How to Have a Memorable Picnic

Now that the month of September has rolled in and Labor Day is behind us, some have had their last picnic for the season. In some parts of the nation, things are just cooling down enough to spend time outdoors. 

Regardless where on the map you’re located, there are a few key ingredients that will make your picnic a memorable one. 

Here are our top 3. 


1. Keep it Simple


Picnics are such a fun idea because they’re light-hearted and easy going. You can dress comfortably and come and go as you please. Keep it simple when it comes to food and decor too. Make easy to grab finger foods and stick to the basic staples everyone expects at a picnic. 


2. Don’t Forget the Utensils


One thing most everyone forgets when they’re headed out for a picnic are the utensils. When you’re hoping the macaroni salad will stay cold and that you have enough bread for the burgers and hot dogs, you may forget to grab some extra napkins, or even the large knife needed to slice the watermelon. Do yourself a favor and pack them in advance so they’re not missed in the last minute rush to get out the door. 


3. Choose the Right Location 


Location is such a critical factor in a good picnic. You wan’t an area that’s dry and cool  – but not too windy. Somewhere you can have privacy to enjoy the meal together – but not where mosquitoes might congregate. If you will be hosting the picnic in your own yard, it makes sense to set up or make use of a portable garage or canopy for the event. You can set-up tables, decorate and even host a number of people without having to worry if the weather will cooperate. 

Portable Garage Depot is your number one source for instant all weather portable garages and portable carport building kits. Our products are available in a myriad of sizes to accommodate anything you may require.


Portable Garage Accessories You Need

If you’ve made the decision to buy a portable garage for your property, or have had one for a while and want to get the most use out of it, considering additional accessories can add more bang for your buck.

In this post, we’ll look over some of the best options when it comes to adding accessories to your portable shelter. Whether you’re storing your favorite classic car or using it as a greenhouse – we’ve got you covered!

Think Practical

For all the new important items you’re thinking about keeping secured in your portable garage, it makes sense to think about how to best protect them while they’re there. Could you benefit from a fan or vents that stop moisture build-up? Will you need access to electricity inside the portable garage? How about anchors to keep it grounded if there’s rough weather where you live?

If you can think of these practical must-haves in advance it will only mean you’re setting up a portable garage that’s going to beneficial for the long run.

Don’t Forget the Door

One thing we don’t think about when putting up a portable garage is how you’ll get in and out of it with ease. While it’s not your standard garage with an automated opener to provide you access, if you’ll be frequenting it quite often it’s far better to have a door added to your portable garage. Choose from roll-up or zipper door kits.

Go Big

Not all portable garages are meant to just store stuff. If you’ve got major plans to turn the portable shelter into a highly-functional space then additional accessories like windows, flooring and more might be on your shopping list. These giant spaces can double as covered party areas or even be converted into a workshop. The possibilities are endless!

Daylight Savings is Here! Time to Clean Up the Yard

March 10th is daylight savings. That means more time to spend outdoors. Longer daylight and, yes you guessed it, spring cleaning! While you’re enjoying the few more hours outdoors, pick up a rake, clean up the fallen debris from winter storms and create a plan for keeping your yard clean and neat this season.

If you love heading outside but can’t stand the sight of lawn equipment scattered about and the kid’s toys taking over what was once your oasis, then it’s time to think about investing in a portable shelter.

The spring season is a great time to set up a portable garage because the ground is starting to soften and there’s still time to tidy things up before the summer barbecues and outdoor relaxing happens.

Here are some tips for what you can store in the shelter and how.

Portable Shelter for Equipment

Pick a location in your yard that’s set back and utilize it to store lawn equipment and other clutter so it’s not out under the patio where you’re trying to relax. Not only will it be sheltered from the hard weather, but it will also be covered and less of an eyesore.

Covered Canopy for Patio Furniture and Parties

You can also utilize a covered canopy to host parties and keep guests comfortable without the sun beaming down on them or the possibility of rain throwing a wrench in your plans.

Seasonal Toy Coverage

If you have toys that you don’t use all year round – like ATVs or snowmobiles and need somewhere to store them, a portable garage is an economical and great way to shelter them from the elements and keep them safe when not in use.

Portable Garage Depot carries garage and carport products in a myriad of sizes from temporary or permanent all weather protection. Shop our inventory now!

Carports, Picnics & Fourth of July Grilling Safety

Carports make a wonderful addition to any home’s property because they offer an extra covered area to store vehicles, lawn equipment and even protection for livestock. While carports are terrific for keeping these valuables safe from the elements, they also provide additional benefits users may not consider.

Since the structure is covered and secure in place, it can also double as a pavilion. Somewhere to host parties that keep guests shielded from the damaging sun rays and out of the path of any possible rain showers that could ruin a day’s plans. Since there are no walls, it’s also a great idea when you want to have a gathering out in nature without obstructing the beautiful scenery around.

Set up picnic tables and decorations and the space in your yard can double as the perfect location for a summer birthday party or picnic area. With 4th of July just around the corner, this post is also a reminder about grilling safety and carports.

In no way should you ever place a grill underneath a carport. Even if the weather is showing signs of precipitation, it is never okay to use an open flame under these dwellings. Just as keeping the grill away from your home is a well-known fact, so too should being safe around a carport be practiced.

In addition to the possibility of fire, there is also the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Be sure wherever you are grilling has plenty of space around it to ventilate and that children are kept away from any open flames. You may also want to have water or a fire extinguisher on hand for extra precautions.

Carport Depot provides an array of options and sizes from metal carports to polyethylene covers that block out harmful UV rays. Our high-quality carports are available at affordable prices and a multitude of sizes so picking the carport right for your needs is a breeze.


Spring is the Perfect Time for a Carport

With cold weather out of the way for most of the nation, it’s time to start thinking about warmer seasons and more time to spend outdoors. Picnics, car and bike cruises and boating on open waters are all favorite pastimes for many during the spring and summer.

While most days are mild and great, these seasons also come with their own issues as far as weather that could damage your valuables. Heavy rain showers, intense sunlight and other factors could cause fling debris, rot, rust and other issues so storage is still important.

Carports and portable shelters are a terrific way to protect your motorcycle, car, boat, RV and other valuables from these possible issues. They are affordable, durable and easy to install.

Here are some more reasons to consider getting a carport this spring.

Green Houses

Many people opt for carports and portable shelters to allow them to garden for longer periods of the year and enjoy the relaxation it can bring in a more controlled and comfortable environment. Greenhouses are also great in the spring to get plants started in advance from seeds, until they are ready to be planted in the ground outdoors or as a way to permanently set-up your garden.


Outdoor Entertaining

Carports aren’t just great for storing vehicles. They also make a terrific place to host outdoor events. With the spring and summer seasons increasing the occurrence of outdoor parties and picnics, you will have a location to host those events without needing to worry about rain and other weather throwing a wrench in your plans.

carport picnic

Metal Carports

If you live in an area with extreme winter weather conditions, you may be concerned about damage to your portable shelter. Metal carports are a terrific option to remove the need to replace covers due to tears and can even add value to your property if done right.

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Man Works Under a Tent at His job

Underground Elephant

As the internet becomes an everyday necessity for everyone, the amount of jobs that are internet based increase. Most people who work on the computer all day also sit in a cubicle. Andrew Fischer decided he wanted to do something a little different to make his cubicle his own.

Andrew created a tent out of PVC pipe and canvas that covers the top of his cubicle. He did not build it because it rains a lot in his office or because the sun was bothering him while he worked in his cubicle. Andrew works for Underground Elephant, an internet marketing company that is known for its “weird” office customs. The tent idea won an office contest for Andrew and he brings the tent with him every time his desk moves to a new part of the office. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that at Underground Elephant, you move to a new area of the office every quarter, so you never get too cozy. Think that’s weird? That may be the most normal thing that happens in this office.

Underground Elephant is a fast growing company in San Diego that does internet marketing. In five short years the company has become one of the fasting growing and best place to work in San Diego. CEO Jason Kulpa believes in organized chaos and deliberate disruption to keep his staff creative. Besides moving desks every quarter, Kulpa does a lot of weird things that may be the reason his company is so successful.

Many offices where people work mainly on the computer can be mundane and not invite creativity. White walls and cubicles with short breaks and 30 minute lunches are like something out of Office Space. However, Underground Elephant is nothing like the depiction of the American office in the popular ’90s movie. While there are still cubicles, the office is covered in provocative paintings on the walls, doors, windows, and ceilings.

With distractions everywhere in today’s world, the attention span people have is extremely low. So Kulpa tries to play off that by creating an environment of distraction and relaxation to promote creativity. While it is not required, you can take a ten minute break to get a massage in the office. This helps his busy staff of over 50 to just relax and think for ten minutes, with no distractions. You do not have to multi-task, answer the phone, or stare at four computer screens, you can just relax with your thoughts.


Tired of sitting in your chair all day? Well at Underground Elephant you can work up a mental and physical sweat at their ping pong table. Get distracted from your daily tasks with a quick game of ping pong, ride a bicycle around the office, or go on a scavenger hunt. Underground Elephant keeps the office lively with such activities. If it is your birthday, you get a spin on the reward wheel to win prizes!


The element of randomness and weird being the new normal has made Underground Elephant the successful company it is today. While I would not suggest you ride your bike inside your office, I would suspect Underground Elephant to be receiving a lot of job applications soon.

Make the Most of the Summertime with Outdoor Canopies

Make the Most of Summertime with Outdoor CanopiesAdding an outdoor canopy is a great way to take full advantage of a patio or deck area. Installing an outdoor canopy provides a nice shaded area so you and summertime guests will feel welcome and comfortable. The shade is also beneficial to keep food and beverages cool and out of direct sunlight to prevent spoilage. Everyone will be thankful for the opportunity to chat and relax in the shade instead of constantly squinting in direct sun.

A shade canopy is a great addition to outdoor gathering places for many reasons. For example, barbecues and cookouts are popular outdoor activities to gather friends and family to enjoy some good food and great company. Backyards, decks, and patios are obvious locations for these occasions.

However, some people are extremely sensitive to the sun and can burn in short minutes of exposure, and many people simply don’t enjoy direct sunlight for extended time periods. Additionally, families often enjoy dinnertime outside at a picnic or patio table in warm weather, but a light evening shower could put a damper on these meals. Outdoor canopies not only shelter your family and food from too much sunlight, they also keep you cozy and dry in the event of passing rain storms.

Relaxing outdoors with a book to read is far easier in a bit of shade than with sunlight glaring off of the page. Furthermore, after a nice swim in the sunshine, a shady spot may be the perfect place for a summertime nap snuggled up in a warm towel. For special occasions or daily enjoyment, adding a little shade poolside or to decks and patios is easily accomplished with outdoor canopies.

Seasonal warm weather gives everyone a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy the sunlight and fresh air. Families and friends enjoy time outdoors relaxing on decks and patios, and many hours of fun are spent swimming or poolside. Outdoor canopies are a great addition to these leisurely times to provide a little shade and prevent overexposure to the sun. They also come in handy when rain showers make unexpected appearances.

Canopies and Party Tents for Outdoor Celebrations

Party TentThe springtime brings warming temperatures and the chance for friends and families to put on backyard parties and other outdoor events. Party tents provide shade from the sun and shelter from bad weather. Ideally, a Mother’s Day picnic or outdoor wedding would be held on a clear day, but in the case of rain showers, party tents offer guests a way to stay safe and dry out of the weather.

Outdoor parties provide a great way to interact with friends and family in a natural setting. Party tents are flexible for use with various outdoor occasions. A black tie wedding under a white canopy brings to mind class and elegance, while a picnic under a shade canopy evokes a playful atmosphere.

Party tents and canopies provide shade for buffet tables to protect food from the harsh heat of the sun and keep beverages cool. Setting up more than one canopy can be a useful way to stage an event. One tent can be used for food and another for seating. Guests will find a shaded area very welcoming and be happy for the chance to relax and catch up with friends and loved ones.

Party tents are a great way to add space to an indoor-outdoor party for children and grownups alike to enjoy each other’s company and get some fresh air. Depending on the location, canopies and party tents can be positioned to take advantage of views and beautiful natural settings. Many people don’t have enough space in their home to host large gatherings, but adding a party tent gives them flexibility and added space to accommodate guests.

Canopies and party tents can be decorated to suit the style and theme of an occasion, just as you would set up a banquet hall or other party venue. Birthday parties, baby showers, and graduations are great opportunities to host an outdoor event. Adding a party tent or outdoor canopy to any of these events will add to guest comfort and delight.

Portable Buildings at the Grammy Awards

Grammy Awards CanopyFrom Occupy Wall Street protests to makeshift shelters following natural disasters, you never know when news about portable buildings will pop up. Recently, the 54th Annual Grammy Awards achieved ratings success with the assistance of portable buildings. The awards show added extra space by constructing tent canopies at the Nokia Plaza across from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Both a performance venue and a showcase giveaway for featured products found shelter under the portable canopies.

According to the Grammy Awards website, a performance venue was staged beneath a canopy tent constructed across from the Staples Center. The audience in this temporary building was treated to performances by artists such as the Foo Fighters, Chris Brown, Deadmau5, David Guetta, and Lil Wayne. Television viewers watched the coverage transition smoothly from the main awards stage in the Staples Center to the supplemental performance space under the canopy.

A more behind-the-scenes use of a canopy tent gave Grammy performers and presenters a space to enjoy the backstage Grammy Gift Lounge, an article from MSN said. Inside this white canopy, celebrities were greeted by a host and given a large duffel to collect items ranging from video games, beauty items, and chocolate to fine jewelry, apparel, and automotive products.

Portable canopies are not only useful for enormous television productions. A tent canopy is a welcome addition to most outdoor events and locations. The canopy supplies shade in the sunshine and a dry place to congregate in the case of showers. If you are planning a family picnic, an outdoor wedding or other occasion, a canopy tent is also a great place to locate a band or DJ. Outdoor events such as car shows and flea markets can also be susceptible to the elements. In all reality, too much sun, wind or rain can hamper any outdoor event. Provide guests with shelter from the elements with a canopy tent, and your special event – like the 54th Annual Grammy Awards – will be a more functional and comfortable occasion.

Zoning Changes for Emergency Shelters

If you have read this blog before, you are fully aware of the types of portable buildings available for numerous uses. From using a carport to harbor an old clunker you just can’t throw out to setting up a canopy for an awesome party, portable structures are an absolutely essential product for many people. There is another use for portable buildings that isn’t as discussed as the others, but may be more important, at least from a sociological standpoint: emergency shelters. These shelters are used in case of natural disasters and are also used more commonly for homeless citizens in some bigger cities. However, one county is now looking at the shelter areas under a microscope.

Rocklin and Roseville Today reports that Placer County in California is currently changing regulations that clarify where emergency shelters are allowed to be placed:

“Under the new rules, host churches will not be subject to discretionary land-use review by the county. With the Zoning Ordinance changes, church-based emergency shelters that provide humanitarian assistance are now a permitted accessory use not subject to discretionary review when operated on the church sites.

The new rules implement provisions of a new state law that require a local government to identify at least one land-use zone where emergency shelters are permitted uses and thus are not required to obtain conditional use permits or other discretionary permits.”

Thankfully, these regulations may make it a bit easier for organizations to place homeless persons in emergency shelter situations. By reducing the number of permits needed, emergency shelters have a place in Placer County, where many nonprofits have temporary housing:

“Several nonprofit groups provide transitional housing where individuals and families can stay for up to two years while receiving support services. Placer County’s Adult System of Care provides various types of supportive housing where residents are eligible to receive onsite and offsite support services. No limit is placed on how long a resident can stay in supportive housing.”