoning sheds that can create the ideal conditions for wood to dry out quickly. Order a seasoning shed today.

How to Choose the Right Portable Garage for Your Car

If you own a vehicle that you can’t store in a garage, a portable storage building can be the next best thing. It can protect your car from rain, snow, the sun’s ultraviolet rays, insects, and animals. 

Portable garages come in a range of sizes and designs. Here are some tips to help you choose the right one.

Select the Appropriate Size for Your Vehicle(s)

First of all, think about what you plan to store in the portable garage. If you only need space for one vehicle, your decision will be straightforward. You’ll just have to be sure that the shelter you choose is long enough, wide enough, and tall enough to enclose the car while leaving some space around it. 

If you want to keep two or more vehicles in a portable garage, things can get a bit tricky. You’ll have to think about the size of each individual vehicle and make sure that the shelter will be large enough to accommodate all of them while leaving space in between for people to walk around and open doors. 

Consider Your Other Storage Needs

Even though you’re planning to buy a portable garage to store a vehicle, that doesn’t mean that a car is the only thing you can keep in there. You might want to get a shelter that’s large enough to store your lawnmower and other equipment that you use to care for your property.

Plan Ahead

Don’t just focus on your current needs; think about how your needs might change in the future. For instance, if your child is going to get a driver’s license relatively soon, you might want to buy a larger storage building than you currently need so you’ll have enough space for an additional vehicle. Planning ahead can help you avoid the hassle and expense of buying another shelter later on.

Choose a Location

Think about where you’re going to put your portable garage. You might discover that your preferred location won’t work. There might not be enough space for a large shelter, or you might realize that maneuvering vehicles in and out would be challenging and impractical. You might have to select a different location, and possibly also a different size, for your storage building.

Order a Storage Shelter from Portable Garage Depot

A portable storage building is a practical and affordable way to protect your vehicles and other valuables. Portable Garage Depot offers shelters in various sizes to accommodate one or more vehicles and other belongings. Our shelters have durable steel frames and polyethylene covers that offer protection from the sun’s UV rays, moisture, and other potential sources of damage. Figure out which portable garage best suits your needs and place an order today.

3 Reasons to Stop Renting a Storage Unit and Invest in a Portable Garage

If you’re like most homeowners, you have boxes filled with holiday decorations and other odds and ends that you don’t use on a regular basis, but you don’t want to throw away, sell, or donate. Renting a storage unit is one way to keep those items safe, but a portable garage can be a better solution. Here’s why.

Buying a Portable Garage Can Save You Money 

When you rent a storage unit, you have to pay a monthly rental fee. Even if you rent a small and inexpensive unit, that monthly cost can add up. 

If you buy a portable storage building, you’ll pay once and get a shelter that’s durable enough to last for several years. In the long run, investing in a storage building can cost you a lot less than you would pay for monthly storage unit rental fees.

You’ll Have Access to Your Belongings 24/7

If you keep things in a storage unit, it can be a hassle to get to them when you need them. You will have to drive to and from the storage facility, which might take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more. If the facility is only open during certain hours, you might have to rearrange your schedule or postpone a trip to your storage unit for several days.

With a portable garage, you won’t have to worry about any of that. Your belongings will be available to you at a moment’s notice. You’ll be able to simply walk outside, open up the storage shelter, and find what you need at any time, day or night.  

You’ll Have Room to Store Other Things in the Future

Often, people start out renting a small storage unit. As time goes by, they accumulate more stuff and discover that they need an additional unit, or they decide to upgrade to a larger unit. That means that their monthly storage costs increase, sometimes significantly.

If you decide to get a portable garage, you can buy a building that’s a bit bigger than you currently need. That way, when you inevitably discover that you need more storage space in the future, you’ll have a place to put things without spending any additional money.

Order a Portable Storage Building

Portable Garage Depot offers storage shelters in a variety of lengths, widths, and heights to suit our customers’ wide-ranging needs. You can buy a small building to store some boxes and other odds and ends, or you can invest in a shelter that’s large enough for one or more vehicles, plus boxes, lawn and garden tools, and other items. Take a look at our selection of shelters, figure out which will best suit your needs, and place your order today.