Grilling under a carport

Carports, Picnics & Fourth of July Grilling Safety

Carports make a wonderful addition to any home’s property because they offer an extra covered area to store vehicles, lawn equipment and even protection for livestock. While carports are terrific for keeping these valuables safe from the elements, they also provide additional benefits users may not consider.

Since the structure is covered and secure in place, it can also double as a pavilion. Somewhere to host parties that keep guests shielded from the damaging sun rays and out of the path of any possible rain showers that could ruin a day’s plans. Since there are no walls, it’s also a great idea when you want to have a gathering out in nature without obstructing the beautiful scenery around.

Set up picnic tables and decorations and the space in your yard can double as the perfect location for a summer birthday party or picnic area. With 4th of July just around the corner, this post is also a reminder about grilling safety and carports.

In no way should you ever place a grill underneath a carport. Even if the weather is showing signs of precipitation, it is never okay to use an open flame under these dwellings. Just as keeping the grill away from your home is a well-known fact, so too should being safe around a carport be practiced.

In addition to the possibility of fire, there is also the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Be sure wherever you are grilling has plenty of space around it to ventilate and that children are kept away from any open flames. You may also want to have water or a fire extinguisher on hand for extra precautions.

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