Choose a Portable Animal Shelter to Protect Your Pets or Livestock This Winter

animal shelterWith the recent frigid temperatures and snow plaguing much of the country, people have been struggling to keep warm. However, it is important not to forget about pets and livestock. They can also feel the effects of the cold weather, including illness, frostbite, hypothermia, or death. A portable animal shelter from Portable Garage Depot can protect your pets or livestock this winter.

Our portable kennels and run-in sheds for horses and livestock offer protection from heavy wind, rain, snow, sleet, hail, and cold temperatures. Our durable portable shelters are easy to assemble, lightweight enough to transport, and made to resist the elements. They come in a variety of sizes to provide shelter for one animal or many.

Portable Garage Depot’s dog kennels are made with polyethylene covers with UV-treated material, fade-blockers, and anti-fungal agents to protect your pet. They include ¾-inch life spacers, mesh wire grade steel frames, and four-point adjustable tie downs.

Our run-in sheds are perfect for horses and livestock and built with steel tubing frames, fitted covers, and a white interior for ambient lighting. There is no drilling or field cutting required to assemble our animal shelters. They are also perfect for providing protection for storing hay and animal feed.

Don’t take chances with your pet’s or livestock’s health. Protect them from the cold temperatures, snow, sleet, freezing rain, and howling winds with a portable kennel or run-in shed from Portable Garage Depot. Call or email for more information.

The Portable Garage: A Jack of All Trades

Portable GaragePortable garages are a like a Jack of all trades. No matter what your storage needs are, there is a portable garage that you can use. Portable garages come in so many different styles and sizes to provide for a wide range of applications. There are portable garages that can store a car, truck, RV, equipment, animals, and much more.

There are portable garages that are designed specifically for storing cars and trucks. They come in many different sizes to fit anything from a Mini Cooper to an Escalade. You can also choose from rounded, barn, or house style portable garages. If you need to store more than one vehicle, you can get portable garages that are up to 30 feet wide. Whether you need daily storage for a vehicle you use every day or want to store all winter long, a portable garage is a great way to protect your vehicle from the outdoor elements.

If you have an RV, camper, or boat, a portable garage is a great place to store either when you are not using them. The sun’s harmful Ultraviolet rays will damage and fade the paint on any of these investments. Portable Garage RVProtect them from the sun by parking them under a portable garage. In the winter, a portable garage is a great way to keep your RV, camper, or boat from being exposed to the elements.

If you own a farm or have a lot of equipment, you can store them daily inside a portable garage. Easily store and remove any of your equipment and protect them when you are not using them. Rain and snow can cause rust or mildew build up. Protect your investment by storing them inside a portable garage every day.

ATVs and dirt bikes can deteriorate over time if you do not upkeep them. Storing them outside can be detrimental to an all-terrain vehicle, dirt bike, or even motorcycle. Give them protection from the elements with special smaller portable garages that are designed to house such items.Animal Shelter Portable Garage

Do you have animals at your home or farm? Use a portable garage designed as an animal shelter to give your horse, livestock, or pets a place to be protected from the elements. The animal shelter portable garages will provide shade and a place to stay dry. Treat your animals right and have an animal shelter set up on your property.

As you can see, portable garages can prove beneficial in a number of applications. Feel assured that your investments are stored safely with a portable garage. Affordable, reliable, and multi-functional, a portable garage is a great addition to any property.

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Shelter Animals Gain Cover with Carports

Carports and portable garages have a number of usages that go beyond the uses that are inherent in their names. Sure, you can store your car, truck or lawnmower beneath them, but those are just the main reasons a person might have a carport or portable shelter. Sometimes, a story comes along where these items are utilized in a way you might not have thought of.

According to My Daily Register, a grant has been given to an animal shelter in Point Pleasant, WV. The money is being used to install a carport style cover to shield dogs from the weather. This cover will serve a number of purposes – the article says:

“It will allow animals housed at the shelter to be in a safe, outside environment while their inside kennels are being cleaned and dry. It allows dogs to be outside with the benefit of adequate shelter. It can also serve as a place for potential adopters to spend alone time with a specific dog outside. The new outdoor kennels are not meant to be used for any permanent or extended overnight housing of animals.”

The $13,000 covering was purchased using the aforementioned grant, which was awarded from the Robert and Louise Clafin Foundation, the article says. The main mission of the foundation is to aid and care for stray animals, just like those who will benefit from this project:

“The couple was also devoted to the care of stray animals in the community by providing food, companionship and sometimes, shelter to cats and dogs, which makes the donation to the animal shelter fitting, to say the least.”

More and more, we are seeing new ways to utilize carports and portable garages. Whether it’s a run-in shed for horses or a carport cover for shelter animals, semi-permanent shelter is important.

The Many Uses for a Carport

Metal carportCarports are certainly used to house cars and other vehicles such as trucks, bikes, boats, and trailers. However, a carport can also be used for flexible storage and recreational purposes. These dynamic structures are easy to install, easy on the budget, and provide awesome shelter from UV rays and precipitation.

In addition to protecting vehicles, a carport can be used to provide extra storage space from time to time. Whether you are moving furniture, conducting a thorough spring cleaning, or making room for company, many items can be temporarily housed under the canopy. A carport is also a great place to give pets a place to relax shielded from cold rain and hot sunshine. You can even hang your wash out to dry under a carport.

Carports can be used as a place for children to play and adults to entertain guests. In case of inclement weather, the canopy prevents rainfall from spoiling a good time. When the sun is shining, people will appreciate the shady refuge. Arts and crafts projects, picnic tables, music, dancing, and more can be conveniently enjoyed under the protection of a carport canopy. A canopy can be placed over a patio, in a yard, or over a driveway to create a comfortable space to hang out and enjoy fresh air and good company.

For handy people, carport kits are easy to assemble and install. With the assistance of a few similarly inclined cohorts, a carport can be installed in very little time. These crafty characters may also appreciate the shelter provided by a carport to work on repair, DIY, and hobby projects.

Carports may be attached to the side of a building or installed completely free standing. You may choose a metal or heavy-duty poly canopy carport. These structures may be constructed with enclosed sides or left open-sided. These are great as garage alternatives or in addition to a garage for added shelter and minimal expense that is adaptive to many purposes.

Affordable All-Weather Indoor Horse Riding Arenas

Heavy-duty Engineered Truss Riding ArenaIf you have the space for an indoor or partially enclosed riding arena but are concerned about the expense of constructing such a structure, an affordable heavy-duty engineered truss building may be an outstanding option for your needs. Indoor riding conditions offer stability and control. The horse lover in your family will be delighted by a truss construction riding arena. The space may be used to display memorabilia and awards as well as provide a practice arena to further advance techniques and skills.

Routine exercise is important for the health and training of horses. An indoor riding arena affords a comfortable space for riders to provide this exercise without great concern over poor weather and unstable ground conditions. These structures can incorporate additional storage for tack and feed and be designed with direct access from horse stables to the arena. Both horse and rider will appreciate the comfortable accommodations when storms rage outside or temperatures become unbearable.

Indoor riding arenas enable dressage or jumping practice in a controlled setting to really master riding skills and horsemanship. You may incorporate lighting and air conditioning to gain optimum riding conditions day or night. These structures provide economical venues for horse shows, riding instruction, demonstrations, and practice.

Indoor horse riding arenas provide great space for avid equestrians to practice technique and exercise their horses. An equestrian arena from Carport Depot can be installed quickly in sizes up to seventy-two feet wide and thirty-two feet high, with your choice of length. These structures support regular riding practice and demonstrations in great indoor conditions regardless of the weather outside.

Our riding arenas are built for years of performance. Heavy-duty engineered truss construction and durable polyethylene covers create riding spaces that can be open ended or fully enclosed. For horse lovers and riding enthusiasts, these truss buildings economically construct rugged and long lasting equestrian arenas.

Run In Sheds Keep Horses Happy

Loafing ShedsIn general, horses and livestock are fairly rugged creatures. They are capable of withstanding broad ranges of climate and terrain. Even still, it is in the best interest of the health and well-being of these animals to provide a run in style shelter. These loafing sheds provide an escape from harsh weather conditions. They protect animals from extreme weather conditions and can minimize the danger of maladies such as frostbite, sunburn, and heatstroke.

Durable and portable horse shelters are available for very affordable prices. Instead of pricey wood construction, light weight portable horse barns are constructed of durable steel frames and specially constructed canopy covers. These run in sheds are light weight and can be installed quickly and taken down as needed. This flexibility is a great value adding feature for shelter that will keep your animals comfortable for years.

These portable run in shelters are available in several sizes to accommodate one horse or several. If you have issues with a dominant horse, the sheds can be conveniently modified to include stall areas to keep dominant horses happy and provide safe access to less aggressive animals. Run in sheds offer a comfortable place for animals to get out of sudden rain storms or blistering winds. When the sun is baking down, loafing sheds are a great place to find shade.

You can keep your horses healthy and comfortable in a run in shed. Horses and livestock are susceptible to the perils of weather extremes just like humans and any living creatures. Providing access to a sheltered resting place keeps your animals content and protected. Portable horse barns may also be used for hay storage, or as feed sheds. These buildings are customizable to accommodate a host of storage needs including farm tools, horse tack, and equipment.

Portable Barns: Agricultural Storage Buildings

Agricultural StoragePortable buildings for agricultural use provide the same protective features of wood construction. The benefits of portable buildings include time saving convenience and cost savings. Portable barns are available in styles similar to wood construction. Peak and round barn options in various sizes are available to gain valuable agricultural storage for minimal aggravation and expense.

Portable barns can be customized for enclosure and ventilation needs according to individual requirements. Just like wood construction, portable buildings for agricultural use are sturdy and durable. These structures provide protection from damaging moisture, wind, and solar rays. Crops can be stored safely. Animal feed and hay can be kept fresh and dry. Farming equipment and tools can be protected from rust and rot. These are valuable assets, each requiring shelter from exposure to the elements.

Beyond storage solutions for agricultural equipment and supplies, portable barns can be installed to house livestock. These buildings can be equipped as horse stables, run in sheds, or cow barns. Depending on the climate, farm animals may not need constant shelter, but all animals benefit from access to occasional shade and shelter. Alpaca, llamas, pigs, peacocks, and deer will find a pleasant escape from intense sunshine, cold temperatures, snow, rainstorms, and other weather extremes.

People have relied on agriculture since the beginnings of human civilization. Barns have been a part of agricultural operations since early times to provide protective shelter for crops and hay, as well as livestock, supplies, and equipment. In addition, a barn can provide quick shelter for farmhands in case of sudden, turbulent weather.

Portable barns are constructed of heavy-duty structural steel with durable polyethylene covers designed to hold up to long-term weather exposure. Different heights, widths, depths, peak styles, and colors can be chosen to meet the needs of numerous agricultural applications. Valuable storage can be gained for a fraction of the price of wood construction barns with these dynamic portable buildings.

Protecting Horses and Livestock with Shelters

Portable Run in Sheds

When it comes to portable shelters, we usually jump to the conclusion that they are for inanimate objects, especially considering the need to protect lawnmowers, vehicles and other items that simply won’t fit in your house. Weather conditions can be damaging to these products and they need shelters to act as a shield. However, farmers use shelters for the protection of a totally different reason – their horses and livestock.

The most common way of sheltering horses and other livestock on farms from adverse weather is inside their barns or stables. This may seem obvious, but it raises an interesting point – how do these animals get the exercise and fresh air that they need to be healthy. Luckily for these animals, portable horse shelters allow animals to get outside without being totally exposed to any harmful weather like sleet or torrential downpours.

The features of these shelters are impressive, especially when you consider the lifelong benefits for your livestock. Not only do they provide enough head room for comfort, but the open areas of the enclosure allow for movement and ample ventilation.  Portable horse shelters are also wonderful for the farmer, particularly when the shelter needs to be moved to a different location. The easy-to-install shelter is also a breeze to relocate.

Run-in sheds are also a wonderful way to provide your animals with the ability to move around outside in nasty weather. If it is getting really hot outside, it can be detrimental to your animals. Setting up a run-in shed with a food and water source is one way to help your horses stay healthy without the heat bearing down on them. A primary element of run in sheds is your horse’s ability to move freely in and out of the shelter when it needs shade or needs sunlight.

If you are using a run-in shed or portable horse shelter as a semi-permanent residence for your horse or livestock, make sure there are gates that will keep your animals inside for extended periods of time.




Keeping Pets Safe in Winter

Our families are very important to all of us and that includes our pets. You know you want to keep your dog or cat just as safe as the rest of your family in the winter. Now, there are a lot of people who put their pets outside during the year and that’s absolutely fine. Dogs especially enjoy the outdoors when the weather is nice and like to relax in their tiny houses in the backyard and even on running lines. Cats also like being outside, a lot of the reasoning being behind the independent attitudes that cats have.

Pets being outside is all fine and good, but the weather is getting awfully cold outside, so you shouldn’t just keep your dogs and cats outside, even if they want to be. Of course, taking them outside to do their business is par for the course, but putting them in a portable shelter or other such place in the cold isn’t safe and would probably be considered cruel. Just think of how cold it gets in November, which was weeks ago.

For instance, this article from Northland’s Newscenter talks about Minnesota’s tough laws on doghouses and kennels during the winter months:

“Minnesota law says if dogs are kept outdoors between November 1st and March 31st…their shelter needs to be waterproof and windproof. If your dog starts to pick up its feet a lot outside, that is a sign their paws are getting too cold.”

If an animal shelter needs to be waterproof and windproof in the winter, it would probably just be best to keep your pet inside, if at all possible. The winter can be particularly difficult for everyone, especially the smallest members of your family. If they start picking up their paws when outside, think about bring them inside.

Using Portable Storage Buildings on Farms

Many think of farms as large spaces of land for crops and animals with metal and wood buildings like barns and silos dotting the landscape. While this is true up to a point, one common fixture on many farms is portable storage buildings for storing equipment and animals. Although wood or metal buildings may seem sturdier and appear to offer more protection, portable storage buildings with galvanized steel frames and polyethylene canopies have proven to nearly be just as effective. While a farm won’t become entirely composed of portable storage shelters, many are added to the various permanent buildings. This includes small and large portable sheds to store equipment and other objects and shelters for animals.

For the former, buildings as large as industrial shelters can store various pieces of farm equipment, as well as tools, seeds, and animal feed. If an object or supply needs protection, it can generally be stored in one of these shelters. Manufacturers like Shelterlogic carry barn-shaped portable sheds, which are essentially a variation of peak-style storage buildings with all-around coverage. But even rounded roof shelters provide sufficient coverage and, for more protection, some of these buildings are built with metal doors instead of polyethylene roll-up doors.

Aside from equipment, animals can be protected by these shelters, as well. While one of these structures won’t become a permanent stable, they’re often used as a run-in shed. A run-in shed is used for horses but other livestock like sheep and cows can use a similar shelter. One of these larger rounded roof shelters is ideal as a run-in shed, which, when placed outdoors in a pasture area, allows livestock to run through it and use it as shelter during the day. At night, they can be placed in a proper shed or stable.