Easy, Affordable Classic Car Storage for Winter

For car lovers, owning a classic car is certainly a bucket list item. Nothing compares to being able to cruise around on a nice day in a car that turns heads while paying homage to some of the best automobiles ever built.

However, storing those cars in off-season is one of the things many may not think about. If you live in an area where there’s winter weather, you’ll want to consider storage options to protect your investment.

Not only is two-wheel drive a poor option in snowy weather, but there’s also the potential for rust to occur from the salt on the roadways which your classic car will be exposed to in the winter months. Storing it somewhere safe is the best option to allow you to enjoy your classic car again once the nice weather begins.

Here are some easy and affordable options for storing your classic car in the winter.

Carports for Classic Cars

Renting a storage unit is costly and if you don’t have a garage or room on your property to build a permanent dwelling, portable carports are a great alternative. Not only do they protect your car from the damage of  constant exposure to water and UV rays, but they also help keep the car free of mold and mildew when not in use.

Carports are typically made of galvanized or powder-coated, heavy-duty steel frames and polyethylene covers. This also protects what’s inside from damage caused by debris or other issues winter weather can bring.

Car Capsules

You could even opt to protect your vehicle indoors using a car capsule. These usually come in a 14 to 22 ft. length and are used to keep rust, dirt and dings away. If your classic car is truly one-of-a-kind then protecting is probably high on your priority list. The car capsule is made from 10 mil PVC material and is flame, mildew, and rot resistant. The base is made from 18oz. herculite, which won’t be damaged by oil, gas, or antifreeze, and is inflated using a 12-volt fan to create a protective barrier that’s so strong a hammer or similar object cannot deflate it.


car capsule

Since everyone’s storage needs can vary, Carport Depot offers a selection of shelter options to choose from. Shop our selection today.

Order a Car Capsule to Protect Your Classic Car This Winter

car capsule classic car winterOwners of classic cars often enjoy taking them for long drives on warm spring and summer days. If you own a classic vehicle, it is a possession that you treasure and want to protect. You probably don’t drive your classic car during the winter because you don’t want to risk getting into an accident on a snowy or icy road or getting it covered with sand and salt after a snowstorm.

How to Protect Your Classic Car in the Winter

You should store your classic car in a location where it will be protected from snow, ice, sand, and salt in the winter. A garage is the best place, but if you own another vehicle that you drive on a daily basis, you might not also have room for your classic car.

Parking a classic car in the driveway and covering it with a tarp may not be a good way to protect it in the winter. It can still get covered with snow and ice and hit by falling tree branches or any objects that are blown around during a storm.

A better option is to enclose your classic car in an inflatable car capsule. This will provide complete protection from winter weather so you will be able to enjoy driving your car again next spring and summer.

Car Capsule Features

Portable Garage Depot sells car capsules in a variety of sizes ranging from 14 to 22 feet in length to accommodate both small cars and larger vehicles. A car capsule is inflated around the vehicle using a 12-volt fan to create a protective barrier that cannot be deflated, even if it is struck with a hard object like a hammer.

Our car capsules are made with 10 mil PVC that is resistant to rot, mildew, and flames. A car capsule can protect your classic car from rust, corrosion, dirt, dust, fingerprints, and dings. Each inflatable car capsule comes with a base made of 18-ounce Herculite that will not be damaged by leaking gas, oil, or antifreeze.

Order a Car Capsule from Portable Garage Depot Today

Even though it is still summer, winter will be here before you know it. Now is the time to start thinking about how you will store and protect your classic car when colder weather arrives. An inflatable car capsule can provide the complete protection your classic car needs. Order a car capsule from Portable Garage Depot today.