Protect Your Boat from Snow with a Portable Garage

Owning a boat can be a source of pride, but it’s also a major financial investment. You need to protect your boat from winter weather so it will be in good condition when you want to take it out on the water next summer. How and where you store your boat during the off-season is critical. A portable garage is a simple, effective, and affordable storage solution.

A Portable Garage Can Shield Your Boat from Snow

Moisture can damage your boat’s paint and other exposed areas and can lead to mechanical problems. To protect your boat from snow and prevent damage, you should make sure that it’s completely covered while it’s in winter storage. 

Putting your boat in a portable garage is a simple way to shield it from the elements. Portable garages are available in a variety of lengths, widths, and heights to suit a wide range of needs. No matter the size of your boat, you can find a storage shelter with the right dimensions.

Buying a Portable Garage Can Be Cheaper Than Paying for Storage

You can store your boat at a marina over the winter, but that can be costly. If you plan to keep your boat for several more seasons, you’ll need to put it into storage every winter. The cost can quickly add up.

Investing in a portable garage for your boat is a much more practical and cost-effective solution. You can pay a one-time fee to purchase a portable shelter, rather than annual storage fees. That can save you a significant sum of money in the long run.

Storing Your Boat in a Portable Garage Is Convenient

If you put your boat in a storage facility, you’ll have to haul it to that location. You may want to check on it during the winter. Before you can take the boat back out on the water, you’ll need to perform routine maintenance and inspections to get it ready. You may have to travel back and forth from your home to the storage location several times. If you don’t live nearby, the miles, the cost of gas, and the time commitment can add up. 

You won’t have any of those issues if you buy a portable garage and store your boat in your yard. You’ll be able to check on it and perform maintenance whenever you want. That can save you both time and money.

Order a Portable Garage for Your Boat

If you haven’t yet figured out where to store your boat for the winter, you need to act fast. A storage shelter is a simplest and most cost-effective way to protect your boat from snow during the winter. Portable Garage Depot offers storage buildings that can accommodate boats of many sizes. Order your shelter today.

3 Tips For Preparing Your Boat For Winter Storage

Temperatures are dropping once again. That means it’s time to say goodbye shorts and tank-tops, and hello to pants, long sleeves and jackets. While the change is somewhat refreshing, it comes with one major drawback: we must put our boats into hibernation. To start, you should certainly check all the components we recommended in our pre-spring boating guide, Once you’re done with that, you should perform the following 3 maintenance tasks:

Change Your Oil 

If you’ve ever stored a car before, then you know how important it is for the car to have fresh oil during the duration of its isolation. While they may be much bigger, boats are no different. When water or acid gets into your oil, the engine could get corroded. Make sure to change and flush out the filter before adding the new oil.

Disconnect the Battery & Remove Drive Belts

If you leave your battery connected, it will likely drain and die over the winter. Once you disconnect it, top it off with distilled water. For good measure, charge it once a month; doing this will ensure that it’s good to go when you connect it again. 

In addition, remove your drive belts too. If you leave them connected, there’s a good chance that they will crack when you come to take the boat out again. To avoid this, loosen or remove them entirely before the boat goes into storage.

Grease The Steering Mechanism & Fill The Gas Tank

You know that sound metal doors make when they’re in desperate need of some WB 40? Don’t let that happen to your boat! Greasing the steering mechanisms will help to ensure that nothing dries out; if properly greased, you won’t experience any issues when it’s time to take the boat out again.

In addition, make sure to both fill your gas tank and add gasoline stabilizer. Now you might be thinking: why should I fill it now if I won’t be using it for the next 3 months? Well, an empty tank encourages condensation, which in turn, causes corrosion. To prevent the potentially severe damage that comes with this, do the right thing and fill up your tank. 

Last but not least….

Choose The RIght Storage Solution For Your Boat

Not everyone can afford to rent out a garage for your boat. Fortunately, Shelters of America offers many affordable pop up boat shelters and carports. Treat your boat right this winter, and order one today!

Cleaning Your Boat for Winter Storage

Now that summer is over, you need to prepare your boat for winter storage. Spending months out of the water can put a boat at risk of damage. Taking some important steps now can help you prevent problems so your vessel will be ready to go next year.

How to Clean Your Boat’s Exterior and Interior

Clean the outside of your boat with a power washer to keep any contaminants on the surface from damaging the paint and to prevent oxidation, which can cause damage. Then cover the exterior with wax to keep the body from rusting.

Remove electronics and any fabrics that could be damaged by cold weather or moisture before you clean the interior. Vacuum the inside and clean interior surfaces with the appropriate products and tools for each material. Refer to the owner’s manual for cleaning recommendations.

Make sure the entire boat is completely dry before you put it into storage. If there is any moisture present when you put your boat away for the winter, it may be filled with mold when you take it out in the spring.

How to Prepare Mechanical Components for Winter Storage

You also need to clean some of the internal components of your boat to get it ready for storage. Water and contaminants in the oil can cause corrosion, which can make the engine fail when the boat is taken out of storage. These problems can be prevented by changing the oil and filter.

Cold temperatures can cause the engine to freeze. Before you store your boat for the winter, remove the coolant, flush with water, and fill the coolant system with antifreeze diluted as recommended by your boat’s manufacturer.

For an outbound engine, flush the engine with freshwater, spray fogging solution in the engine while it is running, and remove the fuel line. Then grease the propeller shaft and threads, change the gear oil in the engine’s lower unit, apply a light layer of lubricant or wax to the exterior of the engine, and wash the engine with soap and water.

Where to Store Your Boat in the Winter

Once you have cleaned your boat and checked to make sure it is completely dry, you can put it into winter storage. If you don’t want to pay to keep it in a boat storage unit or a dry stack storage facility, you can store it in your yard inside a portable storage shelter. This is a much less expensive option, and if you purchase a quality storage shelter that will last for many years, you can pay once, instead of paying storage facility fees each year.

Portable Garage Depot sells a variety of storage buildings in a wide range of sizes. Many of our shelters are large enough to accommodate boats. A shelter can protect your vessel from snow, wind, and extreme temperatures so it will be ready when you want to take it out on the water again next year. Order today!

Consider Doing a Pre-Winter Check on Your Portable Garage

While it may not feel much like fall yet, wintry weather isn’t far off. If you use a portable garage for your vehicle, your motorcycle or simply household items, it’s a good time to check that the unit is in good condition so it continues to protect your valuable property through the winter months.

Portable garages are great solutions for storage needs. They’re quick and easy to put up, durable, affordable, and can be located nearly anywhere on your property you require storage. With proper care, they can last for many years. If you have one already, take a moment to examine its operating condition.

What to Look for In a Portable Garage Inspection

The first thing you want to look for is how well the cover is holding up and whether it’s properly fitted. It should be tight to reduce the risk of tears. The roof should be free of debris. During the fall and winter, ensure that you remove autumn leaves and snow from your portable garage. To avoid damaging it, be sure to use soft instruments such as a dull edged broom or mop, and avoid shovels, rakes or other implements that could accidentally puncture the cover.

Engage in a Little Gentle Elbow Grease

It’s worth taking a moment to clean your portable garage before bad weather begins. To do so, use mild soap and water, and avoid anything harsh (like bleach) or abrasive cleaners, which could damage cover. During the fall and winter, remove leaves and snow from the base of your portable garage to discourage a build-up of moisture that could lead to mold and mildew, or water leaking in and damaging the items you store there.

If your portable garage is in less-than-optimal condition, you can consider replacing the cover (rather than the whole set-up).

Contact us today to place your order!

Order a Boat Shelter in Time for the Spring Season

The winter months have covered much of the nation in cold blankets of snow. However, in less than 30 days, the first day of spring will be here and for many outdoor enthusiasts, it means getting the spring and summer toys ready to use.

For boat lovers, taking them out of storage, cleaning and prepping them for the first outing on the water is an important early step in the season. With just 4 short weeks until the season rolls around for many, now’s the time to order a portable shelter for your boat.

Easily set up the portable shelter in your yard and get to work. Protect your boat and get it in clean and working condition and keep it somewhere that you don’t have to worry about passing eyes, weather ruining the interiors and to keep you warm while you sneak outdoors to give it some updates even with the cold temps still hitting much of the nation.

Shelters of America offers portable boat shelters made of high-grade steel frames and covers that attach to the frame. The triple-layer polyethylene and rip-stop fabric have fade blockers and anti-fungal agents so your shelter always looks great while protecting your boat.

Keep it up for the season to place your boat when you return home after a day on the water and take it down when you no longer need it. That’s the beauty of portable shelters.

The shelters can also be used for other storage needs, a covered area to have a party and more – the uses are versatile and endless.

Shop our different sizes, shapes, and types on the site today!  

Prepping Your Boat and Bike for Storage

With the cooler weather quickly approaching, you’ll most likely find that you don’t need your boat or bike anymore and you’ll need to place it in storage. Having a storage spot will not only help ensure that the boat or bike stays dry and warm but it’ll also give you the peace of mind until you’re ready to break the toys out once again in the spring. Here’s why a portable shelter is the best option for you and how you can prep your boat and bike for the treacherous winter conditions.

Why a portable shelter?

Unlike other storage options, portable shelters are not only moveable but they are also able to fit any shape or size of the toy, whether it be a rowboat or a fishing boat. You can also select a portable shelter made of galvanized steel which has a much longer lifespan than those made of powder coated steel if you desire. Other storage options can also be extremely expensive and will not be able to fit larger boats and toys. Portable shelters come in a variety of shapes and sizes to help avoid this.

Prepping your boat

Both winter weather conditions and long periods of storage can affect your boat meaning costly repairs and a lot of maintenance in the spring. Before storing your boat in your shelter, you will want to change the oil, fill the tank with gas, and refresh the coolant system. This will help prevent the corrosion of your engine as well as help the engine parts from freezing.

You will also want to disconnect the battery. Leaving the battery in will most likely cause it to drain and die. Instead, take it out and charge it every so often so that when it’s time to start boating again, it will be fully charged and ready to go.

Prepping your motorcycle

Much like a boat and RV, a motorcycle requires some maintenance before storage to help ensure that come warmer weather, it will be in drivable condition. You will want to top of the tank, get an oil change, and remove the battery but you will also want to fill your tires to the maximum recommended volume and rotate the front tire once a week. This will help prevent flat spots.

If you’re not sure what kind of portable shelter is right for you, we have a custom quote form that allows us to get a sense of what storage shelter you need. You can also contact us at Shelters of America and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Spring Boating Season: What to Do With Your Carport

Warmer weather is finally arrived! With spring fially making its enterance, it wont be long before you’ll be out on open waters enjoying sailing and cruising along in your boat. Before you do though, you’ll need to get your boat out of storage and prep it to head back out on the waters.

In this post we’ll discuss getting your boat ready for the spring season and out of storage and what to do with your carport.

How to Prepare Your Boat for a New Season

The best word of advice when taking your boat back out after winterizing and storing it, is to consult with the user manual. There will be important and specific information about the manufacturer’s suggestions for seasonal care. Pay attention to mechanics on the boat and be sure to inspect for any cracks and electrical connections and other needed repairs.

If there are no fixes needed, you should wash your boat to remove dirt or debris that may have accumulated over the months while it was in storage. This is also a great time to take inventory of safety gear and supplies and ensure the boat’s battery can hold a charge.

What to do with the Carport

If your boat was stored under a carport over the winter months, you may be wondering what to do during the warm months when you won’t be using it. The great thing about a carport – especially a metal one – is that they can still provide great protection from the elements, even in the spring and summer months. Rain and strong sunlight are still culprits behind damage to a boat. Don’t leave yours exposed.

Perhaps continuing to use the carport when you’re not out on the water makes most sense, if you tow your boat or have a smaller vessel. If your boat will be docked, you can choose to either take the carport down or store it until you’ll need it again in the winter or use it for other storage needs. Carports actually make the perfect place to host a party so weather for outdoor events isn’t an issue.

Carport Depot has a selection of galvanized or powder-coated heavy-duty structural steel boat canopies that are designed specifically to shelter your seasonal vehicle all year round. Provide your vehicle with the coverage it needs. Shop today!


Proper Boat Storage for New Owners: Portable Boat Canopies

As a first-time boat owner you may not be thinking about boat storage just yet. Perhaps you’re just getting it ready to use for the upcoming season and have only been thinking about enjoying the sun in your eyes and splashing water as you cruise around lakes, rivers and oceans. But storage is actually a very important element of owning a boat and the responsibility falls on the boat owner to keep it protected and operational for the upcoming season.

Here are some tips for proper storage and why boat canopies are the perfect option.

Boat Storage Options

Depending on the type and size of boat you have you may be thinking about putting it in your garage in the off season or using a shrink wrap or tarp method to keep it covered. Unfortunately these options aren’t always the most efficient. Tarping can lead to mildew or rot and losing all of your garage space (if it fits) for months at a time will get frustrating.

Without protection however, your boat will be exposed to harmful UV rays that can fade and crack the surface not to mention the fact that rain or snow can lead to damaging moisture that ruins interiors, electronic components and the body.

Portable Boat Canopies

Portable shelters are a great option for those who either don’t have a garage, or require additional storage, but don’t want to make the permanent and expensive commitment to a dedicated dwelling. Boat canopies are designed the same as other portable garages but are created on a smaller scale. The reason is to offer coverage around the vehicle without taking up unnecessary space.

The frame is made from galvanized steel with a polyethylene canopy for the roof, walls, and a roll-up or zipper door. Perhaps most beneficial is the fact that once the off season has passed, you can take the portable shelter down and store it or use for other needs.

Shelters of America carries a wide selection of truck and boat covers, car garages, kits, portable shelters, and so much more.

If you’re in the market for a boat canopy or searching for solutions on how to store your boat when it’s not in use, contact us today!

Parking Your Boat for the Season? Consider a Canopy for Better Protection

Depending who you talk to, boating season will soon come to an end. The cold weather makes it less enjoyable for many unless of course, you’re an avid fisherman and must brace the colder water temperatures to get a specific catch.

If you’re getting ready to park you boat for the season, consider the benefits of protecting it with a covered shelter versus leaving it out in the open to brace the elements.

Here are some of the top benefits of using a boat canopy.

Keep it Clean

A primary reason to invest in a covered shelter for your boat is to keep it clean from debris, rodents and bugs as well as prevent chips in the paint, fading and dents. Winters can be harsh on a boat because of the heavy ice, UV rays and water – all of which gradually damage the surface and interior of a boat.

Hinder Repair Costs

One of the largest costs associated with owning a boat are repairs and equipment replacement fees. Mechanical breakdowns can happen just from bracing the elements and things like water buildup. To slow down the chances you’ll have to make costly repairs before your boat can be used next season, you should store it in a shelter where it’s well protected from the elements.

Thwart Thieves

Boats that are left uncovered can easily be stolen from. Thieves passing by will have much less trouble getting into the boat to steal electronics or other commonly stolen items like outboards and outdrives when there isn’t a shelter to enter or a cover they must first bypass.

Get Back in the Water

boat under canopyAs an added benefit, you’ll spend less time trying to clean up the boat and get it back on to the water when the new season comes around so you can spend time doing what you like instead of maintenance work while you watch everyone else enjoying the waves.

Boat shelters from Carport Depot are built from galvanized or powder-coated heavy-duty structural steel and are designed to shelter your seasonal vehicle all year round. Check out our selection of round, barn, and house-style shelters available in sizes ranging from 12 to 40 ft. wide to fit your specific needs.

Where Will You Store Your New Boat When the Summer Is Over?

Memorial Day is right around the corner. The holiday marks the unofficial start of the summer. Many people enjoy spending time out on the water relaxing on a boat, fishing, swimming, and traveling with family and friends.

If you recently bought a new boat, you are undoubtedly excited about your purchase and looking forward to trying it out. However, you may not have thought ahead to what you will do with your boat once the summer inevitably comes to an end.

Where to Store Your Boat This Winter

A boat needs to be put into storage during the winter to protect it from storms that can cause rough seas. Many people put their boats inside garages for the winter season. If you do not have a garage on your property with room to store a boat in the off-season, there is another simple and affordable solution: You can buy a portable garage.

A portable garage can protect your boat from harsh winter weather. It can keep snow and rain off your boat so it does not become damaged. A portable garage can protect your boat from strong winds that can blow branches and other debris and can prevent blowing objects from causing scratches and dents in your brand-new boat.

How to Choose the Right Portable Garage

Portable garages come in a variety of sizes and designs to suit virtually any need. Some are made big enough to store even a large boat. You can choose the portable garage that is the right size for your vessel, whether you have a small boat or a yacht.

Portable garage designs vary. You can choose a house style portable garage with a peaked roof that will allow snow to roll off easily in the winter, or you can opt for a rounded portable garage to store your boat.

Order a Portable Garage to Store Your Boat This Winter

Portable Garage Depot offers portable garages in a wide array of designs, sizes, and colors. They can be used to store a variety of vehicles, including a boat, during the winter. A portable garage can protect your valuable new possession from harsh winter weather so you will be able to enjoy it again next summer, and for many years to come. Order a portable garage from Portable Garage Depot today so you will be prepared to shelter your boat when the summer is over.