Carports Protect Vehicles

Masked BurglarCarports are designed to protect vehicles. If you have invested in a car, truck, or valuable piece of machinery, storing your vehicle under a carport or portable garage can be an effective way to protect your investment. Reduce the wrath of Mother Nature by securing your valuables under a carport and minimize your chance of theft.

If you currently store your primary means of transportation in the open, installing a carport may be a way to conceal your vehicle. If you drive a car that ranks among the most stolen vehicles, don’t be kept awake at night worrying about your risk. Keep your investments out of sight and rest a little easier by installing a carport or portable garage. If a thief can’t see your valuables, it stands to reason that a thief won’t know to steal them.

A potentially greater threat to your unsheltered vehicle that a carport or portable garage easily averts is the onslaught of bad weather. Acid rain, hail, snow, sleet, and bird droppings will not reach your investment tucked safely within a carport. This will diminish paint damage and risk of rust. If your boat or other vehicle is susceptible to rust or has a custom paint job or finish you want to protect, a carport or portable garage may be the best investment you can make to keep your valuables in pristine condition.

Mother Nature is not quite finished with your exposed vehicle. Ultraviolet radiation causes serious damage to rubber, upholstery, paint finishes and more. Keeping your vehicle under a carport or portable garage is a sure way to thwart this environmental aggression.

Carports and garages come in a variety of sizes, materials, and designs. Take some time to evaluate your available space and storage requirements. Consult with your town hall’s zoning office to find out if you will need a permit to install a portable garage or carport, and find an economical solution to keep your assets protected.