Carports Provide Shade and Protection from Summer Heat

Carports are typically used in driveways and in front of garages as a way to extend the protected area where cars are being parked. Oftentimes, regions that receive heavy snowfall accumulations or other severe weather will also opt for these solutions to vehicles from harsh flying debris or heavy snow and ice that can damage their property.

Carports in Summer

One season that may not get as much attention when it comes to protection is summer. Extreme heat and damaging UV rays aren’t just harmful to people but cars, their paint job and the inside mechanics can all take a beating from extreme heat.

Having a dedicated covered canopy or carport area to park your car in the summer months is important.

Choose a Material

Various materials used to cover the carport can assist with protection against harsher weather conditions and heat.

Quality carports and canopies constructed of galvanized steel or powder coated tubing as well as covers made of layered Polyethylene with rip stop material provide durability.

The other option are metal carports which, if painted a lighter color and placed in a shady location will remain cool, are a terrific option for shelter and protection of your valuables.

Some of these portable shelters are large enough to protect multiple cars, boat, RV, or equipment and the metal is not only fire resistant but also leaves rust, termites, rot, and UV rays out of the equation.

Party Time!

These carports are also a terrific option for shade and shelter when you’re spending time outdoors.

Planning on hosting a party this summer and worry that rain or severe heat will cause guests to skip out? Offer a covered area with shade and a roof and they’ll be sure to attend.

Canopies and party tents of various sizes make carports a great option to set-up on your property.

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